If you want to market your writing or any services online, you are probably aware of the struggle of making your work stand out in an era with millions of site listings are just a click away. Lucky for you, within recent years, there have been many innovative features introduced, such as Toronto Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO uses keywords and keyword rankings which enables markets to improve the quality of their content and target keywords that any user can search for in order to find your services. This can make your audience and engagement really soar through the skies compared to an otherwise boring and average post or website.

So what are these useful keywords rankings? How does this play into your SEO strategy? And how do you track them? To be fair, the internet will offer you numerous key ranking tools that you could purchase but to ensure that you have the most reliable one for your specific line of field is downright vital. 

A keyword rank tracker can do wonders for your blog or website depending on how efficiently you use it. 

There are initially three types of these tools that a blogger like myself uses for keyword tracking. The first being something that is not exactly an application but more of an extension to put into correct terms but nonetheless an excellent fix for those bloggers out there looking to do things the easy way.

The second one is what id call something more substantial for those old school folks who are particular about their tools. This type comes as files that can be downloaded onto your PC, such as a virtual application. Lastly and most commonly used solution. Our trusty friends who provide online services through a website.

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Authority Lab

AuthorityLabs is one of the leading keyword ranking that our SEO toronto and Miami SEO team uses for monitoring and keyword research tools. Aside from the fact that AuthorityLabs gathers Search Engine Result Page (SERP) data which helps you to see what keywords are most frequently used, it also monitors your keywords ranking compared to your competitor websites. 

The best part -They offer a free trial to really understand the importance of keyword rank tracking. However, a monthly subscription starts from $49, which may be a little steep, to say the least.

Trial Period – 14 Days

Monthly Subscription Fee – Starts at $49 / Month


Now our Toronto SEO and Miami SEO team know this one this a quite popular tool and about everyone knows about this, but that’s why it made the list for the best. SEMrush is one renowned name for its keyword ranking tools but what differs it’s worth from the others is its features. SEMrush offers all that Authoritylabs offers and more SEO tools that grow the website traffic of your website or blog. With our fast track life, SEMrush lets us view our google rankings at a desktop or at the convenience of your mobile phones. Since we are all glued to our phones anyway might as well do something productive. Offering Keyword Research, Organic Traffic Insights, Site Audit, on-page SEO checker, Search Engine sensor and much more. However, with the quality and quantity comes the price of $99.95 for their pro package.

Trial Period – 30 Days

Monthly Subscription Fee – Starts at $99 / Month


Another unique place to do your keyword rank tracking with the analysis of traffic per keyword is the Linkdex. Although this treats your SEO ranking as a whole, and Keyword tracking is just a feature that it offers there are plenty of useful tools that will do wonders alongside keyword rating. Not only that, but Linkdex displays Cost per Click. This tool makes more specific ranking and traffic by using location services such as a postal code to stop keyword cannibalization.The starter package for this tool is roughly $600, which includes 10,000 rank tracking credits.

Trial Period – Demo by an expert

Monthly Subscription Fee – Starts at $600 / Month


Following the footsteps of these big ranking tools, our Toronto SEO and Miami SEO team suggest SE ranking is nonetheless an incredible way to attain SEO rankings. SE ranking not only gives keyword suggestions but also lets you do keyword research through Google Autocomplete. It challenges you to work up strategies in comparison to your competitors. And let’s face it this SEO game is becoming a little redundant anyway so why not take on a challenge. They have a selection of packages you can opt for in order to avail these ranking tools beginning with the lowest of $39 per month with 250 keywords up to $189 with 2500 keywords.

Trial Period – 14 days

Monthly Subscription Fee – Starts at $39 / Month

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A very smart and witty use of brand naming for a program is STAT. Judging by the name, you can tell it gives a form of statistical data. It can start tracking on two different search engines being Google and Bing. Although the starting rate is a little pricier than one would typically want to accept with $720 per month it’s a price some might want to pay for considering the amount of time you can save when you receive categorized and specific data. After all, time is money people! 

Trial Period – Demo by an expert

Monthly Subscription Fee – Starts at $720 / Month


Serpfox is the most budget friendlly / straight to the point tracking we can recommend.

It shows ONLY tracking, for specific locations and search engine and device.

Straight to the point.

Monthly Subscription Fee – Starts at $10 / Month

Specifically targeting your audience has never been easier with local rank trackers. So, for instance, you want people of your region to see more of your work as your content is more relatable or offer utilization to them adding your zip code will make it more accessible to track ranking in your local areas. It’s almost astonishing that now local rank trackers such as SE ranking can even allow you to simplify your tracking to cities and even towns.

It comes as no surprise why these local rank trackers are growing popular. Some of these include GeoRanker, WebCEO, Whitespark and BrightLocal.

If you’ve actually selected a good keyword rating tracker and applied the keywords accordingly, you might want to peak at the competition for the keywords you’re using. To be more specific about what people actually search you can get help from the Google trends as well or just use any of the rating trackers that you have purchased.

So needless to say, no matter how well written your blog is or how much effort goes into the details of your services, the number and algorithms of the millions fail you. With tools such as Keyword rating tracker and keyword searcher, you will be able to get the recognition you deserve.