Competitor Link Analysis: Outsmart Your competition

It is not enough to simply compete against your competitors as SEOs. In order to outpace the competition, our Singapore SEO Team knows exactly what they’re doing and how much of an advantage you have over them.

One way SEOs can gain a competitive edge is by performing a competitor link analysis, which involves examining how a website ranks in comparison to its competitors.

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Why Use Competitor Link Analysis?

  • A competitor link analysis allows an SEO to see the quality and quantity of links that another website has. By analyzing these links, they can determine how much of an advantage they have over their competition because their competitors either lack the appropriate links or are acquiring them slowly.
  • This analysis done by our Toronto SEO and New York SEO team can also reveal the other strategies that are being employed by the competition, such as their target keywords, which will allow you to determine how best to position your own website. It may also give you an indication of how much budget they have for SEO purposes.
  • Performing a competition link analysis allows you to assess what your rivals are doing and stay ahead of them in terms of optimization methods and content creation. You’ll also get an indication of how strong their links are, so you’ll know how much effort it will take for your website to rank higher than theirs.
  • You can discover a business’s weak areas and strengths through a competitor link analysis, which provides you with a strategic edge in terms of link building or SEO efforts. You may figure out what they’re striving for by identifying these characteristics early on, as well as whether it’s something that would be beneficial to your own website to pursue.

Acquiring Your Competitor’s Links

Competitor link development entails:

  • creating a Master List of all the backlinks from your rivals.
  • Analyze the method your competitor used to acquire a specific link.
  • Then use that approach to gain access to that connection.

These procedures may all be completed using free tools available online. Our Web design toronto advice that If you choose to use a paid link analysis tool, it might make your job much easier. It will provide you with a lot more information than simply backlinks. You can create link-building campaigns and keep track of progress. So, it is well worth the investment.

1. List Your Competitors

To start, you’ll need to compile a list of the websites that are competing against your business. You can do this by using Google’s free website:

When filling out the website search field, enter in two or three of your competitors’ names. Hit “search” and then input their URLs into the next section. Click on “view full results,” which will give you access to all of their backlink data for you to peruse through at your leisure.

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2. Create A List Of Competitor Backlink Profiles

After you’ve had some time to look over the first few of your competitors’ backlinks, it’s time for you to create a new spreadsheet. For each of their links that you find, input that URL into the spreadsheet. You’ll want to save this sheet for future reference whenever you run an analysis on another website or your own.

3. Acquire Links via Similar Strategies

Now it’s time to look for external websites that have either dofollow or no-followed backlinks pointing at your competitors’ sites so you can acquire similar ones to boost your rankings.

4. Check Out Guest Post Opportunities

You can find out if any potential guest blogging outlets are linking back to your rivals by using ahrefs (paid tool). It shows you how many referring domains they have, so you’ll know which ones would be best for reaching out with an article pitch. The majority of hosting sites also provide some type of link analysis for their authors or members, so don’t forget about that when you’re on the hunt for additional backlinks.