Tools To Measure Core Web Vitals

The world has become a global village. You can access any website from anywhere in the world. All you need is your phone or a computer of sorts and an internet connection. You can access any website and buy any product that you need. Sites allow you to interact with your customer about your product and business strategies. Before getting into core web vital details and their Importance to websites, it is crucial to look upon what core web vitals are.  Google has announced that the next algorithm update will focus on these core web vitals. 

What are Core Web Vitals? 

Core Web Vitals are an initiative taken by Google. It guides signals made to make sure that the customer has a good experience on the web. The core web vital reports show how your page performs based on real-world usage data. This report comes from the CRUX report. It identifies details for statistical purposes. These details are about performance times from actual customers who use your URL. The CRUX database will take details on whether or not your company’s URL is part of a Search Console Party.

google core web vitals

Why is there a need to measure them?

There is an obvious need to measure Core Web Vitals. It is their job to help you diagnose and fix problems. These problems may occur between you and your customer. It can also happen if your website is slower than usual. Your customers would have bought something from the site. They were not able to do so because the page took more time than usual to load.  So instead of just focusing on improving content, you will now need to focus on core web vitals while doing SEO. 

Core Web Vitals

How can I measure these Core Web Vitals?

The next point of attention is how these core web vitals can be measured. The answer is simple. Google has recently announced various tools for web developers supporting the measurement of Core Web Vitals. These are PageSpeed Insights, Chrome UX Report, Search Console, Chrome DevTools, Lighthouse, and Web Vitals Extension. It is essential to understand them in great detail to improve your on page SEO. 

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PageSpeed Insights.

PageSpeed Insights or PSI is a tool that reports both on the labs and field performances of websites available on both mobiles and desktops. This tool gives an overview of how a site owner can improve page experience for their customers. This tool also provides help to understand how viewers experience the page. PageSpeed Insights has upgraded to use LightHouse 6.0. Due to this, it now supports all the Web Vitals in both labs and field sections. PSI helps look for per page opportunities to improve page experience for your customers. This tool helps maintain and lets you check whether your website meets the friendly experience approach among all the Core Vitals. It passes the test among the rest of the Core Vitals as well.

chrome ux report

Chrome UX Report.

The CRUX is a public data set that gathers real user experience on almost all the websites worldwide and measures field versions of Core Web Vitals. The data used comes from opted in user fields. Developers take this data and try and understand the distribution of real-world user experiences on their websites or those of their competitors. CRUX includes excellent grained performance data and provides a quick and easy way to assess your Core Web Vitals. The only way to see whether your website is performing well is to know how the customers interact with it. This type of measurement is called Real User Monitoring or RUM. CRUX works just as well without that as well.

google search console

Search Console.

This new tool helps you identify groups of pages across your site that need more attention than the rest. This tool takes from real fieldwork data from CRUX. The status, metric type, and groups of similar web pages determine the performance of the URL.

chrome dev tools

Chrome Dev Tools.

The Dev Tools Performance panel comes with a new and improved experience section that helps you detect unexpected layout shifts. It comes in handy when there is a need to find and fix visual instability issues on your page, contributing to Cumulative Layout Shift.
The Tool Blocking Time, also known as the TBT, is used as a metric to measure lab tools and is an excellent proxy for First Input Delay. It measures the total amount of time between First Contentful Paint known as FCP and Time To Interactive or TTI. TBT is shown as a footer on the Chrome DevTools Panel when you measure page performance.

google lighthouse


It is an automated website tool that helps developers diagnose issues and identify opportunities for a better experience. It measures many dimensions of the user experience. It includes performance and accessibility. The latest version of the tool consists of audits, metrics, and a newly composed performance score. Furthermore, Total Blocking Time, this tool has introduced two other parameters to the system. These are the Largest Contentful Paint ( LCP) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). The lighthouse report optimizes against your scores and sets the scores needed to provide the best experience.

web vitals

Web Vitals Extension.

This specific tool measures the three Core Web Vitals in real-time for Google Chrome on the desktop. It is there to catch issues during your development workflow. It is a diagnostic tool to assess the performance of Core Web Vitals as one browses the web.

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It is also crucial to keep in mind:

  • Lighthouse in DevTools is used to optimize the user’s experience and ensure that you are successful with Core Web Vitals in the field.
  • PageSpeed Insights is used to compare lab and field Core Web Vitals’ Performance.
  • The CRUX is needed to assess how well the URL of the site has performed against the Core WEb Vitals.
  • The DevTools Performance Panel is used to dive deep and debug against various Core Web Vitals.
  • The Core Web Vitals Reports summarizes how origins are performing in the field.
  • The Web Vitals Extension is used to track a page’s performance against Core Web Vitals in real-time.