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SEO Analysis

Find out and correct all the mistakes you are making with your SEO through an SEO analysis. Make targeted improvements that make you rank better, get higher conversion rates, and even expand your customer base.

We conduct an analysis on your site to figure what works and what doesn’t. This way we assure maximum growth for your website all over Toronto. To get the most traffic generated to the site, the SEO analysis report is important. We interpret the copious amount to data to develop a precise strategy that will take your ranking to new heights.

seo strategy
seo strategy


The check for ranking keywords is responsible for transforming your entire website and the traffic generated.  It opens up new possibilities to rank your content and the fresh avenue brings forth tenfold in rankings. The check determines which keywords are useful and the ones needing to be replaced. Not only that but the check also gives an insight into the competitor keywords which we use to set up your redesigned ones.

If you are experiencing a drop in traffic we use the checker to reinvent the keywords to refresh the content increasing its ranking. Thus, your website gets the top spot in Google SERPs. Get both local and national rankings through our check so you can make the best impact on your audience. Even densely populated areas like New York and Miami are covered with our keywords check for local searches.


Often overlooked, site loading speed can determine where your website is ranked on the Google SERPs. Google thrives for the best useability and slow pages deter that user experience. So by making your site fast we streamline the process for you securing those coveted front page spots. The most drastic change seen from site speed is seen trickled through the mobile searches. With mobiles, people want solutions and they want them quickly. A slow page speed will lose that customer.

We run the SEO audit to find any glitches or issues that cause this delay and solve them immediately. In the fast paced world of SEO you’ve got no time to spare so have your pages load lighting fast with our audit. When the pages load in the blink of an eye even in places like Malaysia, the ranking will automatically move up in the SERPs, gathering more and more traffic to your site.

seo strategy
seo strategy

Backlinks checker

It’s been proven time and time again that backlinks are the key to a good google ranking. Not only do they increase your credibility but also show your worthiness. With the checker we extract the information from the checker that gives you accurate estimates on the organic traffic based on each backlink, poor quality links and much more. We then use this information to improve and strategize a SEO plan to make your site flourish. From L.A to Singapore our services make your website shine.

All the data can sound like gibberish but our experts analyse and distill the data to strengthen your website.

You can also scour the web for your broken links, reconstructing those will boost up the organic traffic. Once your own links are refreshed, we glimpse at competitor broken links and build a campaign fixing them around your site to bring it in the limelight.

Our clients grow an average of 25% in sales within 9 months

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