What are backlinks for seo?

What are Backlinks?

One may ask what do backlinks have to do with SEO. Well, the current popular school of thought is that if you rank high in Google, you score points for passing your website to a large number of traffic. This means more visitors, better exposure and higher conversions.

The importance of backlink optimization for a website lies in the fact that search engines evaluate the relevance and importance of an individual’s site based on its relationship with other sites. Indeed, if other authoritative websites link to yours, they will send traffic from their site to yours.

The term “link” is defined as one hypertext reference pointing to another document or resource located somewhere else on the Internet; making reference between two pages. Information is linked when it is connected to other information which helps users piece together information from different sources and data. Backlinks are simply links coming in to your site or blog from another source.

Link building is the process of attracting these backlinks and there many factors to consider that will affect your success rate with link building.

Backlinks are the links a normal user on the internet could use to be directed to your page. We’ve all been there, if you’re a regular web searcher which I’m sure many of us already are in the twenty-first century, you know how often irritating but effective it is when you open one page but get redirected to several other pages mainly advertisements. But this trick works differently when you’re marketing another website’s content. Its all kind of similar only when you share someone’s content on your page you can just attach a link to your content as a reference.

Don’t be alarmed, but to navigate through backlinks, we need to get into the subdivisions. The word of horror, right? These backlinks are subdivided into two types. Those are The Nofollow Backlinks and The Dofollow Backlinks. I’m sure as the name suggests it’s not hard to guess which ones our SEO malaysia team is more interested in, but our SEO Toronto team will give you the gist of it. No follow links are ones that don’t do anything to benefit your SEO ranking – that’s probably enough of a reason for you to stop caring about them but hold on they do help sometimes. When you’re linking to an unreliable site these are the links you will look back to.

The Dofollow links are what gets the traffic flowing; it’s what everyone wishes to get. Yes, these are also the same type of links that you add to any or all of your blog posts. Read more by our SEO miami team below

What are Do Follow Backlinks?

A dofollow backlink is any kind of link that can pass SEO value to a website. This usually includes links from any blog, forum or directory.

The easiest way to check if a link is dofollowed is by hovering the mouse on it and going to its source code. If you see anchor text “Follow” then it’s nofollowed, if you see “Dofollow Link” then it’s a dofollow linked page/resource. It can sometimes be tricky as some webmasters will place nofollowed links in their code/document in order to prevent them being followed.

What are Nofollow Backlinks?

A nofollow backlink is a link from one webpage to another webpage. These links are used as a way of providing a link to another site without directing any SEO value, authority or ranking power to the website that is being linked.

A nofollow link can be identified by placing the mouse over it and reading its source code. If you see “nofollow” then it’s a nofollowed.

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What makes backlinks so important

Our SEO Singapore team believes generating Backlinks can be crucial if you don’t have the right contacts, which many of us don’t have the privilege of as usual. So the majority chooses ‘organic’ backlinks. If you’re trying to save those extra bucks for later a few ways you can build or get backlinks for free include; Guest Articles, where you can write blog posts for other webpages in order to gain some influence. This will increase your Domain Authority. 

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Fight for formatting

Formats for Backlinks is another one that is a  personal favourite cause it’s easy to work on and just as effective. All you have to do is write content in the format that is more in demand like Posting lists that are easy to read through, Fun and light quizzes, Direct answering posts like the ‘Why’ or ‘How to’ searches and Videos. ‘Ultimate guides’ content, Internal links,  and Write testimonials are also some options you can check out. SEO Singapore team here are not trying to sell you false promises, this is a whole process and will take time so don’t expect instant results. Who would have thought your teenager vocabulary and witty comments would come in handy? But it’s now or never.

These Backlinks coming from Authoritative web pages will really gain you The Search Engines’ attention in the best way possible. Your page’s reputation will grow as these backlinks will count as people’s choice, and your ranking will definitely be the award for it.