How To Steal Featured Snippets With Your Blog

Featured Snippet positions are coveted by SEOs because of their high click through rates. Google has not yet released any official numbers on the CTR for featured snippets so we do not know how many people actually click on them.

But some research indicates that these position zero snippets get click through rates of around 32%.

These positions are so effective that people have even started hiring writers to create articles that target these pages.

More and more of these “answer engine optimization” (AEO) companies are popping up all over the world.

And it makes sense, if you write great content like this:

You will see a huge jump in your traffic and conversions.

The idea is for you to take all of the hard work out of writing these types of articles, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Some people have even gone to the extent of releasing scripts that automatically scrape Google for competitive keywords and then produce answer box optimized content based off those keywords.

But, our Toronto SEO and Singapore SEO team believe there are easier ways to do this if you are willing to put in a little bit of time and work.

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The Featured Snippet Mindset

In the old days of SEO, getting a few extra organic traffic from Google wasn’t an issue. But in today’s age where content is king and search engines are dominating over 60% of all web traffic, there’s no denying that having your landing page or website rank prominently in Google’s Featured Snippets can significantly increase exposure for your business, products, or services.

In the past, content marketers had to write massive articles and place them on authority websites with a lot of traffic to have a chance at ranking for Featured Snippets. But thanks to Google’s recent changes, our SEO Toronto team can teach anyone to steal these snippets from your competitors and increase their own organic search traffic overnight. Here’s how to do it.

The Anatomy of a Typical Featured Snippet

  1. Google has their secret sauce for ranking pages in the Featured Snippets, but there are some cases where they’ll copy results directly from other engines like Yelp or YouTube. The underlying code is very similar, so if you know how to find and steal these snippets with your own content, you’ll get a permanent page 1 ranking.
  2. To determine which search engine the Featured Snippet is pulling results from, I like to look at the links that are present in the code of the snippet. If it’s Google’s own version (the coveted 1-2 positions), there will be two links at the top of their Featured Snippet. If it’s copied from another source, you’ll notice that one or both of those links are missing. You can use these pages to steal the snippet for yourself and often times rank just as high with your own content.
  3. To do this, simply open up Chrome DevTools (or Firefox + FireBug) and navigate to the “Network” tab. From there, type a query into the search bar and hit enter to load the first result.
  4. Once our Singapore SEO team found a Featured Snippet in your SERPs, right click on one of the page links and select “Copy as curl”. If it’s copied from another source (like Yelp or YouTube), you will see a ” No caching information found “…
  5. Now that you have the raw code, paste it into your favorite text editor (I prefer Sublime) and remove anything between “<!—” and “—>”. Next, delete everything between the quotes of the following string: “curl…”
  6. Once you’ve done this, replace the remaining link with your own website URL or web page. This is using Google’s own algorithm to copy results from other search engines, so it often shows up as the first result for “how to” queries.
  7. Once you’ve replaced your link, save this file as .html and upload it into your WordPress media library. After it’s published, you can test if Google is indexing the page by checking the status in Google Webmaster Tools . If your page is showing up in the index, you should see your website listed here after 10-15 minutes.

Key Takeaway

Find a Featured Snippet in the search engine of your choice and replace the link with your own website. Publish this on a WordPress page or post, then check to see if it appears in Google’s index. If so, you’ve successfully stolen their snippet!

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