SEO that Gets You on Top of Google 2021

Today, our Toronto SEO team is going to share with you the top SEO tactics that will help you rank high on Google 2021 and beyond. You might be already aware of some of them, but it is always good to read a consolidated list instead of reading piecemeal information from various sources.

Even though these techniques seem old and not as fashionable as they used to be, they are still relevant to obtain high rankings. Let us look at each of the techniques in detail starting with SEO Audit.

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1. SEO Analysis

The first step is obviously to analyze your website and find out the areas where it lacks behind. To get more information on this, read my article on how to do a site audit. You can also use tools like to get information about your website traffic, SEO quake for SEO page analysis and other free online software.

2. Keyword Analysis

Now that you have analyzed the targeted keywords, you need to find out whether they are appropriate or not. Here are some points make sure  before analyzing  your keywords.

  • Use LARGE number of keywords not just a few hundreds. A large number of long tail keywords are more helpful than 500 keyword with high competition. If you use Keyword Planner , make sure to input only ten thousands per keyword search, although this tool is mainly used for competition research by beginner SEOs .
  • Use local keywords i.e. search for your targeted city/state/country location and long tail keywords in Google . If you are targeting the USA only, then use only ‘USA’ as a keyword.
  • Make sure that your keyword is relevant to your site niche or business category.
  • Before finalizing the list of keywords, you should know the difficulty score of the keyword. You can get this information from newer tools like Moz’s keyword difficulty tool or SEJ’s Keyword Difficulty Checker .

3. Quality of Content

Although this factor is highly debatable but I am adding it to my list because most SEO experts believe that content is always king.

If you have a great, informative and useful piece of content on your website, then it will rank high on Google SERP 2020 even if the rest of the SEO factors are not optimized perfectly. Content expert Rand Fishkin from Moz also believes that quality of content is more important than relevancy .

4. Social Media Shares

Although this factor may not affect rankings directly, but it certainly helps in brand building and awareness about your website. Since most of my readers are from, you might be already aware that Google +1 button also helps a lot to improve page rank or visibility .

5. User Experience Factor

This is a very important factor which is often overlooked by many SEO experts. If your website has poor user experience, then it will never be able to perform well on Google SERP 2020.

To increase user experience, you need to make sure that your website loads fast (use GT Metrix or Page Speed Insights for this) and that it can be accessed from any browser. You also need to make sure that there is no broken link on your website.

6. Authentic, Exclusive and Unique Content

Google does not like duplicate content i.e. content available on many websites with just a little change in the text or sentences. This lack of originality can lower site rankings because it points towards poor content quality.


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7. Relevancy of Content

Google also wants your content to be 100% relevant to what you are offering . All the content should be relevant to each other or else; it will be treated as separate pages.

For example, if you are selling weight loss products, then all your web pages on website must have ‘weight loss’ in their titles like this: ”best diet for weight loss , foods that burn fat” . This relevancy factor also plays an important role in increasing website traffic and conversions.

8. Website Loading Speed

Google is betting big on website loading speed factor because it wants to provide the best user experience to its users . So, if your site has poor loading speed or it takes more than 3 seconds to load on a broadband connection, then you need to work upon it right now.

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