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Let me tell you the truth here; the Internet is a blessing and a curse in disguise. Depending on if you’re a user or a provider of course. You’ve either got one opportunity better than the other fighting to cater to your needs, or on the other hand, let’s just say you’re in for some exceptionally tough competition. The idea of having your work noticed among those digits of content seems so far fetched unless you have superpowers. Well, consider this your limited time offer to learn about a superpower known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It may not sound as cool of a superpower, but it is better than a wand if you want to be discovered through a platform this huge. Toronto SEO is a marketing strategy that, in more understandable terms gives you more engagement on your services, website or blog with the help of some tools. What are these tools you’re wondering? Not so fast. Before you get eager to get your hand on these tools, you need to know where each of these tools is applied in an SEO strategy. The three types of SEO’s that exist till date are the On-site SEO, Off-site SEO and Technical SEO. Our experts from SEO Los Angeles, SEO Malaysia, SEO Miami, SEO New York and SEO Singapore use it all!

If this is sounding too confusing, let me make it simple for you. If you’re running a business, would you focus on marketing it better before you ensure your product is better? Clearly not! This is what these Toronto SEO’s will do. Even though their purpose is to increase your Ranking, Your first step should always be within your own content. Google has already done half the work for you when it released the E-A-T guidelines, so you can begin there to know exactly what a Search Engine is looking for in your content. Now here comes the star of the show.

Google E-A-T!

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What is Google E-A-T?

I know the name isn’t necessarily giving any hints, but E.A.T is basically specific terms and prerequisites that Google checks to make content providers put out their best work and gives an insight on what Google wants in terms of content. What does it stand for? Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. This is what Google is giving you as a tip on what your content will be ranked upon. Keep in mind about what Google E-A-T is when doing your SEO strategy. 

How can you use Google E-A-T guidelines:

To get behind on the guidelines for E.A.T, let’s divide and conquer how one says. It’s easier to work with each aspect of this individually for the best of outcomes, so let’s get into it.

(E) Expertise.

Now you have to keep in mind that these guidelines are more strict to certain content than others. With that being said, the word itself ‘expertise’ comes from experience, an expert or from a professional source. If you’re still not sure what this is directing you to, it’s your content. The idea is to have content writers not generate false information based on their opinions rather than facts.  Google places emphasis on “searcher’s intent”

Bringing you back to what I said earlier about the rules being easier to some extent meant that the same rule is more flexible towards content about something as irrelevant as a block of wood, wouldn’t be as flexible for something as serious as a health query. Your block of wood information, without doubt, can come from a person with zero experience or knowledge of wood. But it sure would take one hell of a writer with serious creativity skills but besides the point. It wouldn’t affect a person’s life to the extent of a crime. A health query, however, if not answered correctly, could lead to someone becoming seriously unwell or worse, someone’s death could be on your shoulders. Now that’s not as light of an offence.

Simple term – “Create great content that your audience loves”

Our Toronto SEO and Miami SEO team have to understand the searchers intent behind the terms you discover during that keyword research.


(A) Authoritativeness.

This is pretty easy to understand, but I’ll still put it out there, Credit. The writer whose credentials are reputed to the information they give. The ‘authority’ for the person to provide the content they are, to the platform they are giving it to. Don’t stress about this too much either, as long as you have your original content you’re already a step in the right direction—time to do those plagiarism checks after all. I

f you’ve been given the platform as a writer, the ‘authority’ is what you need to give great value to you written word. You need to realize that your viewers can be of literally all age groups and all those influential kids could easily go off track, so try not to be the root cause of it.

How does we show “authority”?

A simple way, is by how often another website “links” back.  
There are easier ways to measure “trust”

– Majestic

Moz domain authority score


google trustworthy

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(T) Trustworthiness

This last one is particularly on how you perceive it. The literal meaning would obviously be, to be honest with your content. But hate to alarm you no one ever sold anything by being completely honest.

How much does your audience trust you as a business?

 Reviews on places like Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, Facebook, Google My Business would come into the algorithm of “trustworthiness”. 

Ways to create more trust in your website by our Toronto SEO and Miami Seo team :

  • Having a clear way to make contact with the website.
  • A Google My Business location, where potential customers could visit. 
  • Terms and conditions, private policy at the footer of your website. 
  • Obtaining HTTPS / SSL for your website. 
  • Articles that link out to authority sites is a good thing.

High E.A.T attention

Leaving the more serious bit for the end. The topics that do need that special attention from E.A.T. These involve Academic pages that provide information on Science, Any form of Legal, Financial or Tax advice, Any controversial journalism related to the news, Any topics of high risks such as Parenting, Posts on children’s interests that require expertise such as sports, musical instruments etc. and saving the highest risk topic for last; Any form of Medical Advice.

So now you know what Google E.A.T is all about. Google often updates these guidelines following up to people’s demands naturally. It all falls down to your content you see; what you begin with is what you end up with. If you’re willing to spend hours learning how to become Google’s pet, you might end up in the top ranks without even noticing.