Image text SEO For More Organic Traffic

People often overlook some important aspects of their Technical SEO and On page seo.  Google’s new algorithm update can recognize image content. This advanced Cloud vision API can identify images to a great accuracy. Thus, giving content creators an advantage to avail a better ranking through image SEO. Image SEO has grown massively. There are a lot more factors to consider with the new era of technology. So here is an in-depth breakdown of everything you need to know to stay up-to-date. 

Descriptive alt image text

One of the most common types of image SEO includes alt image text  ( alt text ). This requires you to give a relevant description of an image for any visually impaired users. The reason for it being descriptive is to help the page readers understand the image since it can not see it. Yet, recent analyses proved that alt tags are no longer one of the top image SEO factors. So, it’s encouraged to look into other more important factors as well.

Image format or File type

Generally, there are three file types that creators use most frequently. These formats are the JPEG, PNG, and GIF. The PNG file can have a good quality image at the expense of a larger file size. Whereas JPEG may reduce the quality of the image and lower the file size. Yet, you can establish a good balance between the quality of JPEG images. GIFs are not typically used for the web, but if you wish to use them, you may have to compromise using the large file size.

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Naming your ALT images

Customizing the names of images gives more context to your image. You can add descriptive details that enables Google to read and recognize the image more vividly. For instance, an image named IMG00368 will not represent what your image is about. However, an image named ‘a single red rose’ is easy to envision.

Browser caching

Browsing caching is a result of your images or content being stored in the visiting consumer’s browsers. You can use this browser caching by installing a plugin or adding the specific code. This helps them in faster-loading speed if they ever come across your page again. You can see the effects of this on the page loading speed through Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.

Compressing images

Bulky images can have a slow loading speed. This can make your page appear slower as a result. To make sure you release any unwanted weight from your page, you must compress your images. You can use tools such as Photoshop or pngquant. These tools can help reduce the file size without compromising the quality of your images. Be careful to choose a tool that externally compresses these files on their server to take the extra load of your own site.

Use vector graphics

Vector graphics give a more professional appearance to your images. This use of technology uses lines, dots, and polygons to represent the image you use. These graphics are ideal for logos and alt text. With the help of these vector graphics, you have sharp results on any resolution. The most popular of these vector graphics is the SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics).

Stay cautious of copyright images

No matter which type of image you decide to add to your site, you must ensure you don’t violate any copyright concerns. Many companies have had a lawsuit of billions of dollars over copyright photographs. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Responsive images

Large-sized images can affect user experience on their mobile devices. A larger file will be wasting bandwidth and slows down the page loading speed. To solve this problem, you can use srcset. This type of HTML code will tell the browser to load the various versions of an image for different screen resolutions. This adaptation is beneficial as users will be able to access the image easily no matter what device they use.

Why use a CDN?

If you serve your images and content over the same server and location, it can be less accessible to users worldwide. To avoid such a problem, you can use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). The CDN is able to catch your files through a vast global network of servers. So when a user opens your content from a different country, the content will load from the nearest server. This will increase the loading speed and benefit your SEO. Some options for CDNs include Cloudflare and Google Cloud CDN.

Link equity from image backlinks

Charts and image graphics can always be linked. These embedded links are used on other webpages. If other blogs link back to the original source, you recover the link equity for your page. As a result, when any user clicks on them, they will be directed to your image. This can grow your webpage traffic and increase the CTR. These backlinks will also enhance the conversion rate.

Creating image sitemaps

Sitemaps for images help Google evaluate images. You can also add details of images that you post, such as URLs.