Healthcare Marketing to Seniors

The first step in creating healthcare marketing messages that resonate with seniors is to understand what makes them different than other adults. The following statistics gathered by Web design Toronto and Web design NYC provide insight into how this key demographic thinks and acts differently than non-seniors:

  • According to U.S Census data, in 2015 there were 46 million Americans over the age of 65 in the country (13% of total population). By 2060, experts estimate that number will increase to 98 million (20%)
  • Seniors are four times more likely than younger people to visit their doctor’s office or clinic each year
  • 65+ accounts for nearly 50% of all outpatient visits, 55+ for 40%, 45-64 for 10%, 18-44 accounts for 3%
  • Seniors are roughly 60% more likely than younger people to visit the ER. They are also roughly 50-70% less likely to use an urgent care facility,  40-50% less likely to use a walk-in clinic, and 40-60% less likely to see a specialist.

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How to Market to Seniors: Rethink Your Creative and Media Perspective

At this point, you have a pretty good idea of what makes seniors different than other adults. It’s time to shift your marketing mindset for this key demographic.

Based on the current data available, there are certain truths that healthcare marketers can’t ignore. Here are five ways health systems should rethink their creative and media strategies: 

  • Use senior-friendly visuals like large text or images with high contrast
  • Utilize messaging with simple language
  • Consider using print materials instead of digital platforms
  • Create reminder ads (e.g., phone calls)
  • Incorporate incentives (e.g., coupons, discounts)

Senior-Friendly Marketing is Not Always About What You Say It’s About How You Say it – The data surrounding seniors and healthcare services is extensive. However, it’s important to recognize that not every senior has the same interests or considers their needs the same as other seniors.   

How to Frame Your Marketing Message for Seniors

Create an on-target creative message that doesn’t insult your audience. The majority of creative messages need to begin by acknowledging the fact that the target audience is more likely to have a lower/younger self-image than the average person.

When designing marketing campaigns for older adults, consider the following:

1. Age Factor

The age of your audience should be a factor in determining which safety precautions to take.

On the side of younger, not older. For reasons stated above, using the word “elderly” as a headline is a negative that may quickly repel your readership.

Your creative material may imply—and offend—demographically mature audiences. Create a target audience/buyer profile that estimates at least ten years younger than the chronological age while taking into account a subjective age.

2. Work on establishing trust

When it comes to trust, seasoned people have enough life experience to appreciate it when it’s earned. Personal data and product guarantees provide a sense of security that is especially welcome.

3. Mature purchasers are more patient

This consumer group is less likely to respond to “limited-time-offer,” or similar language. They have less of an emphasis on suggested urgency.

4. Experts value straightforward marketing

They dislike broad product and service generalizations. Simplicity is a positive thing.

5. Value and Affordability

Customers in this sector are more concerned about value and affordability. They’re less concerned with the upfront price tag. They want to feel that the purchase they’re making is sound and worthwhile.

6. Make it simple

Seniors and Millennials differ in a number of ways. The younger audience grew up in a fast-paced, multi-click computer environment. Your mature audience may be quite computer-literate, but they want a clear and simple language and purchase process step.

7. Customer loyalty is essential

It may be a long battle to attract, educate, inform and persuade older consumers. Older consumers, on the other hand, are more likely to remain loyal and regular customers.

8. How to design your graphics

For seniors, the print medium can be preferable to online or electronic text-heavy ones. If you create a video for an older audience, keep it simple and free of flashy graphics and animations.

The Media Tools to Reach the Mature Audience

Finding the right mix of media to reach seniors can be challenging. Here are three recommendations:

Print Advertisements

When looking for print advertising, keep in mind that seniors may prefer ads with large text or images with high contrast over small-text visuals. They’re more likely to read newspapers than younger people because they don’t multitask when glancing through the pages (e.g., reading multiple sections at once).

Direct Mail

Target this audience by purchasing a list of senior-friendly names from a reputable data broker. You can also target them using your own customer or client lists. Keep seniors’ preferences in mind when developing the marketing message and offer, as well as which print media to use.

LinkedIn – A professional networking site

with millions of users, including an Over 50 User Group, liked is some of best way to connect wit senior consumers.

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Key Takeaway:

According to SEO Toronto and SEO NYC Team, Seniors are an increasingly lucrative market, with nearly 80 million in the U.S. alone. With some thoughtfulness in your messaging and creativity, you can connect with this growing market for successful campaigns.