Capture the Attention of Today’s Time-Constrained HCPs

Sales people now face more difficulty than ever in contacting physicians and healthcare practitioners (HCPs). But HCPs have always been hard to reach and communicate with.

As the only gatekeepers to healthcare, HCPs are constantly challenged with how to handle all of their responsibilities and meeting patients’ needs within an increasingly complicated system. But today, HCP conversations are even more difficult to manage as they face growing demands from time constraints and fragmented media channels.

These factors make it especially important for marketers to find ways to communicate with HCPs in a way that is effective, relevant and engaging.

In fact, it’s been predicted that physicians will spend nearly 30% of their time on nonclinical activities by 2015 which will make reaching them even more challenging. Because of this, the pace of change within healthcare marketing has never been greater. Web design Toronto and Web design Singapore have got some expert advices  

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How to Reach HCPs Effectively with Digital Marketing

As the healthcare landscape changes, marketers must be prepared to change their game plans to keep up. Some tips for keeping your marketing efforts effective include:

1. Engage via Email 

Physicians want information on medical advancements

so providing them with news alerts or newsletters through email provides you with another way to get your brand message out there. But don’t go overboard on the number of emails you send them since they are already inundated with information.

2. Recycle Leads 

“Eighty-five percent of consumers would rather talk with a live agent than use web self-service”. so take advantage of every consumer touchpoint you have and re-contact all leads through phone calls or email.

This can help create consistency among HCPs, even if they are only reading about your product online. It also provides them with more information that might interest them down the line.

3. Personalize Communications

Personalized email messages get 6 times more opens than non-personalized ones. And personalized content videos get 94% more views.

4. Monitor Your Market

Understand where your leads are in their journey and what they’re doing online (blogging, tweeting, etc.). Use Google analytics or other platforms to see where they’re spending time on the web then adapt messaging accordingly.

5. Optimize Web for Mobile 

More than half of all HCPs use smartphones, so make sure your website is mobile optimized (or at least responsive). This will not only increase sales through your site; it also provides key insight into how consumers search for information while on the go.

6. Advertise Effectively on Social Channels 

It’s no secret that Twitter is one of the most popular social platforms for physicians and Facebook drives more traffic to websites than Google+.

These are also two of the most effective channels for marketers looking to reach consumers. Plus, social ads allow you to be very specific about who sees your ads and where they’re seen (catching HCPs at key decision-making points).

7. Create Compelling Digital Experiences 

Consumers value experiences over ads so if you can tell a compelling “story” online, it will resonate with consumers.

For example, the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh uses augmented content to communicate directly with patients and their families through its blog. The hospital invites them to share an inside look at patient care, participate in live video chats with staff, etc. This helps the brand create a better rapport by giving people a realistic view of what it is like to be treated there.

How to Create Captivating Content for HCPs

Content is the lifeblood of digital marketing. Here’s how to create captivating content for health care professionals:

1. Rock Your Blog

A blog about medical advancements can help you provide physicians with exactly what they need to remain on top of their game and up-to-date as possible.

2. Educate with Videos 

Videos are a great way to demonstrate your expertise since they give HCPs an opportunity to see you or your staff in action talking about various conditions or issues that may come up during treatment.

3. Share Statistics That Are Relevant to Physician Practice

According to a 2013 study, 41% of social media users access healthcare information online so making that all of the statistics and data you show physicians is relevant can help you keep their attention and pave the way for future engagement.

Leveraging Digital Marketing to Expand Your Sales Team’s Efforts

Physicians and other healthcare professionals can be tough to reach and even tougher to convince, but there are ways that marketers can use digital marketing tactics to help expand their sales team’s efforts.

1. Get the Physician on Your Side

The medical field is highly competitive and as a brand it’s important for you to establish your authority as an educator in the HCP’s eyes. You want them to see you as a valuable resource they can trust.

2. Recognize That Physicians Are Busy People

Physicians work long hours and often deal with patients who have pressing needs, so make sure you only ask them for things during times when they actually have time to dedicate to your requests (meeting desired deadlines, etc.).

3. Create a Partnership

The more physicians think of your brand as a partner, the more likely they are to agree to work with you. By helping them, they’ll return the favor by helping you.

4. Give Physicians Access to Data and Analytics

Provide data and analytics that can help them expand their patient outreach efforts so it will be easier for them to incorporate your product or service into their workflow smoothly .

Physicians spend most of their time working with patients, so they are less likely to be on the lookout for new products or services that might help them expand their practice.

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Key Takeaway:

Marketing content for physicians is less about broadcasting your message and more about providing HCPs with the data, statistics, and insight they need to make informed decisions.

Marketers must understand the specific needs of different types of physician, be able to create a strong rapport, and help them set goals. You should also focus on SEO of your site, SEO Toronto and SEO Singapore can help you in this regard. 

Additionally, marketers should offer a variety of services that can help physicians expand their business. This can include access to data analytics, marketing automation tools, marketing intelligence/content marketing software etc.