10 Big Reasons Why Your Law Firm Website Should Use WordPress

Lawyers learn to communicate in very particular ways that are meant to convey all sorts of information (such as intent, morals, and character) without saying too much, while speaking in abstracts. This culture of speaking in nothing but the written word tends to carry over into how lawyers represent themselves online through their law firm websites.

WordPress powers over 22% of the internet , which makes it the primary choice for powering websites . For law firms, this should mean first and foremost choosing a theme that will communicate who you are to your ideal client, and second, using that theme to drive your website with powerful and engaging content.

If you’re thinking of updating your law firm’s website, Web design Toronto and Web design NYC made a list of 10 reasons why WordPress is the best choice for powering it:

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1. WordPress is free     

This means there is no cost to hire a web developer to a build a custom website for you if you’re using WordPress. With the availability of free themes and plugins, even someone with minimal experience can create a professional, effective website that communicates everything your firm needs it to.

2. WordPress is secure

Hackers are always trying to attack websites in order to inject malware and viruses, which can cause big problems for your website, including taking it offline. This doesn’t happen to websites powered by WordPress because it has a team of developers constantly updating their software to make sure vulnerabilities are closed.

3. WordPress is flexible

WordPress has a proven track record of being one of the world’s most used and trusted content management systems, which means it doesn’t just look great — it can do anything you need. It also supports responsive design , so what your web users see on their phones or tablets will be scaled to fit their screen.

4.  WordPress is customizable

WordPress themes are all built differently, so when you choose one it communicates something different about your law firm. Free themes have a wealth of options for modifying the design without having to know code, while premium themes have additional features that can take your website to another level, like a built-in blog or forms that integrate with your website through plugins.

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5.  WordPress is mobile

People expect their content anywhere and everywhere, which means they’re using smartphones to look for you online just as much as everyone else. With its responsive design mentioned above, WordPress will automatically scale what your website looks like to mobile users — but it also comes with apps that allow you to manage your site from any mobile device.

That means no more logging into multiple accounts to update your website, just do it all through one app.

6.  WordPress is Webby

Since WordPress powers over 22% of the internet , which includes big websites like The New York Times , it’s one of the most recognized brands on the web. This means that users are more likely to recognize your law firm’s website if you’re running it on WordPress, which is important for branding and marketing purposes.

7.  WordPress is SEO friendly

According to our SEO Toronto and SEO NYC Team, Search engines rank websites based on how many links are pointing to the site, which is called “link juice.” Because WordPress powers over 22% of the internet, it has a ton of link juice which helps support SEO efforts. Not only that, but because WordPress sites are well-coded, they’re very easy for search engines to crawl and index.

8.  WordPress is easy to learn and use

As we mentioned, WordPress doesn’t require any coding knowledge to start adding content. The best part is that it has a massive user base, which means you can find tons of helpful guides and tutorials online if you do run into problems.

Best of all, as long as your web hosting provider supports WordPress you can get up and running in minutes.

9.  WordPress is easy to update

This means you can add new content, pages, widgets, etc. without having to rely on a developer or web designer, just do it through the admin panel of your website. Since you’re the one using WordPress every day, you’re more likely to know what you want on your website, which means you won’t have to rely on anyone else for design or content changes.

10. WordPress is affordable  

WordPress is open source software that’s free and it doesn’t cost anything to run. While there are premium themes , plugins , etc., what you get with the core platform is completely free of charge.