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As a content creator, whether it’s a blog or a website, you always want to be ranked on top in SERP’s ( search engine result pages). And why wouldn’t you want that, they are the ones that take 60% of all organic traffic? But what if you aren’t quite on that level yet, what are the changes you can make to essentially double your organic traffic? Our SEO Los AngelesSEO MalaysiaSEO MiamiSEO New York and SEO Singapore teams will tell you all the secrets and sneaky techniques employed by these websites after an SEO audit,  you can have your page higher up in the rankings in no time.

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lowering bounce rate

Bounce rate is defined as : the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

Did you know that most people only spend 37 seconds reading a post? 37-second attention span is what most children have. So you really have to take those 37 seconds and make the most of them.

One very common mistake you can make is by having long paragraphs. These can get really hard to read on a computer or a phone, and a visitor is more likely to bounce off your page if he thinks that your content is unreadable.

With sentences, it can be a tricky feat to tackle. You can’t have sentences that are too long, or the readers will lose interest, but you cannot have them too short otherwise, your flow will be ruined. So, just keep a balance, and you’ll be good. Have a mix of both short and long sentences which will keep the reader engaged.

Another little tip to hold the reader’s attention is your categorization. It’s a fast-paced world, and people want their queries answered instantly. With proper subheadings and appropriate images for flair, people can go straight to the topic they are interested in. Bullet points are another great way to organize and get the information across quickly.

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on page seo

Revamp your content for on-page SEO.

On-page SEO is extremely important if you want to build your repute and brand image. There are a multitude of ways you can build your content for on-page SEO, but we will only talk about the main ones here.

Internal links are the most obvious way to go about it. Link other pages on your website to various other related content. This way, you can develop traffic to those sites and as well make it easier for google’s web crawler to reach all your content. One thing to remember though is to make sure you are linking from higher-ranking pages to the lower-ranking ones. That way, the larger audience can reach the lower traffic pages. Doing the other way around has no use for you or the traffic.

The second way you can make the on-page SEO optimized is through your URL. Our SEO miami team explains that the algorithms Google has is very confusing, and they keep changing, so you never truly understand. But one thing that many people found was that shorter URLs get ranked higher than longer ones.

So the best approach towards here would be to make your URLs as short as possible generally with just your keyword or the keyword and another word relating to the topic.

Lastly, semantic SEO is the hidden reason why so many websites are taking over the rankings. When you type in your keyword in Google Trends, you often get related words or phrases that are generally related to your content. SEO Singapore professionals always suggest having Google Search Console to help with this. So when your content is being ranked, it contains not only relevant keywords, but also has other phrases in the content that correlate with the topic at hand, making it much more relevant.

content count on first page ranking

Make longer content

Now, when we talk about longer content, no one is advising you to write 5000-word essays for your blogs. That is only a sure-fire way to put your audience to sleep. But a research showed that most of the higher-ranked pages had posts of about 1800 words on average. This stat is based on a study that Ahrefs did. That means that your 500-word blog isn’t going to do so well with the competition. Why? Because an audience believes that with the higher word count, you are providing them with more insight and in-depth information in the topic rather than just a basic outline. 

Rank By Focus SEO Malaysia Agency suggest using tools such as Surfer SEO to audit your on page content. 

One more advantage that makes this longer format content sell more is this longer worded content is able to invoke an emotional response from the reader, which is much more difficult to do in 500 words. They aren’t interested as much in the content by the time they’ve read 500 words. But if they’re reading 1800, they have invested their valuable time, and it is easier for you to get an emotional response.

updating old content for seo

Utilize the older content

The time constraints and pressure can be immense, and sometimes rolling out consistent quality content can be difficult. That is where the older content can be used. Don’t just publish the same content again and again, though. What benefit is that providing anyone?

But you can update that content.

Let’s say you wrote an article on the best things to do when you visit New York. You can still use a major chunk of that blog and update it for the newer year. Here you can delete any broken links, shut down places, places that are in renovation. Instead, you can add places that are new, that have just been opened etc. Give your audience the same content in a different packaging so that it may be useful for them and you. This can cause an increase in the organic traffic up to 62% on the same post. So breathe new life into those old posts and with them into your traffic as well.

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These are just a few of the many techniques out there, and by all mean, our SEO Toronto team suggest you to try them out. You never know what might spark traffic onto your page and put your rankings ahead. Link building should always be a priority though since that is the way most of the rankings and thus traffic is decided. Everything is subject to change though, what works now, may not work in the future so you will keep having to adjust your techniques accordingly.