Top 10 SEO Tips

The SEO world keeps on evolving and keeping up with it has become challenging for content creators. Day to day new SEO tips come into the market which may confuse people when they are choosing between which SEO tips are helpful and which ones will be best to disregard. So, let’s look at 10 Key SEO tips that every content creator needs to know.

Get rid of anything slowing down your website

It was easy to get away with a slow-loading page in the old days. However, with the increasing competition now it has become very crucial to be on the top of your game if you want to compete in this fast pacing market. If a user comes across a slow loading page, they are very likely to leave the website and go to another competitor’s site instead. A recent report by consultancy confirmed that around 40% of people leave a website which takes more than 3 seconds to load. If you want to be on the top organic listings, then you have to make sure your website is fast loading. You can do so by deactivating useless plug-in and delete any useless elements that may be slowing down your website. It is also advised to declutter your sidebar and only add important widgets to it.

You can also improve your loading time with the help of ubersuggest. Just enter your domain and click the site audit in the left bar. This will show you your site speed. Then you can view its advanced breakdown and fix any issues that might be slowing down your website.

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Prioritize writing for humans rather than search engines 

Content creators have been using keywords to drive search results and are not paying much attention to the quality of their content. This approach is very wrong. Search engines are the ones following users which means that if you create helpful content for the users you will be rewarded for it. So when you are writing, just forget that any search engines even exist and focus on writing fulfilling content for people. Copyblogger is a great example of a site that puts its users first. This is the secret behind their success as it is now a multi-million dollar firm.

Link to websites that have relevant content 

Link Building is an important part of good SEO. This is why linking out to relevant websites offering high-quality content is very important. This will help you enhance user experience as they will always expect to get good quality helpful content when they visit your website.

Some people avoid linking to high-quality content because they are thinking that it is taking away from their success. However, this is not the case because if you do not help other websites how can you expect to get the same help from them.

Get other webpages to link to you

Having inbound links is the key to getting good search engine rankings. If you invest a lot of time, resources, and money into making sure that you put out high-quality content in the market then it is very likely that people will be encouraged to link to you. When people share your content with their audience it brings a great amount of new audience to your website. This will help you in boosting your rankings and making new loyal customers.

Write distinctive and well-crafted meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are what people see first when they visit your website. If your meta descriptions are bland and boring, then people might end up leaving your page in search of better-quality content. Having duplicate meta descriptions on your website could also get you penalized so it is crucial to come up with unique and relevant meta descriptions for every new page.

Take advantage of the Webpage analytics 

Web Analytics solutions can be a great help for any content creator. Google search console and Google Analytics are two very helpful tools for when you want to keep track of your success and find out any issues that might be stopping you from reaching your goals. Crazy Egg is also another tool that can help you see the clicks of your website’s visitors and also study how they leave your website. This can help you spot any mistakes on your website which might be making users leave.

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Use readable URL’s 

Search engines can get confused if your URL is too long or confusing. Always make sure to have a meaningful URL so that it can easily be remembered and understood by humans and search engines both.

Work on increasing social signals 

Even though Google has not yet added social signals to their ranking algorithm factors, various case studies have proven that social signals play a very important role in improving search engine rankings. Moz is a great example of this as their search rankings increased after Smosh magazine tweeted their page. Here are some methods to increase your social signals:

  • Ask people to share your content
  • Add share buttons to your page.
  • Come out with share-worthy content.
  • Host a contest to attract shares.
  • Link to influencers and make sure to notify them.

Publish unique content to boost rankings 

In the competitive market of content creation, it has become hard for marketers to create unique content. But, there is nothing that unachievable. The fresh factor shows the freshness of your content which makes the need to create helpful and unique content even more crucial.

Add the right keyword in your images 

Images hold a lot of importance when it comes to SEO. When searching for an image user type in keywords in the search bar. This makes it very important for content creators to choose their keywords wisely. For example, if your image is of a ‘Bluebird’ Don’t name it ‘bird’.

Some other SEO tips recommend not changing your domain name without any good reason and getting rid of any irrelevant content on your website. The above SEO tips will help you create better content and improve your page rankings.