Law Firm Websites: Definitive Guide

The purpose of a law firm website is to attract new clients, promote the firm’s expertise and connect with existing clients. The site should have a professional look that reflects who you are and what you do. If it is well-designed, easy to navigate and contains client testimonials and recommendations from other lawyers, it can become an essential part of your is a guide Presented to you by our web design Toronto and web design NYC.

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Law firm websites often include the following elements:

Home page

Contains the firm’s logo, an overview of the practice and links to other pages. The home page should draw people in and entice them to learn more about the firm and its members. It’s also a good place to provide contact information and links to the firm’s blog and social media presences. SEO NYC Team believes Homepage to be the heart of your site cause it will be the first impression of your site.   

A list of services, legal specialties and achievements that set you apart from your competitors. Don’t be modest; use this space to showcase what makes you better than other firms. Also include testimonials from past clients.

Information about the lawyers

The firm’s lawyers should have their own pages with a welcome message, a picture and contact information. Lawyers’ bios should explain who they are and what they do. Include awards, publications and other honors that add to the lawyer’s credibility.

Areas of law practiced by the attorneys

According to our SEO Toronto team, Legal specialties are more important online than in print because of the limited space of a website. Lawyers often list their practice areas on their home page, but they can also have separate pages for each specialty. Links on the specialties page should lead to lengthier descriptions about how their legal expertise benefits clients.

An overview of cases that the firm has handled, along with client testimonials. This is an especially important section for firms that do a lot of litigation work.

Client testimonials or endorsements

People often believe what others say about a product or service, and testimonials can help convince them to use your services. Testimonials should come from both current and former clients, but be prepared for dissatisfied customers to post negative comments on review sites such as Google+ Local and Yelp .

One way around this is to provide only the client’s initials or name, but be warned that some clients may object to this.

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Case results

List the results of your cases, whether in a settlement or at trial. This is another way to show how you benefit your clients. If possible, include links to the court documents so visitors can read them for themselves and see how great your firm is.

Areas of expertise

Any area in which the attorneys at your firm specialize should be listed. This is especially helpful for people who are looking for an attorney in a specific practice area, but it also makes the website more credible.

For example, if two lawyers focus on criminal defense and employment law, list both so clients can find them easily.

Contact information

Directions and contact information, including physical address, phone number and e-mail addresses for specific lawyers or staff members

Key Takeaway

Law practice management software such as Clio , LawPay and Practice Master can help you manage your firm’s financial and administrative operations. They come with built-in templates to help you create a website and track cases, tasks, time and expenses all in one place.

Don’t confuse a law firm site with a “personal” site for individual lawyers. The two should be separate, and the individual lawyer’s site should not contain any information about the firm or its clients. You can also check out our article of 12 must have pages of a law site.