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On the Internet, consumers are inundated with choices. And they’re looking for you. Thats where healthcare marketing comes in.

It’s true that online marketing is just one piece of the puzzle in reaching today’s consumers. However, it’s also true that if your practice or hospital is not following up on social media posts, updating websites every six months and creating targeted email campaigns, then your competition is.

The Internet, along with the millions of connected devices people now own, is creating countless opportunities for savvy marketers to become “digital” experts and reach their audience.

There are three things you need to know about digital marketing: Digital marketing has made reaching consumers easier than ever before; consumers engage with brands more on their mobile devices than through any other marketing medium; and it’s what consumers increasingly expect from the brands they love.

Today, you can reach customers at all hours of the day. And social media allows for direct engagement among trusted communities.

Digital is here to stay, so let’s get comfortable with it now. While there are many areas in digital marketing to get comfortable with, there’s one way that any business can get started immediately: Search Engine Marketing.

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Digital Marketing Revolution in Healthcare:

The following opinions are by Web design Toronto and Web design NYC team:

Search Engine Marketing

The biggest opportunity in digital marketing for all businesses is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). And, if you haven’t considered it before, search engine marketing for healthcare practices or hospitals makes even more sense.

Search engines are designed to find the most relevant information on the Internet. This happens by matching keywords that consumers enter into a search engine to the content that website publishers create.

SEM leverages organic (unpaid) search results, but also paid ads on Google and Bing, which appear next to organic search results. However, these paid ads are only shown when consumers enter keyword searches related to your products or services.

Healthcare marketers can use SEM strategies to drive traffic to their website or specific pages depending on the keywords that consumers are entering into search engines.

And while it’s true that no strategy is perfect for every single practice, because of the great variety of specialties, there are many options for healthcare businesses to choose from when determining what keywords to bid on.

How to Do It

Here are six steps that will help you use storytelling to market your business or organization:

1. Start with a goal in mind. You need to figure out why you’re doing this and what result you want the story to achieve. Is it to introduce yourself? To inform people? Or maybe you want them to take a certain action. Whatever your goal is, make sure it’s clear and achievable.

2. Think about your audience – not just who they are but how they feel, what their personal interests are, and what motivates them. Then think of a few specific stories that will trigger those feelings and get your audience on board with your brand and message.

3. When you’re brainstorming, don’t limit yourself to what products or services you can offer; think about ways that people in different situations might relate to what you do. You may even come up with a story that will make people want to move from one city to yours.

4. Think about the “hero’s journey” narrative arc. This is something you see in movies, books, and television shows all the time—it’s used for a reason. It works! The hero starts off down one path but comes to a crossroads where he must choose another way. He succeeds in his quest but might have to make a sacrifice. The hero returns home, but things are different now because of his journey.

5. Once you know your audience and the “story” you want to tell, it’s time for the next step: finding a storyteller who can do this justice for you. Obviously, not just anyone can work with marketing messaging. You’ll need someone who can not only find the right story but also make it engaging for your audience.

6. Once you have a story in mind, it’s time to write or adapt it using storytelling principles that are familiar to everyone. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about what would engage them the most—for instance, what’s something that would make them feel hopeful or afraid.

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