Website Not Showing Up on Google? Here’s What to Do

You just launched your website, and you’re eagerly waiting for more traffic than you can get from immediate family members who will “accidentally” click the link twice. But after a week of submitting it to search engines and tweaking the site itself, you have yet to see a single visitor. Don’t despair just yet!, we at nyc web agency and toronto web agency have come up with some ways to counter these problems. Here are five common reasons that your website isn’t showing up on Google and what to do about them:

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1. You haven’t submitted your site to search engines

First of all, before panicking, make sure you’ve actually submitted your site to Google. If you’ve only submitted the site to search engines, don’t expect any traffic even if they do index your website.

singapore web design team says to first officially Submit your website to Google and other major search engines by visiting their sites and submitting a URL request form .

2. Your content isn’t unique enough for a search engine to index it

If you’ve submitted your site and there is no sign of it on Google, the problem could be in the content itself. Search engines can’t crawl everything, so they rely on certain factors to determine whether a page should be crawled or not. If your website doesn’t have enough unique content that can be indexed, search engines won’t bother crawling it. This includes images without alternative text descriptions, articles with no original material, and copied articles from other sources.

In order for search engines to consider crawling a page, Our nyc web agency advise you to make sure you have included alternate text descriptions for images , have enough original content so that it isn’t considered duplicate content , and use references when appropriate .

3. You haven’t submitted a sitemap

You submitted your site to Google, it isn’t indexed, and there are no errors reported from Google Webmaster Tools – but why? Many website owners simply ignore the problem of not being indexed by a search engine because their websites “don’t have anything important or relevant on them anyway.” It turns out that this is a big mistake!

Without submitting a sitemap to Google, your site won’t be able to take advantage of features such as search locations , optimized mobile performance, and custom labels . In short, you should submit a sitemap if you want your website to perform optimally in search engines. You can create one automatically in Google Webmaster tools by following these instructions .

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4. Your website has been penalized by Google

If you’ve submitted your website to Google and it is still not showing up, then you might have a bigger problem on your hands. If you are using black-hat SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing , link schemes , or hiding text on your pages , chances are you are either already getting penalized for it or will soon get penalized if they continue.

It can be very frustrating when all of this hard work doesn’t even pay off in the end, but sometimes there isn’t much that can be done about it except stopping the practices that got you into trouble in the first place.

5. Google’s robots.txt is blocking your website

Google’s robots.txt file can sometimes block a site from being indexed, especially if it is incorrectly configured. One of the most common problems with this file is that it disallows a whole domain, but includes a directory or specific pages that exist under that domain.

In order to solve these kinds of problems so that your webpages will be crawled and indexed by search engines, you need to either add in extra information to the user-agent lines or remove certain elements so they won’t be blocked anymore .