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SEO can be difficult and scary to understand; it can get so confusing with on-page SEO with off-page and everything else in between. When you are starting out, you often have no idea what will get you the maximum ranking and others with more knowledge get the highest spot easily by applying various strategies. This is why you must learn these strategies as well apply them to your blog or website and pave the way for yourself. Off-Page SEO sounds more intimidating than it actually is. In fact, many bloggers focus 70% of all their resources on off-page rather than on-page.

But first, you’re probably wondering, what even is the difference, aren’t they the same thing?

Difference between on-page and off-page SEO

Now bear with me, this can get a little tricky to understand, but everything you do on your site such as optimizing the content, putting keywords, creating internal links etc. are considered on-page SEO. Everything you do on the page itself that will get you recognized by google’s web crawlers can be filed into this category.

On the other hand, everything you do to get attention to your page outside of your blog or website is called off-page SEO. One major example is this is when other blogs or websites link back to your page. Off-page SEO makes the google’s web crawler believe that your page is trustable and has great content because it is popular amongst other websites. Think of it like your reputation; if you have a good reputation on the Internet, Google will want more people to see your content by ranking you higher.

Techniques for off-page SEO

If you are a blogger in any industry, backlinks is the way to go. Backlinks is the easiest and most efficient way to get your website ranked. There are three routes you can take here, natural links, manually built links and self links.

natural links

Natural links

Let’s start by discussing what natural links actually are. These are the most basic types of links you probably have an understanding of. Let’s say you sell a product; if a blogger liked it, they could refer a link back to your website so their followers can purchase it. Here, you didn’t have to make any effort, spend any money or use any tactics. These are probably the best kind of links. They are built through word of mouth. However, these can be pretty difficult to acquire. All you can do to get this type of link is have quality. If you sell the product, have the best quality product at competitive prices, if you are a blogger, make sure your content is top-notch, so other bloggers don’t have a choice but to refer back to your page.

Manual built links / PBN

Manual links are wonderful; you can really transform your rankings through manual links. You do have to spend resources to get these though. You have to actively work to get these manual links; you can do so by asking your customers to link back in any reviews they write. As a blogger, you can ask other bloggers to credit you if they use a recipe they used or any idea or inspiration they had from your work. There is no guarantee this will work though, kind of a shot in the dark but with enough shots, some are sure to hit the target, so don’t give up. Another way is to pay influencers to promote your page. With a multitude of social platforms, you can find one for your specific demographic and pay an influencer in that particular niche.

Self-created links

These kinds of links are sort of controversial, so you really have to be careful when trying these out. Don’t go overboard to the point that that are considered black hat technique permanently banned from the rankings. A lot of people still use these; you can go to online directories that specialize that have links and ad your page link can also add the links to different forums, blogs or comments.

These are not all though; there are many other techniques other than links that you can use, which will give you the same result. The main purpose of your page is to get your recognized. So a link is not necessary. A mention of your page on other websites can be great for your rankings. So what else can you do?

guest posting seo

Guest posting on blogs

Guest posting is one of the best ways you can build traffic towards your own page. From time to time, many websites get bloggers to guest post on their page. In that way, they get fresh new content, and you get the advantage of promoting your page. You can obviously create backlinks to your own page, but you can also create quality content that will actually benefit the reader. So the next time they would go to your page directly. When websites credit you, they also mention your page this will also help in the rankings for Google. So whenever you get a chance to guest post, take up the opportunity, build your reputation.

Document sharing

First and foremost, you should know what content is important. If you think your content can help a lot of people, but isn’t quite able to reach its audience, share it on other platforms. Use websites like scribd, Academia, Slideshare etc.  Treat that document like you would any other content on your blog, mention your page, insert backlinks, add keywords, optimize the content to the fullest. While most documents can’t be searched by SEO, documents uploaded to sites like these can be searched so any links or mentions can help you in your rankings. Read the best document sharing sites for SEO here. 

When we talk about off-page SEO, there are many techniques that can be used. But one thing to remember is that you know your page best, you know your audience best, so do what you feel is right. There are no rules, only guidelines that can be changed according to your preferences. So you don’t have to use every technique out there but using a couple will surely boost your rankings.