The BIG Reason Why WordPress Is The Undisputed Champion

This article is proposed by Web Design Toronto and Web design NYC. WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, which uses a template system, and plugins to extend its capabilities.

It has been designed to cater for users with few technical skills, as well as web developers who need more advanced features than the basic CMS provides.

WordPress powers more than 53% of all websites on the internet.

More than that, WordPress is also used by 22.6% of the top 1 million sites on the internet. It’s no wonder then that WordPress has become THE dominant force in content management systems since its launch in May 2003.Th

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Google’s interest in WordPress

According to our SEO toronto and SEO Singapore Experts, WordPress has risen to the point where it is even desirable for Google to work with it.

The fact that WordPress powers so many websites on the internet means it has become such a key player in the online arena, and therefore, an attractive proposition for Google.

Google’s interest is not surprising – after all, they make most of their money through advertising – and when more than half of the websites on the internet are running WordPress, they will naturally want to focus on making content that is readable by the majority of users.

Google’s interest in WordPress has helped to rapidly increase its market share.

And WordPress’s massive adoption has also been fuelled by the emergence of powerful, yet simple to use website builders. The Biggest Advantage Of WordPress System Is Its Open-Source Platform.

What does this signify for your legal practice?

This simply means that WordPress will continue to win over more users in the coming years.

Guess what? If your current website is taking too long to load or displaying poorly on mobile devices, you’re in trouble. Not only will your customers abandon you, but Google will penalize you as well.

As long as you have a website, you will need it to be updated regularly. This is when you would turn to WordPress for assistance and that’s why SEO NYC says that smart legal marketers should develop their own tools and resources around this CMS system.

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