Personal injury attorneys who do not utilize content marketing may lose leads.

Personal injury lawyers are one of the most likely to try out content marketing to increase their business, but often times fail miserably. I’m not sure if it’s because they think that people will magically come to them or that someone else will do all the work for them, but either way they don’t understand how the game is played. These are steps by Our Web design Toronto and Web design NYC suggests to take these 5 steps.

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Step 1: Building an Audience

What we do know is that the first step of building a successful content marketing campaign is always going to be building your audience and making sure that you aren’t writing into a vacuum. When law firms post articles on their Facebook page, it goes out to 0people who are interested in the topic.

One of the best ways for personal injury lawyers to start this process is by building an email list. People who might be interested in talking about your services or maybe even reading your stuff and deciding if they want to speak with you.

Step 2: Creating Great Content

Once you have people on your email list, now it is just as easy as sending out an email every once in awhile talking about things that they might be interested in related to Personal Injury Law.

After you have done this for a bit, do some testing and see what type of content people like best. Maybe it is videos, maybe it is blog posts, or maybe even just informational articles that will help them learn enough about personal injury law so that when they need an attorney they will know to turn to you.

Step 3: Driving Traffic

 Now that the content is out there, it is time to drive some traffic. Keep in mind though, don’t just go writing blog posts and spamming them everywhere and putting on any site that will take you. You need to find places that your audience hangs out at and then get the content on there. For example, if it is videos you might want to try posting on YouTube or even on Facebook where you can pay for some traffic targeting people who like Personal Injury Law on their page.

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Step 4: Conversion

Now that people are reading and hopefully watching the content you put out, it is time to try and contact them. Every once in awhile send out an email saying “Hey, I see your reading our stuff on this topic, why not schedule a free consultation with us?” It is a very basic email, but it will work. SEO Toronto and SEO NYC suggests to focus on this step to create a loop of conversions.

Step 5: Follow Up/Conversion Again!

Even if someone isn’t ready to schedule a consultation right away, make sure to keep following up with them every couple of weeks until they are! In fact you can even set up some type of reminder service on your computer or phone that reminds you every two weeks to check back in and see if they need any help from you. Y

ou might be surprised how many people actually want your help but just don’t know how to go about finding a lawyer for themselves. There is a reason why personal injury lawyers get so many new leads this way!