10 Strategies to Rank for “Best” & "Top" Keywords in Google

Web Design Toronto and Web design NYC team has got some of the best ways you can optimize your site to rank for keywords like “best” and “top.”

1. Add a Best/Top 10 list of things on your website

This is one surefire way by SEO toronto team to start ranking for these types of keywords quickly and easily. If you don’t rank high right away, you’re bound to after time. Just make sure the 10 things are well-chosen and your site’s description is awesome.

2. Give an awesome description for your list

You don’t want to just say what the items on your list are – SEO Singapore says to do some research (or hire someone who can) and find out why they deserve a spot on your list. You want to show that you’ve done your homework, and give people a reason to click on your site.

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3. Optimize for phrases with “best” in them

Once you have a basic list going, start checking your website’s backlinks and seeing if anyone has been talking about best-rated deals and best deals. This will ensure that your page (and website as a whole) has plenty of authority, which will make it much easier to rank for this type of keyword in the future.

4. Use other trustworthy sources as backlinks

While you don’t want to lean on one, or even two, good backlinks as the only things keeping you afloat, if you can get a few of these types of links it’s definitely helpful. Make sure they’re coming from websites that are trustworthy and look like they’ve been around for some time, though.

5. Check out the competition

No matter how good or bad your keywords are, there will almost certainly be some sites outranking you. Check them out to see what they’ve done well and how these sites have been successful, then try to emulate that success.

6. Try other variations on “best” and “top”

You don’t want to just study the keywords your competitors are using – you can get a lot of additional ideas by looking at other keywords that include the word “best” or “top.” From there, you can add in some qualifiers like “top 10” and see if you rank for those variations.

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7. Get business reviews

If your site has a brick-and-mortar location (or even an online shop), this is another great way to rank well for these types of keywords. If you have a service-based business, go ahead and ask your clients if they’d be willing to write you a review – that’s another good way to get some links that could help you out in the long run.

8. Write articles about best things

If you write articles about good things, people will naturally expect to see those best things somewhere on your site. If you’re a blogger or a writer for a magazine, website, etc., take advantage of that and try to get at least one article published every month!

9. Keep going!

Once you’ve started ranking well for keywords like “best” and “top,” if you do your job right you’ll be able to keep that ranking for a long time. Just make sure you’re not stagnating – stay on top of any new but related keywords that could help you rank even better!

10. Take advantage of Google Hummingbird

Hummingbird allows Google to understand what your site is about better than ever before, which will give you an even greater advantage. By taking your time and really planning out how you’ll tackle these words, you should be able to rank for them quite easily!