Links are a way to simplify your work while providing maximum information to users. There are two types of links that websites can use to uplift their website structure. These are Internal and External links. Web content creators can upgrade their website using these links. Internal links and External links also increase their ranking in search engines. This plays a large part in your SEO Strategy, and is one of the main factor to look out for during an SEO Audit

internal links

What Are Internal Links?

Internal links are links that connect content on your own webpage. Thus internal links can be used to access one page from another on the same domain. These links create a formation for your website, making it easy to navigate. 

Rank By Focus SEO Singapore team explains that this can increase internal links for posts and pages that are more relevant to boost their worth. It also improves your On-Page SEO, which allows better site performance. With the help of internal links, your ranking can increase significantly. As search engines value content that is precise and relevant to what users want. These links will also help avoid pogo-sticking.

outbound links

What Are Outbound Links? 

On the other hand, Outbound links are also known as External links. Our SEO Toronto team explains that these links direct viewers from your page to a different page on another website. These links can be to any source across the internet. However, they are more often linked to posts that share similar information. These external links can go to a website that sells products related to your content or just sites that associate with your post.

External links are considerably more crucial than Internal links. This is because search engines take these as other viewers’ votes. If you have more external links from other web pages connecting to yours, your page will be considered a trustworthy source.

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Why Are Internal/Outbound Links Important For SEO? 

There are several reasons why Internal and External links are essential for your webpage.

Internal links allow web crawlers to crawl your website more efficiently. If a web crawler can easily crawl through your site, it would benefit your search engine ranking. It will also increase viewer engagement on your posts. Internal links are an addition to get readers to have more information on a topic they deem relevant. This is a very Good Way To Improve Your Content For Better SEO Rankings

Even though external links may seem contradictory if you want more organic traffic since it drives viewers away from your post. It is actually better for your site’s reputation. If you add external links to authoritative sources, it will make your content more reliable. Google’s Algorithms also give you an advantage if other websites use external links to connect to your work. This will significantly enhance your content ranking. The types of external links and the amount are consequential.


How To Set Up The Ideal Internal Link Structure? 

An ideal link structure goes from a concentration of high-value content to the less relevant content. This process is like a chain reaction. Where a larger domain, links to pages with similar keywords. In addition, these pages link to posts on the same topic. This gives all the posts on the domain, link equity. As the ranking from web crawlers reaches to every post on the website. Many renowned websites use the same strategy. What seems like categorizing and organizing to us is actually their internal link structure.

How To Strategically Use Internal Links To Boost Pages?

A great way that our SEO Toronto team use to boost pages is to use Internal links with supplementary URL structures. A tag is used to make your webpage more interactive. This is one way to use internal links to move from one source of content to another. These tags or hyperlinks can be applied to pictures, text or other areas of the content. You can use the internal links from one of the authoritative pages on your website to other closely linked topics.

Search engines respond to internal links positively. You can link your pages using precise anchor text. These internal links promote the click-through rate (CTR) of the posts and reduce page depth.

How To Audit Your Internal/Outbound Links For Issues? 

In the intention of a good Internal link structure, you may get some low-quality links. These do more harm to your page performance than good. Therefore you have to Audit your webpage links. To audit your internal links, you need to stress on relevance. You have to make sure interconnected pages are not linked randomly. These haywire links interfere in user experience. If you use no-follow links that do not lead the user anywhere, they will be unfavourable to the PageRank. This implies that you should not overcrowd your page with links that lead to less relevant content. We suggest using Google Trends To Search For Keyword Opportunities. 

It is necessary to check you are not linking out to spam sites. If you do find your webpage having unnatural or spam links, try to eliminate them. These links can get you a manual penalty, which will make you lose traffic. Before you use a disavowing link, you should contact the website owner to remove the links connected to your website.

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