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We bring forth some of the best SEO services required for your businesses. We are breaking borders with our services that are available not only for Toronto but also for New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Singapore, and so many others. We all know that Google is unpredictable. They use a unique SEO strategy, which fluctuate and improves constantly. Rank by Focus has unique skills to track these Google algorithm changes and devise customized SEO strategies for your company. We are the best at what we do, and we take pride in giving you the best SEO services available to rank your website. 

why choose rank by focus?

Rank Your Company On First Page.

We have an innovative approach and are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that you get authentic viewers and clicks onto your page. Your brand’s reputation reflects on us; thus, we never do anything to jeopardize your image. Our company has years of experience in the industry, and we will elevate your page for long-term sustainability.

Start with us today, build a long term plan for your company. SEO takes time to show results, but it is a long term reward. 

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Free Website Audit | Have Our Expert Check

why choose rank by focus?

Advanced Tools and Technology.

Our specialists cultivate your strategy not exclusively by their dexterity, either. We use an amalgamation of cutting edge technologies and prominent SEO tools that guarantee favourable outcomes through SEO audits

Tools such as Moz deliver measurable results. Metrics prove the revisions made are worthwhile. They give us an in-depth analysis, which is then interpreted by our managers for your ease. Additionally, the tools we use include Semrush, Serpfox and Ahref that gives us access to particular keywords, web crawling capabilities and even the ability to keep an eye on competitor websites. We do the heavy-lifting so you can sit back and see your company transform.

Backlink research, Auditing and crawling as well as domain analysis are just a few aspects we cover with these SEO tools.

What We Do Here?

Whether it’s your website design that’s falling short or your social media requires a pick me up, our team of professionals has you covered. We deliver quality SEO services, unmatched in all of Toronto. We aren’t stuck to an age-old formula hoping and praying it works. We continuously update our methods, technologies and tools for maximum efficiency.

If your website does not stand out and make a mark, people will forget it easily. Mediocrity will get you nowhere. Our designers will make your website striking and relevant—a page where the customers won’t want to click off. We have no limitations, either Wix, WordPress or square space. It’s our job to make it look aesthetically pleasing for your client. Website design is not something learnt but an instinct of our designers. They have an eye for making sites look the most engaging and captivating to the reader. Make your website compatible with mobile and browser, smooth and easy to follow through Focus by Rank.

With the boom of social media, a new platform for marketing has emerged. Rank by Focus is present at the front-lines, and we know all the leading tips and tricks you get your page No. 1. Firstly and foremost, your company needs a substantial social media presence. Getting there on your own can take a long time. We cut that time into a fraction with our services. Use your Facebook page, Instagram and even Youtube for advertising. Youtube ads and Facebook ads have proven to be effective, and with us by your side, they end up generating a lot of leads for you.

With hundreds and thousands of websites competing for the same keywords and results, it doesn’t take long to get buried in the multiple pages. So opting for an ads pay-per-click strategy can become a lifesaver. In practicality, doing so is much harder, and you need professionals to determine keywords and bidding at auctions to get ahead of the brutal competition. Google ads pay-per-click services, as well as yahoo-bing pay-per-click, is the most popular. But with a quick consultation, we will find out which one you should acquire.


Initial Consultation

When you first come to us, we start by getting to know you. How can we help if we don't even know your goals? Your brand, its products and your expectations. We aren't here to force our opinions on you. We merely bring your vision to life. Our initial consultation gives us an idea of what you are about and what you represent. Only then can we move on with the rebranding process. We know you have ideas of your own, and we would love nothing more than to hear them and implement them the way you want.

SEO Audit

The second step is to figure out what's not working. That's how we figure what needs to change. No use completely scraping your website, we will only polish it to make it presentable. That is where SEO auditing comes in. Unlike others, we don't take weeks to audit your site; the entire ordeal is completed in mere hours. Here at Rank by Focus, we dig deep, from backlink analysis to content gaps, we are sure to find it all. We investigate what your primary issues are and solve them to make your page thrive. We employ many of our SEO tools here, which help us better track your website's progress and the factors most prominently affecting it.

Customized Action Plan

Your website is one of a kind, then why should the SEO strategy be old and re-used? Here we customize a strategy specifically for your business. We target your problems and work towards solutions from them. Depending on our analysis, we might suggest tweaks in the already existing strategy or some significant shifts, which can cause an enormous increase in traffic.

