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Content creators are often confused when they come across Follow and No-follow links. The main reason for this is that the mere thought of an HTML code can sound a little technical. It’s time you delve deeper into understanding the know-how of these links and how you can benefit from them. They may even enhance your off-page SEO and page ranking. 

What are Follow Links?

One of the more important SEO strategy in 2020, the do-follow link or tag is a code used to pass link juice across your webpage. Webmasters can connect through all your website and relevant link content with do-follow links. These links enhance your SEO and search engine ranking. 

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What are NoFollow Links? 

A no-follow link is an HTML tag. It is a link that content creators use to tell webmasters not to follow a specific link. These links are used to reduce link spam on a website. Web crawlers don’t even crawl these links. 

Types of NoFollow  

There are two main types of No-follow links. The first is the Robots Meta Tag. This tag restricts the web crawlers to follow links of the entire page. The second is the No-follow link attribute. This type of link is useful when you are linking to any spam website. As this link is an indication for webmasters not to consider the page as part of your content ranking. 


The History of rel=” nofollow” 

Since 2005, Google initiated the No-follow links to eliminate comment spam. These comments redirect users to other platforms. This is a strategy for people to try to increase their search engine ranking through organic traffic. Many bloggers and users have to deal with these spam comments. So, the tag (rel= “nofollow”) is used to make google crawlers aware of which links not to rank as part of your webpage.

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Why are Follow/NoFollow Links Important for SEO?

Follow, and No-follow links both have some degree of impact on your SEO. One great effect of these links is that they generate the flow of organic traffic from your website. This isn’t a definite perk for your SEO; however, it does increase your website engagement and viewership. This traffic can lead to its own benefits which might directly boost your SEO. 

Another advantage for these links is that they broaden your link profile. If a web page has an oddly large amount of followed links without an adequate amount of no-follow links it can be suspicious for your web page. You can also dig deeper to evaluate the proportion of these links through an Overview report. 

Most people will tell you that paid links are against Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Yet, this may or may not be favourable for your web page SEO. The possibility that is most favourable for your SEO is that the renowned search engine’s algorithms can not identify paid links. This is a very interesting tool for you to use for your ranking strategy. Even if you don’t take part in purchasing and selling links, but your competitors do, you can report them. Reporting them will get their website a penalty. Thus, taking out one competitor from ranking better than you on the SERPs. 

Do NoFollow Links Help with SEO? 

Google itself claims that generally, it does not send any anchor text or PageRank to no-follow links. This gives content creators the satisfaction of applying these tags as the credit of their hard work won’t be stolen from them. However, in certain situations, there can be some contradictions. Even though there is no proof of such statements, people believe there are some no-follow links that transfer PageRank. Yet, if a no-follow link is placed at the bottom of the text, it is not as significant. In contrast, ones placed on the top of the text are more valuable. These can give users some compensation on where to apply these no-follow links.

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Page Loading Speed 

Currently, page loading speed is not a definite factor for your On-page SEO ranking. Yet, it has proven to be favoured by Search Engine web crawlers. The page speed, regardless of the device it is being used on, has a crucial role in the viewership of your content. People will be more willing to respond positively to a page if it loads fast because it saves them time. Quick searches are the main reason why Artificial intelligence and voice search is so popular. 

How to Audit Your Website for Issues Related to NoFollow Links? 

Regardless of the types of links you use for your content, they must be within Google’s guidelines. A SEO audit helps to check your website links that can hinder your webpage SEO. Google may even penalize websites for such backlink issues that can be damaging to the site’s reputation. To perform a link audit manually, you will need to follow a step by step procedure. This will decrease the chances of overlooking any issues. 

First, you can begin to see if the backlinks from sponsored posts are no-follow links. If you pay for these links, they should not pass PageRank. In case these links are followed links, you should go to your websites backlink report through the site explorer. Then, search the word ‘sponsored’. After this, you can simply ask for these links to be nofollowed.

Second, scan your website for any follow links concentrated with keywords. These anchors can be considered spam if they target only specific keywords. You can find these keyword-rich links through the anchor’s report from a site explorer. In the list of links in the anchor report, you may find a range of links. These diverse links can include, paid links from low-quality sites, guest links, widget links and site-wide links. Make sure all of these links are no-followed links. You can disavow some of these links depending on how critical it is for your SEO ranking.