Law Firm Marketing Strategy

As an industry, law is one of the most traditional and slow-to-adapt. This may be for good reason: lawyers pride themselves on their process and values, and new systems or procedures can cause considerable amounts of upheaval in that sphere. However, it may also be due to the fact that lawyers tend to come from a place of privilege, and are used to using that privilege to dominate their industry.

However, change is coming—with the rise of the Internet Era , alternative legal services providers (ALSPs), and an increasingly connected client base, lawyers can no longer rest on their laurels or rely on tired strategies like print mailers.

Today’s law firm marketing strategy must be forward-thinking, innovative, and versatile. At the end of the day, it’s about building trust with your primary market (in this case, potential clients) . A new client is worth far more than an old one; they will continue to go to you for all of their legal needs because you’ve developed that relationship with them.

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Lawyer Marketing Tactics for 2021

If your law firm marketing strategy is outdated, here are 21 tactics to update it for the future.

1. Attain a strong online presence with a clean, easy-to-follow website and an informative blog, consider doing ads for lawyers

2. Incorporate SEO Toronto services, search engine marketing into all of your content (both on your site and elsewhere)  for increased visibility

3. Tap into the power of online video to showcase your team, your experience, and your insights

4. Opt for transparency over opaqueness: show everything—warts and all—in an effort to build trust and intimacy (this is especially effective if you’re selling a luxury service like family law)  

5. Make sure that your website is mobile responsive, or else risk losing a large percentage of visitors

6. Encourage social sharing of your content—not just on Facebook and Twitter, but across all networks  (LinkedIn will always be the highest for professional services) .

7. Leverage influencers from within your industry to increase your brand’s visibility

8. Try running a social media contest to attract new followers and increase engagement

9. Offer free services when you can, so that people come back for more  

10. Give something away with each sale—whether it’s an eBook or an in-person consultation  (this is known as the “Curiosity Gap”)

11. Sponsor relevant industry events  and have your firm’s name associated with them

12. Develop an ongoing content calendar that you can consistently work towards  

13. Consider the use of guest posts on other blogs in your industry, focus on off page SEO as well as any opportunities to be featured on podcasts

14. Community outreach is essential—find out where your market hangs out and get to know them there, whether that’s a local networking group or an online forum

15. Develop a strong online presence on LinkedIn  (which represents the majority of B2B social media traffic)

16. Hold webinars to connect with potential clients across the country (or even around the world)

17. Update your website done by our toronto web design agency or NYC web design firm every six months, or more often if there have been changes to your firm or your staff

18. Require longer-term contracts from new clients to ensure trust and commitment  (although you may be inclined not to demand a contract, given that a client that doesn’t sign one is less likely to up and leave on you)

19. Develop a referral program that offers incentives for both the referrer and referee  (which is particularly effective if it’s an exclusive benefit of being a client)

20. Keep your content fresh, create high quality content with content marketing in mind—don’t recycle old posts or tweets, as this will only turn people off

21. To really stand out from the crowd, do something different—offer a free trial for a day, appear live on a podcast or at a local networking event to answer questions, have your lawyers dress up as superheroes – whatever it takes to differentiate yourself from your competitors and get your target market talking about you. 

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