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How To Conduct A SEO Audit?

If you feel like the services, your marketing never get a chance to be in the spotlight of the boundless depths of the internet you’ve come to the right place. There are countless web pages that offer exactly what you’re offering and only limited things you can change in your content to make it look fresh, then what do you do? Your cry for help has been answered in three words—search Engine Optimization ( SEO ).

Our SEO Los Angeles, SEO Malaysia, SEO Miami, SEO New York and SEO Singapore teams will help you with SEO that makes it possible for you to have some ounce of hope of being seen among the numerous pages online. The way it works, you ask? Simple, by using techniques to make your content rank much higher than the others, qualifying you to be featured among the first few pages on any search engine. Besides, that’s the maximum attention span anyone has to scroll before they ditch because they got too distracted by their social media lives. This is divided into three groups, not to overcomplicate for you—the On-page SEO, The Off-page SEO, and The Technical SEO. 

Our eye is on the prize, so ill skip the detailed intro into the types of SEO’s and share what really matters to you right now. The On-page SEO. The on-page SEO is what a viewer will see ‘on your page,’ thus the name. Now, of course, you and I both know there isn’t just a single black dot that appears on your page to stare at. This clearly means that this is still not the simplest form of this category. Bingo. On-page SEO contents go from the basics of text style, paragraphing, titles into the more complex this like an SEO Audit. We do SEO Los Angeles, SEO Malaysia, SEO Miami, SEO New York and SEO Singapore.

I’m sure you would know how to make your page more engaging with your text that’s amateur talk, but I’ll fill you up on the complex Audit, so you’re all set to be in the game. An SEO audit is the analysis of your entire page. It will show you what minor problems you overlooked that can actually be pretty harmful to your page’s reputation for other search engines and how they will rank your SEO. So let’s list down exactly what we need to do, shall we?

Cutting off dead weight Through seo audit

Now, this is especially the case when you’re running a website. Trust me; it might actually shock you, the amount of pages you have indexed on Google. What? You don’t believe me look for yourself. 

Insert ‘Site:’ into Google and watch for yourself. These are sometimes referred to as the ‘Ghost pages’ for obvious reasons. Clearing these excess pages will boost up the Organic traffic. The most common types of these ‘Ghost pages’ that you’ll find may include archived pages, press release articles, content under 50 words, and search result pages.

Checking pages indexed through site: or Google search console

indexed pages with seo audit

Insert ‘Site:’ into Google and press search.

You will see all the pages your webpages have indexed.

If you see pages that should not be indexed, head over to delete them asap or redirect them to a more relevant page. 

On Google Search Console, Head to “Google Index -> Index Status”

It will show all the pages that’s indexed. 

google search console for seo audit

Frequent Reviewing and Revising

Now, this doesn’t happen to everyone, but it can happen to you, and we can’t afford to be taking risks. Using Google Search Console for your SEO audit is meant to check your website thoroughly to see if it is up to  Google’s standards. I know you’ve been taught that no one’s approval matters all your life, but in this case, it actually does. If Google finds any problems, it will show you using a penalty. Don’t freak out so soon, though, because that’s exactly what you want to be able to find the problem so you can solve it. It’s scarier to be unaware.

Updating contents from 2 to 3 years ago is always advisable. People will no longer search for “seo strategy in 2015” as it will be outdated. Instead of creating a new page, we should just update the old content and reindex it. 

Learn how to use Google Search Console With Us. 

google page speed test

Loading speed

As mentioned multiple times in SEO strategy and On page ranking factors. This shouldn’t come off as a surprise to anyone that pages that take longer to load take longer to grow. One of the recent core algorithm updates focused on websites that are not mobile friendly and loads slow on mobile devices. It’s the Fast-track life everyone is chasing lately, and when their wifi is lightning fast, why should your page be using the speed of the 2000s. Some simple ways to check if your pages speed is up to the mark are to use various different tools such as GTmetrix and Pingdom. 

We also recommend using Google Speed Insight 

404 error

Index / redirecting / 404 check

This is a little similar to the ‘Ghost pages’ scenario, except this is more to do with the URL confusion. Hey, I completely understand URL’s can be confusing. It gets even more complicated to think there can be more than one type of URL indexed into Google for your website. Now to the naked eye, or just a nontechnical person, these may seem identical, but clearly that’s not the case. If these URLs are not properly directed to your page, Google will consider them separate websites. To solve this problem, you would have to add all these similar websites onto Google and check for yourself if they are actually being directed to your website. If not, there’s a tool for that too—the 301 redirect. You can find this one, MOZ.

Deleted a page? Make sure your visitors are redirected to the right page / home page.

A plugin we always recommend is wordpress redirection. 


long tail keywords search


Lastly, what should now be branded for SEO’s is keywords. Keywords used in Auditing means revising and rechecking your keywords. If your content has a good deal of one-word keywords, time to change them. The SEO professional say tail keywords are what actually do wonders for you. Long tail keywords are like three to four words phrases that someone might actually search for instead of the exact word. So instead of adding ‘Bank’ as a keyword, more precise could be ‘Bank in Wall street.’

check all broken links

Eliminating Errors / broken links


This is obviously a big deal, not just for Audit purposes but for your entire SEO. Backlinks, broken links, excess and poor quality content, meta tags, and all the content faults are unforgivable crimes if you’re climbing the ladder of success in marketing to Search Engines. If you think this is going to be a lot of work, there’s already help on its way. 

Tools we suggest : Semrush Broken Link Checker Audit Tool

There’s a famous saying about jack of all trades, master of none and its times like these you need to imply them. An audit is a thorough analysis, so there will always be countless things you need to touch up on along the way, but as long as you have mastered the main criteria on what your website requires, you’re already on a different level from where you began.