seo trends 2020

10 seo trends in 2020

Has Search Engine Optimization(SEO) now become the marketing pandemic for every person looking to attract viewers online? You guessed it, it has. This cosmopolitan trend goes way back to the millennial age, and quickly grew. From there to now, things have really changed. The competition has never been at this cut-throat level, so now more and more companies, content writers, entrepreneurs, and pioneers are switching to SEO strategies. This brings us to whether your SEO strategy is up to date with the 2020 era? Are you keeping up with the latest SEO Trends? 

SEO is a tool of content and website improvement to become a well-deserved website for any search engine to feature. Building your web page from the ground up, it inspects any mistakes or errors you clearly overlooked. Aside from that, it will also give you the chance to move up the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) through a better ranking, which will, in turn, bring you a lot more clients or engagement on your web page. Sounds simple enough? Now you know why everyone wants to get their hands on it. If you already have an SEO strategy but are looking for what you can do to keep it in trend here are some techniques you could follow;

Google Artificial Intelligence will be your Friend.

Its time we quit being concerned about robots replacing us, and instead see how they can make us worth more. Ever since Google revealed that it uses ‘RankBrain,‘ it’s all about how you can impress the program to view your page as a success. There are a few things that work, RankBrain looks through user interference the most. Whether or not people actually want to see your page? 

Click through rate is a huge factor to bring you more on top of the SERP’s, but how do you get a high click-through rate? The content. Try to be as exact with what your Keywords suggest. It’s all about giving the viewers what they want. If a viewer spends more time reading through your web page, chances are they find something of value, but if they are quick to go back to the SERP’s means they didn’t find what they wanted, and that’s a bad sign.

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google featured snippet

Google’s featured snippets KEY TO SEO TRENDS

It comes as no surprise that the best way people save time on Google is reading through snippets that google finds most accurate to what you’ve searched for. Everyone would skip through the hours searching and just view what they want on a webpage. This invention from Google has really got it to challenge web pages to get right to the point instead of giving excess information that no one wants to read through. A good way to get a chance to be featured on Google’s snippets is to follow different formats even if you have a blog post where you want to give in-depth details.

google voice search

Voice Search continues to take over.

On the focus point of SEO trends, voice search is becoming increasingly important. There’s a reason why voice recognition is so popular with Alexa and Google Assistant and numerous other AI automated devices flourishing in the markets. It’s because people like the idea of an interactive experience. They want no less from a Search Engine. People’s informal speaking patterns is what you need to keenly observe and use for your content. The smart take on this would be to optimize your work and use the long tail Keywords and do the keyword research if they find a web page that understands what they want it’s going to increase the webpage growth drastically.

google bert

What is BERT?

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers or BERT is one of the latest inventions from Google in 2018. Google keeps adding to its technology for the best user compatibility. BERT does exactly that. This encoder is to process language and get a source of context from it. This way, it makes it a possibility in future advancements that you can get precise information on what you want as quickly as can be.


Google E-A-T policy

E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) is a policy that uses viewer response as reviews leading up to a web page’s reputation. It also guarantees that the content on a web page is strictly as factual as can be and written by ‘experts’ or people with knowledge in the field of what they are writing. If you meet the E-A-T guidelines, you are pretty much already a step ahead, with so many people facing setbacks because of their already built bad reputations. Web vitals can be measured through google’s web vital developers tools. 

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mobile friendly

Mobile Friendliness is crucial.

As you continue to improve your content, a site that is lagging behind on your mobile is out of the question in 2020. It’s nearly impossible for people to view a webpage that isn’t performing well on their mobile phones since that’s where most of the total search results are made up of. Being straight forward, our phones are our greatest source of information. From ebooks, social media, and news articles, everything we need to know is a swipe from what our eyes are already glued to. So for 2020, this is by far the biggest investment you can do because this tech-savvy evolution is only going to grow from here.

Not sure if your website is mobile friendly? Google Mobile Friendly Test is here. 

featured snippet with video

SEO via Video

Lastly, on the list, we have the ever-growing social platform known as Youtube. Claiming themselves that they have over a billion active users, we can leave it to them to further market out what your web page couldn’t. But the problem remains, with a billion people on the same social platform, you need to make your videos much more dazzling to the audience. With youtube very own autocomplete optimizing your videos through keywords has never been quite as simple. So its time to root out to every possible way your page can reel in some viewers, hence always optimize your Youtube videos!

There you have it some trends you can use to make your web page do good in the fight against the new and flashy 2020 competition. It only takes a little remodeling and updating, and you’re all set. So what are you waiting for? Time to cash in those rewards.