proven local SEO tactics to help you rank higher on Google

How did you phrase your Google search the last time you needed to locate a doctor, restaurant, attorney, automobile repair shop, or electrician?

If you’re like most of us, you probably used the city you live in with the individual you were seeking for. Our Google searches are frequently influenced by our surroundings.

That’s why, when creating their marketing plan, websites must give Local SEO a higher priority. We have got SEO Toronto and SEO Singapore experts opinions.

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Build city pages to boost your business’ local SEO

There is no such thing as a generic city page on your website. Your company needs to have its own web page built for every town it runs in.

Additionally, the domicile pages you build should include not just information about your business and what you do but also all the essential details of where you operate: street address, hours of operation, phone number(s), and photos.

Not only does each page require its own special set of keywords, but the content should be specifically tailored to your location.

For instance, if you are a restaurant in Chicago, you can’t write about how great your burgers are without mentioning all the hot dogs joints in the city.

You have to think like a person in Chicago would when they are searching for your business online.

Incorporate location data points in city pages

To improve your rankings for the targeted region, make sure to include location data points in your city pages material.

The information points indicate to Google the targeted area inside your city page. If you want to create a city page for Irving, Texas, to draw outside companies, include popular sites or destination places within Irving on your content.

To summarize, the more data points you can include that confirm your targeted zone, the better. Furthermore, you should provide external links to these destination locations to help boost your SEO rankings.

Backlinks and internal links

Your city pages should include backlinks and/or internal links to your website.

The more active the link, the better: A link is like a vote. The more votes you receive for your site, the higher it ranks in Google’s eyes.

Additionally, if one of your web pages on your website contains a backlink pointing to your city page, that link is considered an active one.

With this in mind, make sure each business location you have has its own unique content providing relevant information about the area for search engines.

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Online reviews and testimonials

As with every marketing plan, online reviews and testimonials are imperative to your business’s success.

You need to have a Google My Business account set up for each of your locations so you can manage all the aspects associated with it, including its content. In other words, you need to post photos and descriptions about the business, its hours of operation, and what services it provides.

When posting on Google My Business, you are given the option to ask for reviews from happy or unhappy customers. You can also encourage your existing clients to post positive reviews. Not only will this help influence more people to visit your website, but it will boost your rankings with Google.


There are proven local SEO tactics that will help you rank higher on Google. After all, people are more likely to visit a site if they know it is located in their hometown.

Of course, no business can be present in every city of the world, but there is no reason why you can’t have your city pages created for each business location.

And make sure you pay attention to detail. Every city page should include the keywords your targeted area is looking for, as well as other details that could indicate its ranking.

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