5 traits of a trustworthy SEO company

The number of firms in existence has shot up dramatically since the year 2006, when SEO truly began to take off. Around that time, SEO became popular, and every firm was told that it was now essential. However, there are many SEO firms out there that do not respect the field. Their aim is to get as many new clients as possible.

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5 traits of a trustworthy SEO company

1. Transparency

It’s important that your firm tells you everything. A good SEO company will also share their results with you, letting you know what went well and what did not.

This way, they give something to the process, too. If a company wants to be transparent with you then it is highly likely that they are trustworthy.

2. Recent Success Stories

Is the company able to show you previous customers that they worked with recently?

Websites are always out there for everyone to see, so if the company has not had much success lately this may be a sign of lack of experience or expertise. You can even do a quick search on Google for their client list and see what comes up.

3. Ability to Rank on the 1st Page of Google

If a company brags that they can rank your site on the first page of Google, you should be skeptical and I would recommend walking away from any such claims immediately.

Ranking high is never an easy task and it’s like winning a marathon not a sprint. So unless the company has done this for previous clients it’s not something to brag about.

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4. A Proven Track Record in Your Niche

If the company is unable to show any success in your niche, you should be cautious before hiring them. Obviously every industry is different but if they are unable to provide any relevant examples of success when it comes to your industry it’s reasonable to assume that they might not have as much knowledge as you would want them to have.

5. In-House Team

In an ideal world, every company should have in-house employees with a focus on SEO and online marketing, but unfortunately this is not always the case. If a company has a team of employees working specifically for their brand it’s a good sign that they have the resources and more importantly, the willingness to keep up with ever changing search engine algorithm updates.