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Quality is what we never compromise on here at Rank by Focus. We use exclusive and professional tools to bring you incomparable SEO strategies in Malaysia. We value your commitment and therefore use our tools to enhance your website ranking like never before. Our professionals work towards providing you with all that you need in one place only at Rank by Focus. We even help with SEO Audits and custom-made Malaysia SEO solutions that are the perfect fit for your web page. We guarantee results that will make your webpage enlist on top of those SERPs. With creative and visionary designs we ensure you will make the statement you want. We will help you reach your website or business goals with our SEO tactics that will generate organic traffic. Let us handle the nifty details and increase engagement with our years of experience. So what are you waiting for? Sign up to give your webpage the recognition it deserves. You will now be one step ahead of all your competitors with the latest and trendy techniques that work for modern-day problems. Our services will never disappoint.

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Rank by Focus Malaysia deals with all types of SEO. Our SEO solutions will boost your web page ranking in no time. Our variety of services include SEO audits, On page SEO, Off page SEO, technical SEO and much more. We consider every factor that your SEO is based on and work towards perfecting it for you. We want your website to outperform all of its competitor sites and so we do our best in making that impact on your webpage. Our focus is entirely on getting you a place on top of the SERPs. We work on providing you with a suitable SEO strategy based on all your needs. Our exclusive design plans ensure client satisfaction. We have a team to closely pay attention to details so that we don’t overlook any aspect that may be crucial for your SEO. We never compromise on quality and consistency throughout our work. So why wait when there are no better Malaysia SEO specialists like here at Rank By Focus.

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Give your website SEO the perfect personalised plan to boost its ranking only through Rank By Focus Malaysia SEO. We guarantee results through our work. Start with an initial consultation with us and find out for yourself. We can even arrange weekly and by weekly meetings to save you from any inconvenience. SEO plans are what we are specialised in, from SEO Audits to design we will make sure you get the best for your website. With keen observations from our team of experts, we go through every detail of your website to make sure we don’t miss out on anything that can cost you your ranking. We will tackle all your SEO difficulties and give you a website that reaches on top of the SERPs in no time. Our high-quality performance will leave you content. Our SEO strategies are like no other since we design them just for you. We have only the finest professionals from across Malaysia to help you achieve results you aspire to have. 


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Your webpage SEO needs to be precise which is what Rank By Focus can deliver with certainty. We make sure to find a custom made plan that will help increase your site ranking. We are known for our sustainable and unique SEO strategies throughout Malaysia. We help you attain all your SEO goals in a single place. We value your trust in us which is why we work with experts to ensure you get the best possible results for your website. Our aim is to build a strong SEO that can not only promote your search engine ranking but also your website’s organic traffic. We want your site to withstand any changes in Google’s algorithms which is why we try to use our observation and experience to plan ahead. We never disregard any factors that can potentially risk your site ranking so we carefully analyze every detail of your web page. Bringing only the finest quality work to assist you in any difficulties you may face with your website SEO Malaysia.

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Rank By Focus Malaysia SEO is here to bring you the best SEO strategies in the city. Our Experts work towards providing you with customized SEO techniques that will actually help enhance your search engine ranking. You can entrust us with your website design and digital marketing. It doesn’t make a difference whether you own a large online business or a small home-based website, we can help you enhance your SEO and reach on the first page on the search engines. Our trained team of specialists make sure they work with precision so you get the ultimate design plans, SEO, social media services and more. Our work has held us in high regard with popular businesses. We are consistent in giving you long-lasting solutions that will make your conversion rate grow. So why wait? We guarantee results that will make you satisfied. Rank By Focus is the only answer to multiple website issues that you may face as a business site or a content writer. So sign up now!

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We Optimize Uses of Follow Links and No-Follow Links

Follow, and No-follow links are hyperlinks that you can attach to your website. These tags are an HTML code designed to help search engine spiders crawl through your web page efficiently. The initial purpose of these links was to stop link spam and comment spam on web posts.These links can also help web crawlers navigate your webpage. There are two main types of no-follow links. These include the Robots Meta Tag and the No-follow link attribute. There isn’t much evidence to support the idea of Follow and No-Follow links helping your SEO Malaysia. Yet, in many indirect ways, it does aid to your ranking factors. These links increase your organic traffic, search engine visibility and diversity in your page. To ensure your Follow and No-follow links are within Google’s guidelines, you should perform an Audit for your no-follow links. An audit will allow you to remove any risk of getting a penalty from Google. As a result, adversely affecting your page ranking. Therefore an Audit is mandatory to reduce issues regarding no follow links.

We Stay Relevant with Current News and Advances. Heard of Mobilegeddon?

Mobilegeddon was what the 2015 April update of the google algorithm was known as. It focused on making the user experience better for mobile users who were more than 50% of their users. The update proclaimed that it would give a favourable ranking to the mobile-friendly sites. Those that did not comply would suffer in the SERPs. Although when the update finally came, the results weren’t as devastating as expected. Websites had gotten the chance to optimize their sites, so the rankings differed only slightly. Google also followed up that update the following year called Mobilegeddon 2.0. This went even harder on mobile optimization, and many more websites made their pages mobile-friendly for best performance in Malaysia SEO.


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