Being a simple businessman, a content writer, or an entrepreneur these days is one hell of a task, the popularity of things change each day with numerous new innovative items in the market. Hey, It’s no one’s fault though, it’s the competition that has grown. So how do you fight back with this intense level of competition that is around lately? By keeping up with Trends.

Our Toronto Search Engine Optimization SEO Los AngelesSEO MalaysiaSEO MiamiSEO New York and SEO Singapore teams are sure this isn’t the first time you’ve thought of marketing to people’s greatest demands, but the real question is, how are you supposed to know what the people want? Take a seat so I can show you exactly what you’re missing in your marketing strategy.

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Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the best tools that allows you to see what the general public is most interested in and search for on Google from all over the world. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just another one of those SEO tools; I assure you it’s much bigger than that. It makes your job far more trouble-free. This is the platform that is not only for marketers of web pages to form a well-ranked SEO page but it is also the go-to hub for all entrepreneurs, business tycoons and pioneers to use this data and come up with innovative products that will quickly catch attention.

How To Use Google Trends To Grow Marketing

Google Trends combines data in statistical forms for you to get all of those exclusive insights in the most optimized way possible. Isn’t that what everyone wants after all?

Our Toronto SEO and Miami SEO team suggest this as an option for real-time and daily searches which allows you to see the keywords people actually search for, now that’s a whole different story of its own that I’ll touch up on in a moment. For now, let’s focus on how Google trends categorizes the search data of people’s interests by region option, so you’re all equipped in one place.

This way, entrepreneurs can tally the charts to see which trend is going to grow or fall and then adjust their marketing strategy accordingly. Doesn’t that sound like every marketer’s dream come true?

Even web page content writers benefit from this by seeing what people search for most and use that to create similar content. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

You want to know the best part? It doesn’t even cost you a penny from your pocket. This will guarantee you some authentic and updated Keywords that you can utilize, and there’s absolutely no catch behind it. Sounds almost too good to be true, right?

keyword with google trends

Using Keywords With Google Trends

Now taking you back a little to the Keywords I mentioned earlier. If you ask me, Google Trends and Keywords work best hand in hand. If you’re really wondering ‘what are Keywords?’. They’re nothing special, legit. They’re just words. What makes them worth so much more then? They are the words that a great lot of people search for on the internet, and that’s what Google Trends has proved to you. Keywords can make or break a deal with how well you know how to use them. That’s why doing your keyword research is essential. Google Trends will come in handy for this; you can search ‘Related queries’ to see what people want to see and add those keywords in your descriptions, product searches and take full advantage of the feature. Sometimes a keyword might turn into a key – phrase as per what is more frequently searched.

google trends on competition

Observing Competition

It’s no secret that companies need to manage their growth in comparison. What better way to see them side by side in a line graph? This makes thing more simple and easy to understand. Our Toronto SEO and Miami SEO team suggest you to compare competitor products with your own, having the maximum limit of five that is. This way not only do you get leverage to see if you’re falling behind, but you also get to adjust your business accordingly. With Different Google Algorithm Updates,  your competition might experience a drop in searches too. 

seasonal trendsd with google trends

Seasonal Trends

We’ve all been a victim to reckless shopping urges based on seasonal demands. Whether its winter boots, jackets or hoodies you’re after or a refreshing margarita maker in the summer one has to work strategically so that they can make the most profit out of their sales.

Google trends shows you the high demand of these during certain periods of the year. This way, you know what is the ideal time to market out some of those seasonal products. You can use these to even find hybrids for every season. Which brings us to, what to do with the items if the seasons are gone? You improve your marketing skills by introducing products that will, in turn, boost your seasonal wear sales. 

google trends target related on region

Target Specific 

This is, by far, our SEO Toronto team favourite part of using Google Trends and Keywords to help any local or small business grow. The ones that really need the extra boost. Different areas of the world experience different climates, different fashion and of course, different interests. So if you want to exclusively know what one region searches for most, you can do that with Google trends and cater to these potential customers needs specifically. Making your business flourish. What more could you ask of from a tool that doesn’t even take a drop out of your bank account?

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Trends For Content

Even your local newspaper has more updated information than what some of the blogs these days have. Google Trends helps them build more engaging content through topics of interest and what types of posts attract more viewers. It’s a great way to not waste hours flustered thinking of a relatable topic and still end up with a boring old blog. Instead, you’ll now have high-quality content with more organic traffic for your web page.

Congratulations you now have the scoop you need to get started on your web page or blog business courtesy of our Toronto SEO and Miami SEO team. You can target exactly the audience you want or go global. With the help of some of these tips, you could get the lead from all of your competitors and leave them wondering how you did it.