Biweeky Updates / Meetings

Rank by Focus will never leave you halfway. After implementing out strategy changes, we continue to have meetings weekly and bi-weekly to discuss what works and what doesn't. If there is something that needs to be changed, we are all ears. 

All About SEO | Search engine experts

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is your one-way ticket to a higher ranking on any search engine. If you have a website, it is crucial for you to optimize your content accordingly. SEO gets your traffic, views, leads and eventually sales. Everything you can hope and dream for your page is available through search engine optimization. The traffic you get through SEO is the best kind, free. Its organic traffic generated to your site that you didn’t have to buy.

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All About SEO

Why is SEO Important?

If you work hard and produce relevant content with impeccable quality, it deserves to be recognized. That’s what SEO does. It allows your labour to be fruitful by coveting the top spots on google’s SERP (search engine result pages). Not only that, but  SEO also improves your website. It gets easier to read and runs smoother. It will thus motivate your readers and customers to keep coming back time after time.

All About SEO

How Can SEO Improve My Business?

If you are a business just starting out, how will you get noticed? Through SEO, of course. It grows your business to get more brand awareness. The world is going digital, so investing in SEO needs to be your priority. Did you know that if your website is SEO optimized, it will also ensure lower bounce rates? When your page loads faster, has less bulk and distracting ads as well as content to match, it will surely attract repeat customers.

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seo planning

All About SEO

How Long Does It Take SEO To Work?

Contrary to what most companies promise, you can see results in a day or even a week. We give your favourable results in mere days and do what takes months for others.

Rank By Focus Our SEO Process

Extensive Data Assessment Report

Your webpage tells your story, and it’s our job to make sure it is understood. Our report is designed to pull important SEO data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics and SEM Rush to establish the groundwork leading way to your end goal.

Initial Consultation

You are the expert and professional in your area of business, distinguishing yourself from your competitors.  Our detailed consultation serves to bring those contrasting advantages to light, allowing us to understand your ambitions right away.

Stay Competitive

With extensive tools including Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz, and many others, we rapidly contrast your website to existing standards, making sure we know what is working and what is not. This helps us formulate the right channel to attack for your campaign and create a multi-channel SEO strategy.

Kickoff Engagement

Working together with you, we look over all the opportunities and options you have that will maximize the best set of solutions for your end game. Our timeline is to execute all of this on our 1st week.


The rankings of a website on Google is all in accordance to their Webmaster guidelines. Since these are updated very regularly, we run audits to search for any issues and present them to you. Then we immediately tackle these alerts to secure your ranking.


Aside from guidelines, Google also assesses websites based on the level of quality scored to rank the pages in accordance. Our quality audit evaluates the quality of the pages on your website, giving us precise measures of what actions to be taken for improvements going forward.


The core components to constructing a strong SEO strategy is to find the right keywords. Whether it’s big keywords or even long tail keywords, the process is to cross-examine between you against your competitors to see what is the most optimized content for your page.


While some agents may send you with all the work to be done, we are here to solve your problem after letting you know what the issues are. You focus on doing what you need to get done, make your goal come true, let us do the all the hard work such as on page SEO. 


Stay competitive means knowing what your competition is doing when it comes to keyword selection.  Comparing yours against theirs will reveal what are the things they are doing and we engineer to ensure you have the most refined selection used for your website, increasing your rank.


With the keywords we studied and strategically selected, we continue to build you the best content to bring relevant information to your everyday end users.  This gives constantly, with the use of inbound and outbound links, relevant information to your clients keeping them up to date.


Once all the ideal content is prepared and ready for use, our team will generate mockups for you to consider in the design of your page.  Different styles and designs will be recommended based on your industry, as the purpose it to strike high rankings with the design and content combination.


After thorough analysis of the nature of your website along with the content, we build the potential targets we strive to connect to bring new blood into your website.  This builds credibility and strength to your website, increasing your worth.


To gain these valuable links, a series of outreach tactics would be considered and utilized to gather these sources.  Masses of outreaches will be sent, pitching to potential links including a link back to your own page. Attention to detail is placed to ensure all pitches are well received.


Many websites such as Quora and Reddit and key to driving up the traffic your website can be experience.  Knowing this opportunity, we manually seek out relevant threads and write well thought out comments that link back to your content.


Influencers come and go, along with trends.  They carry high volumes of followers, leading to an abundant source of traffic.  Our team finds these highly demanded individuals, pitches and negotiates with relevant influencers to promote your website and to increase visibility.
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