What are backlinks and how to use them?

What are backlinks for seo?

You might call it a hoax, but what if I tell you there’s a way for you to make it on top of those Search Engine Result Pages(SERP) with a simple hack. Okay now one may call it a hack, a trick or a technique. It’s all wordplay, but this simple idea could have your work no longer lost with the websites of millions of others just like you struggling to market on the internet. What is it, you ask? Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is trending in the marketing world for the drastic results it shows towards generating engagement and organic traffic for your web page. How exactly will it do that? Because it uses Search engine demands to rank your content, and those demands are exactly what is asked by your users all over the world. So a whole big cycle, like the food chain. To make your way on top; however, the food chain requires the tools to climb on top. This is exactly what our SEO Los Angeles, SEO Malaysia, SEO Miami, SEO New York and SEO Singapore teams will give to you.

To be fair, the world of SEO is one that won’t just fall into place magically for anyone. Hasty attempts to do this might definitely let you down when you realize how many of these tools there actually are. Things start getting a little more complex. But that’s what I’m here to help you figure out.

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SEO tools

If you’re wondering where to begin, the answer legit lies in your own question. The beginning clearly. Know what you’re working with before you start. There are three main types of SEO’s; The On-page SEOThe Off-page SEO and the Technical SEO. Starting with the last, The Technical SEO is where most people take a leap of faith and just skip. But I assure you this is also a place where you could take advantage of that fact and at least invest in something to help the code of your page stand out. Since this is the Technical work, it will have more to do with the in-depth build of the page and how Google will rank the code in terms of safety, speed and running. Sounds like I’m referring to a race there. Am I right?

The second option, The Off-page SEO. It’s easy to guess this means that you won’t be working on the webpage but more so how you get to it. It’s like being the traffic police and clearing a bad traffic jam. You have to direct the right links to the right page. Hold on to that piece of information since that’s what we’re going to be focussed on.

The On-page SEO is the simpler bit, and a good thing for you as you might already have a hang of this if you write your own content. It deals with all of what a person visually sees on your webpage. The outer beauty of your page you might call it and how attractive and well, easy to use it is.

Since all that is out of the way, let’s talk about real marketing and SEO strategy. Let me introduce you to a tool that works wonders for your page as an Off-page SEO. Recalling what I said earlier about directing traffic, this is where it comes into play. The word you’re looking for is Backlinks!


What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links a normal user on the internet could use to be directed to your page. We’ve all been there, if you’re a regular web searcher which I’m sure many of us already are in the twenty-first century, you know how often irritating but effective it is when you open one page but get redirected to several other pages mainly advertisements. But this trick works differently when you’re marketing another website’s content. Its all kind of similar only when you share someone’s content on your page you can just attach a link to your content as a reference.

Don’t be alarmed, but to navigate through backlinks, we need to get into the subdivisions. The word of horror, right? These backlinks are subdivided into two types. Those are The Nofollow Backlinks and The Dofollow Backlinks. I’m sure as the name suggests it’s not hard to guess which ones we’re more interested in, but ill give you the gist of it. No follow links are ones that don’t do anything to benefit your SEO ranking – that’s probably enough of a reason for you to stop caring about them but hold on they do help sometimes. When you’re linking to an unreliable site these are the links you will look back to.

The Dofollow links are what gets the traffic flowing; it’s what everyone wishes to get. Yes, these are also the same type of links that you add to any or all of your blog posts.

What makes backlinks so important

In all honesty generating Backlinks can be crucial if you don’t have the right contacts, which many of us don’t have the privilege of as usual. So the majority chooses ‘organic’ backlinks. If you’re trying to save those extra bucks for later a few ways you can build or get backlinks for free include; Guest Articles, where you can write blog posts for other webpages in order to gain some influence. This will increase your Domain Authority. 

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Fight for formatting

Formats for Backlinks is another one that is a  personal favourite cause it’s easy to work on and just as effective. All you have to do is write content in the format that is more in demand like Posting lists that are easy to read through, Fun and light quizzes, Direct answering posts like the ‘Why’ or ‘How to’ searches and Videos. ‘Ultimate guides’ content, Internal links,  and Write testimonials are also some options you can check out. I’m not trying to sell you false promises, this is a whole process and will take time so don’t expect instant results. Who would have thought your teenager vocabulary and witty comments would come in handy? But it’s now or never.

These Backlinks coming from Authoritative web pages will really gain you The Search Engines’ attention in the best way possible. Your page’s reputation will grow as these backlinks will count as people’s choice, and your ranking will definitely be the award for it.