Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Our world is changing and so is the way we practice law. By end of 2021, 60% of clients will begin their search for a lawyer online–compared with only 10% today.

Sure, some things are not going to change: people will still need legal advice on how to deal with divorce or criminal charges. But they are likely to seek a lawyer in a different way. Many will look for online reviews and pick someone who has been recommended to them by friends or family, rather than choosing the best-known local law firm.

Lawyers have to change their marketing strategies accordingly. In this Expert Guide Web design Toronto and Web design NYC provide 21 tactics that can help you succeed in 2021, when people already do most of their research online.

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21 Tactics for 2021

1. Understand your value proposition

why clients should choose you? If clients can readily find a lawyer in their area, they will also easily compare your fees and range of services with others. The only way to win such a price-sensitive market is by offering something unique: value beyond the immediate service.

2. Use your website to stand out from the crowd 

Your website should be the central part of your marketing strategy. Make sure it’s mobile-friendly and easily navigable, with enough white space to help clients read an overview of your services. Include a blog where you add useful articles about legal topics, and make sure someone can be reached 24/7 for urgent matters.

3. Plan ahead for Google’s Mobile First Indexing strategy 

Make sure your website is mobile-ready, as Google has announced it will prioritize indexing websites for users searching on mobile devices starting in 2017.

4. Build an effective email marketing campaign

Emails can be used to remind clients about upcoming events or warn them of urgent matters. You should also use it to communicate with your database and thank clients for their business, as well as ask them to leave a review on Google and Facebook.

5. Get on YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat

Include all your social media profiles on your website and make sure you have a good description for each platform, as well as a profile picture.

6. Be active on social media

Create posts that are no longer than three to five sentences and remember to include a call to action. Ask clients to provide reviews on Google My Business, Facebook and Yelp.

7. Use the right content marketing tactics to win clients

Take advantage of the opportunity to create useful and engaging content. You can start by creating a helpful guide on your website, such as an article on how to prepare for buying a home or another topic that is relevant to your clients’ interests.

8. Include video in your website or blog posts

Videos can help attract potential clients as they give a better idea of what you can offer. You should also include videos on your website and social media profiles, as these platforms are now used primarily for visual content.

9. Participate in online communities and forums

People who are looking for legal advice will sometimes turn to online forums to compare lawyers and other services. Being active on these forums doesn’t just help people find your law firm; it can also provide you with valuable insight into what clients’ needs are, as well as increase your online visibility.

10. Optimize your law firm’s Google+ page

Be sure to include a website link and photo on your Google+ page, and make sure you have an attractive cover picture. You should also consider writing a blog for this page to increase brand awareness, drive traffic back to your site and even attract new clients through search engines.

11. Reach out on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, you can ask clients and professionals within your industry for endorsements. This is a useful way to gain visibility and stand out from the crowd. You can also create a group and hold an online Q&A session, where you answer questions about legal matters that people may be dealing with at present.

12. Go beyond search engine optimization (SEO) 

 According to our SEO Toronto and SEO NYC team, when it comes to search rankings, you should know that Google’s algorithm takes into consideration more than just keywords. Instead, you need to ensure that your website is easily navigable and a digital footprint exists for your law firm outside of the web. This means getting listed on directories such as Switchboard and creating social media accounts to increase your online presence.

13. Optimize your website for paid advertising

You can do so by making sure you have a Google My Business page, as well as a detailed and keyword-rich biography. Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn also allow organizations to create paid ads that target specific locations, such as cities or neighborhoods.

14. Use location-based marketing 

You can use this tactic to connect with people who are nearby, encouraging walk-in traffic to your office. You can also offer discounts or other incentives in the area where clients are likely to search for a law firm, such as their hometown.

15. Consider influencer marketing 

Research and choose bloggers, as well as other people with a large following on social media that can review your products or services. You should then offer them something in exchange for their words of endorsement.

16. Develop a content strategy that attracts links

You should be strategic about the content you create. You can invite professionals in related fields to write guest blogs or allow other people to re-publish your content on their own websites. Make sure that the author bio for each piece of content includes a link back to your site, as this will improve its search rankings and encourage more people to click through.

17. Take advantage of law firm review sites and directories 

These sites can help potential clients discover you, but it’s important to be smart about which ones you choose. Some directories may place better listings than others, and your site must conform to certain standards in order to appear on Google or other search engines. For instance, having an easily accessible “Contact Us” page is crucial.

18. Participate in case study contests to boost backlinks and SEO 

If you choose to participate in one of these, make sure yours is well-written and provides valuable insight. You should also make your submission easy to find by using keywords in the title and writing a compelling summary. This will help drive traffic to your site through search engines.

19. Use content syndication and repurposing

Instead of focusing on creating new content, you can repurpose existing pieces to create something fresh and unique. You should also consider creating an infographic, which is faster to produce than other types of content.

20. Make use of widgets and infographics

Launch widgets that can engage people and spread your content. You should also work with a graphic designer to create an infographic that shares interesting information in a visual way.

21. Go mobile with your marketing efforts

If you haven’t already, consider building a mobile website or app. Your clients are likely using their phones to search for lawyers near them, so they should be able to quickly find your business. For more tips on how law firms can market themselves online, contact our digital team today.

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