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ON page seo ranking factors. in 2020

Wondering what the rave about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and On-page ranking is? Take a seat so I can break it down for you. The idea of SEO’s and SEO strategies is buzzing through the market. It is because of what now seems like a necessity to add to your service, webpage, content or any business offered online to make it stand out from the millions of others like you. Sounds intriguing yet? Let’s dig in deeper then.

SEO strategies are the secrets hidden behind what people actually tell you. What gives your company the maximum credit for its work. Let’s think of it as the heart. Something that your entire system is unable to function without. There’s only 3 strategies to follow so it’s not as much of a hassle as you would think it is. These include;

The On-page SEO that consists of almost everything that is on your web page whether it be the content, the layout, the wording etc.

Off-page SEO, which right off the bat means outside the webpage so basically what a regular person searching will come across before finding your specific content.

Lastly, the third being the Technical SEO deals with the algorithms and server concerns to ensure the best and safe website possible.

Getting straight to the point, the one which we are most concerned with at the moment is the On-page SEO. Don’t get me wrong all three SEO’s have their own part to play like the other organs in the body, but the core needs to be strong enough in order for the others to perform well.

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On-Page SEO Rankings

There’s a rank for literally anything you see on the internet. There’s always competition to be in first place. So what if the competition lies in millions? You need to build up your content using your strong suits while utilizing all the information that you can. How do you measure content on page seo? Yoast SEO and Rankmath SEO plugin helps guide you on wordpress. Here’s our list as your trusty provider to give insights on what to do and exactly what not to do while planning your On-page SEO, so you get up to the highest-ranking in no time. Let me break it down. 
Just for your knowledge, it is believed that google rank search results based on more than 250 factors. 

The “Key” in Keywords

It’s not rocket science to understand what keywords are. These are the specific word that you’re looking for while searching for information on an engine. SEO’s keywords are held in much more prestigious regard because that’s what determines what category your content falls under. What I mean is, it makes your content so relevant to the search that it may actually be of interest to the person who searched for it. If you’re actually willing to put in the effort and do your research beforehand, you’ll go a long way. You should know if people even use the keywords that you so confidently add. There are multiple places that will help. Before you move forward, start off by tracking your keywords, see where you’re starting. Move forwards to finding are the keywords right for you, use multiple tools such as Google trends being one of them. See what the competition is by searching your keywords and stay clear of the keyword cannibalization. 

Important fact – The order of keywords matter too. 
A different order / arrangement will always yield different search results, and different volume.

While doing SEO, it is always encouraged to focused not only on “big” keywords, but also “long tail keywords”

Operation Optimization

In simpler terms. GET. TO. THE. POINT. Summarizing your work into something that reflects your work sounds pretty fair, doesn’t it? If you skip over your own paragraphs re-reading your work what makes you think Google won’t. Besides, it’s the ranking you’re after,  and Google loves optimized work. Strategize your SEO! A little hack-use links! It’s lucky enough for you if someone scrolls down to actually read your content or maybe skip to the end quicker?

Either way, don’t make them scroll all the way up again when you have a more efficient way to impress the search engines too. A low bounce rate website will do you a lot of good in rankings!

Link back to your homepage, or the contents page if you have one. Interlinking / Inbound linking plays a VERY IMPORTANT part in on page SEO.

Another tiny hint, your keywords should dominate your page. Most SEO experts believe that an ideal keyword density is around 1-2%. This means the target keyword appears about one to two times per 100 words.

Content Relevancy & audience engagement

One thing that will never go under the covers is the content. No matter how much you try to dress up your work using catchy titles, short URLs, adding pictures and videos or whatever you think people would want to see.

What they would never want to read is dry or boring paragraphs of perpetual information. You need the engagement even if it is subtle.

Engaging / click bait, conversational content usually gets the lowest bounce rate and engagement.

Page Loading Speed, Even on mobile matters

This one, in particular, is extremely frustrating. The whole idea is to attract a user-friendly experience so I don’t even see why any page would want to trouble their users with extremely slow page speed. To avoid this hazardous issue, try to use Google’s Search control to stay up to date if your page is lagging behind.

Now you may think this is way more technical than what you signed up for when working on the On-site SEO. It’s really not as scary as it seems. As a matter of fact, you can find several easy ways to reduce loading time by compressing your content, using less external scripts or even choosing different format images to really eradicate the lag on your own.

How important is your website’s speed on mobile? Well, google released a core algorithm on April 2015, called mobilegeddon!  It dropped all rankings of non mobile friendly websites!  Ushering in a mobile-first era. 

Want to test out your page loading speed?

Use Google’s Page Speed Insight

You can read more about why mobile speed matters, and what is AMP at google’s developer’s page. 


There you have it; your On-page ranking concerns will be the least on your worries with these tricks up your sleeve. You just need to learn to master them. Its okay, the more you understand and use your mistakes in your favour the more you will be motivated to do much better each time. So sit back and watch your On-page ranking increase.