12 Must-Have Pages On Your Law Firm Website

What are the most important pages on your website? If you didn’t know, did you even have a law firm website?

SEO Toronto and SEO NYC team have come up with 12 must-have pages that need to be included on every law firm website. They’re not necessarily listed in order of priority because this list is designed to give lawyers ideas rather than dictate what to do.

We have seen all of these pages work for our clients, but that does not mean they will be effective in your law firm’s online marketing strategy. 

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1. Homepage

The first place search users go is to your homepage. This is why it’s important that the majority of your content leads back here. When designing your homepage, keep in mind the top three areas proposed by SEO Singapore for your site:

  • Your law firm logo or company name. This should be at the top right corner of the page.
  • A search bar for users to find what they’re looking for on your site by searching keywords and/or names of attorneys, legal teams and services you offer.
  • A list of links to your most important pages including the ones listed here. This navigation menu should be displayed across the top of your webpage in a dark font on a light background.

2. Our Firm Page

On your firm page, you should include a short bio of the lawyers on staff at your firm.

The bio text should use keywords that clients commonly search for when looking for attorneys that fit their preferred specialization. For example, if you’re an attorney specializing in DUI defense, then your bio needs to include words like “DUI”, “DWI”, “drunk driving”, etc. Think about an attorney you know who does DUI defense; what words would they use to describe themselves?

3. Attorney Bio Pages

Make sure your bio pages prominently feature names of attorneys, legal teams and services offered at your firm. When potential clients are searching online for specific types of attorneys or legal teams, they’ll be looking for names of specific attorneys. When you list the names of your legal team on these pages, make sure they are hyperlinked to their individual bio page where their name is in bold text with a short bio beneath it.

4. Client Testimonial Page

A client testimonial page is one of the most effective pages for converting visitors into leads. On this page, display client testimonials that convey what you do best. Make sure the testimonials are organized by case type (i.e. DUI, Personal Injury, etc.) so users know immediately if your firm can help them with their legal issue.

5. The Services Page

This is one of the most important pages on your site because it’s a “gateway” to other pages and future leads. This page should include a step-by-step description of what you do best as a law firm.

6. Testimonials By Area Of Practice Page

Testimonial pages are one of the most effective pages on your site because it’s a great way to start conversations with visitors. It’s also more credible when you get testimonials from other attorneys in the area who know what results you’re capable of achieving for their clients. This page should include links directly to individual attorney bio pages so users can easily click through to read more about their law firm.

7. Attorney Team Page

This is another gateway page for users to find out if your firm can help them with their legal issue.

8. Contact/Case Intake Form Page

It’s important that you include a good contact form on your website so users can easily get in touch with your firm. This page should include the following:

A place to enter their name. A field for their phone number, email address and any additional information they’re willing to share with you about their legal issue/needs. A list of options that users can choose based on the type of attorney they are looking for (i.e., DUI, personal injury, etc.) A box where they can opt-in to receive free updates on your expertise in their area of legal need.

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9. Blog Page

Your website blog is a page where you post content on a regular basis. These posts can be about legal advice, news in your field, the firm/individual bio pages of attorneys at your firm or anything else that will interest potential clients.

10. Case Studies & Success Case Results

This page should include headlines that stand out to visitors and blurbs about the case result. For each headline, summarize what happened in this particular case so you can get click-throughs from clients who are searching for people with similar legal needs.

11. Process page

This page describes step-by-step what happens when a user hires your law firm from the initial consultation all the way through trial. This is a great opportunity to convert visitors into leads by letting them know that you’re capable of taking on their legal issues and winning.

12. FAQs

FAQs is another page that can help viewers learn more about what you do best as a law firm. These frequently asked questions should be strategically written to encourage visitors to find out more about your services.

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