Plastic Surgery Lead Generation – Tactics to Get Consults?

Lead generation is important for any industry ; the question is whether it’s important for your plastic surgery practice.

Lead generation is where you market and promote your business to new patients, and convert them into leads. The aim of your lead generation is to identify potential customers who might want to use your services, and create a way for them to contact you through a website or phone number so they can inquire about prices or have consultations with you.

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Now that we’ve established the importance of generating quality plastic surgery leads, let’s take a look at some tactics to get more.

1) Run Marketing Campaigns On Social Media Sites To Get More Plastic Surgery Leads  

One way to generate plastic surgery leads is by running marketing campaigns on social media sites. You can have a campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc., but the most popular social media site for marketers is Facebook because of its high user traffic and engagement rate.

2) Use Social Media To Generate Plastic Surgery Leads Using Events 

Another way to generate plastic surgery leads using social media is by hosting events on sites like Eventbrite. You can create a free account with Eventbrite to host events, then use Facebook to promote it—and even offer discounts or giveaways.

3) Advertise On Social Media Using Paid Campaigns

The third way to generate plastic surgery leads using social media is by advertising. If your target audience is on social media, this is a must. Facebook allows you to advertise for as little as $1 per day. You can reach thousands of potential patients in your area with ads that are targeted toward the people who need your services.

4) Create Brand Awareness Using Social Media 

You can create brand awareness through the use of social media by using it to promote your website or blog. If you have a website or blog, then you can create an account on Facebook and use the site’s targeting features to reach people in your area who are interested in plastic surgery.

5) Drive Traffic To Your Site Using Social Media  

You can drive traffic to your website using social media by using it to promote your blog posts. Facebook allows you to share your blog posts on your business page, where followers can then click through to read them. You can then follow up with new blog posts, which will keep people coming back for more.

6) Use Social Media Followers To Promote Special Offers

One way to generate plastic surgery leads is by using your social media followers to promote special offers. You can create a special offer, like a discount for first-time patients, and post it on Facebook along with an incentive for people to take advantage of the offer.

For example, if you’re offering a 20% discount on all first-time consultations, then you can advertise it on your website or Facebook page with a message that says, “Click here to claim your 20% discount off your first consultation.”

8) Create An Online Survey To Get More Plastic Surgery Leads

Another tactic you can use to get plastic surgery leads is by creating an online survey and promoting it on social media sites. The key here is to make your survey interesting and creative, like a personality quiz that people can take and then get recommendations for procedures based on their responses. For example, if someone takes a quiz about which cosmetic surgery procedures they need, the results might say that they should consider getting rhinoplasty or facelift surgery.

7) SEO

Use SEO to generate leads for your plastic surgery practice, the most cost-effective lead generation tactic available. You can also use SEO tactics to generate leads that you then turn into phone calls using a landing page with an opt-in form that collects contact information. When it comes to generating B2B leads, SEO is still the best way to go.

8) Optimize Your Site For Conversions:

You can drive more traffic to your site by optimizing it for conversions, which include calls to action that are compelling enough to convince people who are researching your practice to pick up the phone and call you instead of opening another tab in their browser for someone else

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