What is FID, LCP, CLS and how to use it?

What is FID, LCP, CLS?

User experience will be the centre of attention following Google’s new algorithm update. This means that you need to start implementing techniques that enhance site performance. A factor that boosts your site’s functionality includes Google’s core web vitals. Yet, these are not the only aspects of a user-friendly site. Security and mobile-friendliness also play a huge role in gaining users’ trust.

The core web vitals:

Web vitals provide scores according to your web page’s user experience. The credentials for these scores include visual stability, load time, and interactivity. You can fix your scores through different tools introduced by Google. These include Lighthouse, Search Console and PageSpeed Insights. Another alternative for these tools is the Web Vitals Chrome extension.

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What is FID?

First Input Delay or FID is the measure of time for load responsiveness. In layman terms, it is the time for a user to click your website link until the browser responds to the command. A low FID is ideal for web pages and their ranking. Users prefer quick responding pages as they are more time saving to access.

FID is a sign that your browser’s main thread is preoccupied; meanwhile, the user has to wait for the page to load. Usually, this form of input delay results from the browser carrying out and analyzing large CSS or Javascript files. Your website’s FID score should be less than 100 milliseconds. This would ensure you have a fast responding page without delays.

google largest contentful paint

What is LCP?

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) rates your content based on how fast your page loads its main content. This content can include images or text. A good estimate to keep in mind is that your LCP should appear in at least 2.5 seconds. Tags with <img>/<image>, <svg>, <video> and Block-level elements are the main focus for the LCP score.

The largest element on a page can change depending on when the various parts of a page load. To end this unpredictable aspect, you can do a performance entry of the type largest-contentful-paint. This will establish the largest element on the page more efficiently. As a result, when the browser paints the first frame, it will identify and paint that content first.

google cumulative layout shift

What is CLS?

The Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) measures how your content layout reflects on users. CLS causes the dynamic motion of certain links or content to shift due to asynchronous loading. This layout shift score will reference how often this shifting results for individuals that log onto your page. The best score for your website that you should seek can be as low as 0.1.

When a user clicks on a certain part of your website, they may end up clicking something else due to the page CLS. This can cause a disruptive user experience that will leave a bad impression on your website. It will also make your page followers hesitant to use your site in the long run. An element seen in the viewport switches positions from its initial point to another. This results in an unstable element between two frames.

HTTPS usage

Websites need Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) to provide privacy for users who access their web page. You should protect your site with HTTPS to secure the user’s data and ensure confidentiality. The transport layer security offered by HTTPS deals with Encryption. Encryption is a process of encoding. This keeps the information inaccessible to any foreign intrusion on your page. It also deals with Data Integrity and Authentication of your website.

To enable your website to use HTTPS, you need a security certificate. To acquire this certificate, you must have the 2048-bit key. This will prove your website’s high security. To check your site security, you can open a chrome page and look at the left of the web address. The symbols will show whether your web page is safe.

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Website security

User security is a vital aspect of internet surfing. So the security issues report examines your website to look at the history of your site security. This gives them insights on any prior hacked content, social engineering, or malware. Social engineering happens when a website deceives users into sharing personal information. There are different types of social engineering. These methods include Phishing, use of unreliable third party services and deceitful content. A green check on your security issues report will state that your page does not have any security issues.

Mobile friendly

Your website’s mobile-friendliness has become a major part of Google’s algorithm since 2018. Mobilegeddon algorithm update emphasized how practical the mobile responsiveness of your site is. About 25% of the online searches people make are through mobile phones. Thus, your website must maintain certain criteria for mobile performance. Mobile responsiveness varies depending on web design, loading speed and optimization. You can test your website’s mobile-friendliness through Google’s mobile-friendly tool.  


The page accessibility has been an important part of ranking since 2017. Excessive use of Interstitials on websites has harmed the user experience for years. To avoid advertisements that make your page less accessible, you must take action. It would help if you avoided pop-ups that take up the entire page or the main content of the page. Any advertisements that the user has to close to access your page are also a massive obstruction. This will affect user experience and be a hurdle in achieving a better ranking.