5 Silly SEO Myths You Should Ignore

Everywhere you turn on the internet, there’s another article about how to do SEO or how to trick Google.

Many of these articles are filled with “rules” that simply aren’t true, while others are merely spammy tactics that don’t work anymore.

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1. Only the popular blogs can get traffic from Google 

It’s true that bloggers who are popular on social networks will automatically have a boost in traffic from Google.

However, the key word is automatically . No one can make you “go viral” or share content online! So if you’re sitting around waiting for people to read your articles, you’ll be waiting forever.

Instead of focusing on how well-known other blogs are, focus instead on writing quality content and sharing it with others–you’ll see results eventually.

2. If my title is well optimized for search engines, I’ll get more readers

The truth is that everyone knows about this myth at this point! If people were clicking because of your title tag keywords alone, SEO would not exist as an industry separate from Content Marketing.

Instead, our SEO Toronto agency says your title is just that–a title! The way people decide whether or not to read the article is by scanning the first few lines of text. If it interests them, they’ll click on it. This is called “engagement” and anyone who cares about SEO should care about this too, because it is an important ranking factor for google. 

3. SEO is difficult, so don’t try it by yourself

Actually, SEO by our SEO Singapore agency is very doable. Anyone who has a basic understanding of the Google Search Engine Algorithm can rank well for certain keywords. The hard part comes from finding those keywords, as many tend to be competitive and expensive.

Instead of being intimidated by SEO, take a look at the different career opportunities it offers you . You could make a fortune with Search Engine Marketing or go into social media marketing instead! The possibilities are endless.

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4. Keywords are no longer useful.

The idea that keywords are dead is ridiculous. Keywords are the foundation of paid search, SEO, local searches–you name it.

Keywords are still relevant, but they’re more subtle than before. People don’t often seek out “golf clubs” anymore–they Google “what golf clubs do Michael Jordan use?” or “the best golf club reviews.”

This type of question-based search requires marketers to step up their game and think like their target audience does.

5. Google Will Discover My New Post on its Own

No blog or website can get a significant amount of traffic from Google without being found and that includes articles published on the day you write them!

Instead of letting your articles sit and waiting for Google to find them, spread the word about new posts on social media or through email marketing. You’ll see an increase in readership from both sources by hiring our SEO New York agency. 


By now, most people know that SEO isn’t about tricking Google or getting more popular on social media.

It’s about creating quality content, a beautiful web design Toronto agency did for you and providing an online experience people want. So if you’re afraid of SEO for any reason, take a step back and look at what it can do for your blog or business . You might just find something you like!