What is black hat seo?

Black Hat SEO is a list of actions that aid in increasing a page or website’s ranking in a search engine. This method fails to comply with the search Engine’s Terms Of Service. Nowadays, people use the term Black Hat to describe individuals who carry out illegal or unethical activities with computers. These individuals could be hackers or people who create scripts. 

It may be very tempting for new content creators to take a shortcut to grow their Google rankings quicker. But, they need to realize that using black hat SEO can prove to be catastrophic for their websites. Thus, it is very crucial for them to have an understanding of using Black hat SEO and its repercussions.

Why people use Black hat SEO?

People use Black hat SEO to boost page rankings in SERP (Search engine results page). These practices are not considered to be fair by search engines which is why they are against their search engine terms of service. A content creator breaking these laws faces the penalty of being banned from affiliate sites and search engines. Bings Webmaster Guidelines and Google Webmaster Guidelines show a list of strategies that Black Hat SEO’s carry out.

A simple test to see if an SEO’s plans come under Black Hat is to ask them that’ Is their work adding any kind of value to the users or are they just focused on increasing their page rankings in the search engine results”. If an SEO’s tactics don’t add any value to the users then it is very likely that they are Black hat SEO’s. This test can also be used to assess paid search operations to see if they are Black hat PPC.

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Naming some Black Hat SEO Tactics 

If you want to run your website fairly without getting into any kind of trouble, then you need to make sure you are not performing any of the following acts.

  • Pages should not contain any kind of malicious content. For example, Trojans, malware, phishing, and viruses.
  • Automated Queries on Google.
  • Pages or domains having duplicate content should not be created.
  • Rich snippet markup spam (some websites markup content that is invisible to users, if that content includes misleading or immaterial content then that breaking Google’s Rich Snippet quality instructions)
  • Doorway pages (websites created for the purpose of manipulating search engine indexes)
  • Any kinds of sneaky redirects are not acceptable.
  • Cloaking (tricks search engines into rankings out of context content in a webpage)
  • Link schemes (Links aiming to manipulate a site’s ranking)
  • Link wheels, link farms, or Link networks.
  • Article spinning is not acceptable.
  • Keyword stuffing (excess use of a keyword to get search engines to rank the page for its target word)
  • Hidden links or texts should not be added.
  • Guest posting networks.

Methods of reporting Black Hat SEO 

There are two reasons behind anyone who will feel the need to report any kind of Black hat SEO. The first reason is that their website might have been attacked by spammed links or any virus. The second reason might be that they come across a spammed web result on a competitive keyword that their website is ranking on. If any website faces these issues some easy steps can be followed to resolve it. It is advised to file a web spam report with the help of Google webmaster tools. This tool should be used with care because if you falsely report any web spam then that can also come under Black hat SEO.

In the case of a webpage being hacked by a virus or malware, the best option is to remove the malicious code and request a malware review. On the other hand, if your website has been attacked by an SEO campaign of spammed links then you could make use of the disallow links tool present in Google’s webmaster tool. This should be done after talking with the webmasters that are sending these links to your webpage and asking them to remove the links and remove google penalty.

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Why should content creators avoid Black Hat SEO? 

Black Hat SEO seems very appealing because of its ability to boost traffic to your website and achieve success. But, this success comes with a big price to pay. If you are convicted by Google for Black Hat SEO then the penalties you are going to face are going to have damaging effects on your website. Your career can be over in one day because these penalties include your website being de-indexed. If your website is banned from search engines then you will lose all the traffic coming to your website. In addition to that black hat SEO techniques are also known to give users a very poor experience. They just make a website look fake and spammed which makes customers leave the website. This makes the rankings of the website drop with time. Thus, it’s best to avoid Black Hat SEO because the risks that come along with it are much higher than the short-term benefits.

Are you a Black Hat SEO kind of person?

When opening a business everyone aims to make it successful and long-lasting. If you are that person then Black Hat SEO is not for you. Nowadays, it is impossible to not get caught if you are practicing Black Hat SEO. If you get caught then it can bring down your business in seconds and end your career, which is why every motivated content creator should stay away from it. Rather than looking at Black hat SEO techniques to boost your page rankings, you should focus on alternatives. Every motivated entrepreneur should work hard to bring their business to success without having to carry out any illegal or unfair actions. Anybody can achieve success with unfair means but someone who does so by working hard is a true businessman. Various alternative techniques can be used to boost your search engine rankings and help you make your place in a fast paced competitive market.