How Does Your Law Firm's SEO Compare to the Competition on Google?

Paid advertising is more and more costly each year, so investing in long-term growth channels that produce compounding results is the greatest method to guarantee your business’s success.

According to a 2012 survey, nearly half of all marketing budgets are being spent on paid search alone. I

n 2016, Google reported that AdWords was growing by 35% every year. The constant increases in SEM expenditures is due not only from the rising popularity of digital advertising among businesses large and small but also because traditional forms of offline advertising have been in decline.

For law firms that rely on organic results to increase their online visibility, or “SEO,” this is an exciting time. Not only has SEO always proven to be one of the most dependable ways to continuously drive traffic, but it has also become significantly cheaper in recent years.

Despite this, many law firms are still unsure about what they need to do to improve their SEO performance. The good news is that if you’re looking at your own organic rankings for your firm, chances are you’re already winning the battle for organic visibility. SEO Toronto and SEO Singapore has got some helpful content below to help you in this regrad. 

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Benefits of an SEO Competitor Analysis

Competition is fierce for organic rankings on Google, but rather than allowing this to discourage you, view it as an opportunity.

Using an SEO competitor analysis to determine how your law firm stacks up against the competition online will help you pin down which aspects of your site, content, and marketing are working for you while also highlighting areas where improvements can be made.

While it’s likely helpful for any business to do an audit of its own digital marketing efforts, comparing yourself to your competition is a great way to open your eyes to the bigger picture.

Looking at how you stack up against competitive law firms can help drive traffic and leads for increased revenue while also promoting positive change internally.

What are Rankings?

When it comes to SEO, Google rankings are determined by an algorithm that assigns numeric scores to websites based on their authority in the industry and popularity among web searchers.

The higher the PR, the more authoritative and relevant your site is among Google searchers.

For example, if a firm has 50 links pointing to their site with a PR of 10, they will show up higher in search results compared to a firm that has 100 links with a PR of 6.

Rankings are essential because Google’s primary objective is to provide the most relevant results for its users. When you do an organic search on Google, what you’re looking for should be at the top of the page—or else you wouldn’t have found it in the first place.

To keep people coming back month after month, companies must ensure their rankings stay strong by staying up-to-date on SEO best practices and constantly investing in marketing efforts like paid advertising and content creation (ideally both).

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What’s Your Firm’s PageRank?

It can be difficult to accurately calculate your firm’s own PageRank since it changes frequently

If you know your website’s URL, search it on Google and look directly below the site’s description box (i.e., the green text snippet that reads “About [site name]”). You should see a number in brackets like this: [79/100]. The number before the slash tells you your firm’s average PR score. For example, [79/100] means that our hypothetical law firm has an average PR of 79 across all pages indexed by Google. When combined with the total number of pages indexed, you can get a pretty accurate estimate of your website’s overall PR.


SEO is a powerful, long-term marketing strategy that all businesses should be utilizing. Law firms that come out ahead in the organic rankings are those who have been consistently investing time and money into their digital marketing efforts to promote both themselves as well as their content online.

In order to see results from your SEO efforts for your law firm, remember to always aim for high-quality link building as this is one of the most important ranking factors for Google’s algorithm. While you may not always land on the first page of search results, it’s far more valuable to focus on quality rather than quantity when it comes to achieving top rankings.

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