Bizarre Law Firm Ads

Law firms exist all over the country and employ many thousands of people.  One of their most important task is to attract new clients, so they use advertisements – some more unconventional than others – to do so. Some law firms just advertise their services in a plain manner, whereas others aim for humour or even shock value. Web Design Toronto and Web design NYC have got 20 bizarre ads from law firms that have been displayed in public. You can check out our Law firm marketing article by our SEO Toronto and SEO NYC team.

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20 Bizarre Law Firm Ads

1) A New York based law firm, Cole Schotz , has an office sign which read “In Dog We Trust”. The sign was a joke about how lawyers are seen as being greedy and only out to make money.

2) In another New York advertisement for a lawyer, a picture of a NY Yankees player was used with the caption “I am free tonight after 7.”. The advertisement aimed to promote how lawyers are available at any time of day for their clients.

3) When you see advertisements for legal advice, they usually appear quite earnest and serious. However, an ad by law firm DLA Phillips Fox appeared in an Australian paper next to a news story about the disappearance of a young girl. The advertisement was for indemnity insurance and read “Missing: One lawyer. Last seen accompanying client on walkabout”. This ad aimed to be humorous and even though it was published in a serious newspaper, it attracted much attention and media coverage.

4) A Texas lawyer, Robert Betts , advertised on the side of his building. One advert was in an unusual font and read “I’m a pitbull for protection”, which referred to how aggressive he would be when representing you in court. The other side of his building had a similar message “How do I get out of your car?”, which indicated that he wanted his clients to leave him alone after their case was finished.

5) In a similar style, a law firm in Washington used the words “We eat nails for breakfast” on its billboard . Another strange advertisement from this law firm read “In politics, never forget who you’re working for”. This comment ironically referred to how many lawyers only work for their own interests.

6) In an advertising campaign targeted at business clients, a law firm based in California created billboards and flyers encouraging businesses to stop hiring lawyers by using the slogan “We can do that”. This advertisement aimed to be anti-lawyer and instead promote how they could handle all legal work themselves.

7) Here is an advertisement for a lawyer, but it is quite strange and somewhat hard to understand. It reads “Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow”, along with the firm’s name of ‘Mistakes’. This appeared on the side of a building in the centre of Manchester and did not last long before being taken down.

8) A law firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, drew attention to its premises with a large billboard which read “What do you think the neighbours will say?”. This was an advertisement for their office space and indicated that they did not care what others thought of them.

9) The law firm Hankinson, Hankinson & Garrison advertises on yellow vans instead of using other traditional forms of advertising.

10) The law firm Martindale-Hubbell created an advertisement which featured a photo of one of its attorneys, next to the words “I’m not as good looking as my clients think I am”. This promoted how they would be more approachable than other lawyers, even though they are aesthetically pleasing.

Additional Bizarre Law Firm Ads

11) A law firm in Florida used inflatable dolls on its roof to advertise their business . These blow-up dolls represented lawyers and aimed to create more interest than traditional forms of advertising.

12) The law firm Carandell, Denegre & Singer did not use any words for this advertisement, but instead displayed the images of 12 top athletes who were clients of the firm. These clients included Mark McGwire and Ricky Williams.

13) The law firm that advertised on the side of a building in Atlanta made reference to its location and read “Where parking is optional”. This was targeted at firms based within walking distance and indicated how they did not need to offer their employees free car parking spaces.

14) A law firm based in Nashville created an advertisement which read “Swimming with the sharks”. This indicated how they were willing to take on cases that other lawyers would not, even if it meant being involved in high-profile or high-risk cases.

15) The humorous law firm of McGuireWoods used an image of two attractive women to advertise their business . This was targeted towards other law firms, which it believed to be overwhelmingly male.

16) A law firm in New York advertised on billboards located near the city’s airports and read “Don’t get mad, get everything”. This was an anti-lawyer ad that encouraged businesses not to take legal action without thinking of the overall benefits.

17) The law firm Sacks Tierney used a direct approach with this advertisement, which read “Shred it all” to indicate how they could destroy any documents for their clients. This was an anti-lawyer ad that encouraged businesses not to take legal action without thinking of the overall benefits.

18) A law firm in Los Angeles created an advertisement which read “Litigation is for losers”. This was an anti-lawyer ad that encouraged businesses not to take legal action without thinking of the overall benefits.

19) A law firm, Arent Fox, launched a website that allowed visitors to put together their own advertisements. These could then be sent to others with the idea of finding the most creative way to attract potential clients.

20) The law firm of Perlman & Perlman created an advertisement which featured a real looking gorilla in one corner, with the words “I hate our current lawyer too” written next to it. This drew attention to how they are different from other law firms, which are targeted by the gorilla.

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