What is SEO content marketing and everything about it

Seo Content Marketing

What is SEO Content Marketing?

seo content marketing

SEO Content marketing refers to the marketing Approach of producing and distributing content that is valuable, consistent, and relevant. Content marketing strategy is used by many leading firms with the purpose to attract a targeted audience towards their products and services so that they can generate more profit and saving costs. Some types of content marketing can be firms posting content on social media, youtube, or coming out with blog posts, this helps firms cut costs as most of these methods of content marketing are free. Some businesses ‘ SEO content marketing strategy is to pay influencers to test out and promote their products online to attract their audience towards the product. One thing every content creator has to keep in mind is to make sure to create high quality and valuable content so that they can provide their audience with the best user experience.

5 types of content marketing

Different types of content marketing exist in the digital marketing world. This article aims to give the readers an understanding of content marketing and SEO so that they can think and work like content marketers. Let’s look at some of the most common methods of content marketing used by content creators:

1) Podcasts: Podcasts refer to a series of audio files that can be available on platforms like Google, youtube, and iTunes for the audience to enjoy. Podcasts are a great way for content marketers to advertise their products and services. Podcasts also help content SEO marketers in boosting visibility and gives them a chance to provide valuable information to the audience about their products and services. A great example of the benefits of choosing podcasts as a content marketing strategy can be Michael Hyatt. Hyatt’s SEO strategy is to make use of podcasts to attract people towards buying his books and courses.

2) Videos: Video marketing is one of the most rewarding and common methods used by content marketers to attract a new audience. YouTubers like Gary Vaynerchuk and their success is proof that making videos as a content strategy can be the best decision for any business. Vaynerchuk started creating videos to post on youtube as a y to promote his Family’s wine store. Due to this, Vaynerchuk was able to grow his business into a 45 million dollar empire. Video content has been used by many content marketers to promote and launch a wide range of products and services. People think that creating video content can be challenging and expensive. But, with the decreasing cost of equipment needed to film these videos, now is the best time for the people who want to create high quality content to invest in professional filming equipment and start coming off with video content to improve their visibility and boost organic traffic.

3) Infographics: Infographics refer to a visual presentation of any kind of information. Infographics are a great method to make people understand and learn any kind of data as studies prove that humans understand visual data better than any other form of data. Infographics can take different forms such as long verticle or horizontal graphs or timelines etc. Infographics can be used to convey any kind of information on a website or social media platform. It is advised for website owners to get professionals to design infographics for them. The cost of getting infographics professionally made can range anywhere from $1000 to several thousand dollars depending on the kind of work. For people with a low budget, setting up a clipboard on Pinterest and creating infographics can be a great idea. This is a great way to create free of cost infographics on any topics related to your business.

4)Books: Intelligent content marketers use books as marketing tools. People like Michael Port are the best examples of this, Michael port uses his book ‘Book yourself solid’ not just to sell the book but also to attract customers to his speaking and coaching services. It is believed that publishing a book is not easy and only professionals can do it. But, self-publishing has become very easy, and now any valuable content you create can be published. Even if you do not get the best results after publishing a book, it can still be used for content marketing as people can introduce you as people will introduce you as the ‘Author of’…

5)Webpages: Creating webpages for content marketing or adding elements of content marketing on your normal webpages can be a clever way of marketing products and services. A great example of this can be any article based on SEO tips advising people what Search engine optimization tools they can use to enhance their SEO practices. If the article is advising people to use tools like Ahrefs and Moz then it is very likely that it will generate a good amount of traffic on Moz and Ahrefs website. This is how you can carry out content marketing on your site rather than just adding content to your site.

These are some of the commonly used methods of creating content but many more content marketing techniques are used by professionals, For example, applications, ebooks, blog post, and white papers, etc.

How to get started?

Various firms exist in the market that offer content marketing services along with both similar services like PR and search engine optimization. These firms can be a great help for business owners who are busy with work and are not able to run in-house content marketing. But, this ease also comes with a price. Thus, for firms with a budget, doing their own content marketing is the right option. Copyblogger is a great website for people who are starting their firm’s content marketing and are in search of some tips for beginners. Copyblogger works on teaching its users how to create engaging and good quality content that can help attract a new audience and potential customers. Many other free tools exist in the market that is made to help business owners in creating content.

Great Content

A piece of content is considered good if a reader is willing to finish reading it and great content refers to the content that people are willing to pay to read it. Some examples of great content can be movies, books that you pay to watch, or read. If someone regrets reading or watching any content and are struggling to go through it then that is bad content marketing. Some examples of bad content marketing can be a website filled with keyword stuffing, this type of content is not created for humans but only to rank high. However, Google has come out with new methods to find such content and implemented strict penalties for such content creators to make sure they provide users with valuable content. Coming out with bad content can be very damaging for the traffic and ranking of a website as it takes seconds for a user to click off a website that they find unhelpful. This is why content creators need to post quality content to make sure that their audience is satisfied. One great example of content marketing is the ‘Lego movie’. The movie was not made just to sell movie tickets. The movie was a 100-minute toy advert which helped Lego become the largest toy company worldwide. Thus, it is very important to be creative with content creation so that you can provide your customer with high quality content.


The top-secret of content marketing

Adding value is the secret of content marketing. It is not a secret as this whole article stresses how important it is to come out with quality content. Some simple methods to add value to your content can be linking additional helpful resources to your content and making sure that you are focusing on solving people’s problems. For content marketers who need to find out other methods of how they can add value to their content. Carrying out a survey asking customers about the kind of content they consider helpful is a great idea. This will help you generate topic ideas for new content and also increase customer satisfaction. Asking customers about what would have been helpful for them when they were looking through your products and services can also be a great way to help you make new additions to your previous and new content and enhance user experience.

How to learn more?

Many articles and books have been written to help people understand and carry out effective content marketing. Epic content marketing’ is a great book written by Joe Pulizzi. In this book, Pulizzi advises his readers to create mobile-friendly content as researches show that most individuals search for products and queries through their phones. This makes it very important for all websites to be mobile friendly so that customers accessing them through their phones do not face any difficulty.