Holiday Shopping: Last-minute SEO tips and Techniques for e-commerce sites

As one of the most awaited holiday seasons comes our way, e-commerce owners should be ready for any kind of challenges. They should start working on refreshing their website content. This can be achieved by adding new products in each category to boost search visibility. 

This season is very critical for online retailers, as black Friday approaches us. Let’s look at some of the tips and tricks that can help you optimize your work. This way you can avoid any kind of blunders which could make things go very wrong for your business.

Avail of the free product listing

Google recently converted its shopping search results to unpaid and organic listings. This is great for online retailers as now they can take advantage of this offer. By getting their products into these results they can get free exposure and boost up their sales.

You need to follow some simple steps to be able to show in shopping results. Start with uploading your product feeds on Microsoft Merchant center and Google. For physical store owners, Google Merchant Center has a separate program named Local surfaces across Google. This will help the buyers in viewing product availability. It works by scanning Google images, maps, and Google lens for the desired product.


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Keep up with the campaign Performance 

Tracking your campaigns can help you with making better decisions for your business. Yet, the process of reporting for these listings is not as wise if compared to paid campaigns.

In Google Merchant Center you can see the clicks from surfaces within Google. Google Analytics, on the other hand, clicks from the free shopping listings are merged. This means that you see both organic and traditional shopping listings together. This makes it hard to track them individually. Kirk Williams from Zato marketing can help you track user behavior after each click.

Structured data is the key to add relevance and notify buyers 

Product Schema: The key to driving traffic is making use of the new features added by Google. These features include product knowledge panels and popular product carousel. The use of these features is crucial if you want to achieve a classic ranking position.

According to Dave Davies, CEO of Beanstalk, This structured data strategy can help in catching buyer’s attention all year round. This works by showing relevant information making it easier for the customers to decide between products.

Popular Product Carousel: When looking fashion products buyers come across the feature of Google popular product carousel. This feature enables them to filter through various product categories. These categories could range from color and price comparison which makes shopping easier for the customers.

Buyers can easily get their product into this carousel by submitting a product feed or marking them up with product schema in GMC.

Re position and revive your Content 

Keep content relevant throughout the year: Create content which does not lose its relevance at any point in the year. Rather than having content like holiday gift ideas you can write Gift ideas for any occasion. This way your content will be relevant for any kind of occasion. Whether it’s a birthday or thanksgiving the content will stay relevant. You also will not have to go through the hassle of updating the content every other month. 

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Serve your holiday consumers

Predicting queries is the key to giving holiday customers the best experience. By doing so you can refresh your content according to their needs.

A great example to understand this is that if you have content focusing on queries about video games. There is a big chance that those queries would change in the holiday season. Throughout the year video game buyers are the gamers themselves, their queries might range from what are top games. Yet, in the holiday season the customers change from the gamers to their parents or family members buying games for them. This means that those customers have very limited knowledge of these products. So, you might want to switch your queries accordingly.

Refresh your content descriptions. For example, if it was ‘2020 top-rated video games’ you could change it to ‘parents guide to buying 2020 top video games’. This will help you get more traffic and enhance the relevance of your content. Traffic will increase only if your content is relevant to the holiday season.

Add product pages and categories dedicated towards holiday shoppers

In the holiday seasons, the shoppers are searching for specific deals and products. So, Optimize your product and category pages towards fulfilling those shoppers’ needs.

Generate category pages reflecting shopper’s searches 

Update your product category according to the holiday season. Focus on optimizing the high-value products. You can do so by updating descriptions and title tags and adding relevant keywords.

For example ‘black Friday deals’ is a popular searched phrase by customers at the time of black Friday.

Making these little changes will help you in boosting your sales and traffic. 

Collaborate to be more productive 

Another thing you can do is you can work with social teams and PR to gain more backlinks. Creating virtual flyers with accessible links can help attract third party sites. It is also a clever way to create more backlinks.

Things that can negatively impact your sales during the holiday season 

Find errors affecting conversions: scan for errors like important pages that might be blocked by robots.txt or slow-loading pages. Dealing with these errors will ensure that your customers have a smooth experience.

Save big projects like site migrations for later: Taking up on big projects near the holiday season might be a bad idea. If you start facing errors like botched migrations your precious time will be spent on trying to fix it. This will stop you from working on optimizations and have a negative impact on sales.

Inspect your user experience: Always work on making your user experience better. This way there will be no space for errors and the visitors will leave your page satisfied.