Why Google Says Your Backlinks Strategy Should Be Quality Over Quantity

Did you know that Google has publicly stated that, in their own words, “links are votes”? Well they have.

In other words, backlinks do not exist to make your site rank on Google. They exist to let someone else vote for you. If the person who is voting for you has a high quality website.

If they can’t or don’t want to vote for every site that asks, then that’s good for you and good for them. You want to establish yourself as a valuable resource or an authoritative presence, so it makes sense to get backlinks from valuable resources.

It is not enough just to get your site ranked higher on Google; you must also keep it there. Google reads these votes and evaluates the web at large to determine which votes are good and which aren’t. If you receive a lot of votes from poor sites, Google will downgrade your site as it deems appropriate.

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What Are Backlinks?

backlink is a link pointing back to your website from another site on the World Wide Web.

However, not only are they used to improve site navigation and make it easier to crawl, but they’re also important for SEO. Inbound links help boost domain authority, a trust signal that improves organic search ranks.

How Important Is Link Building for SEO?

Backlinks are important for your off page search engine optimization. Google uses backlinks to determine how high to rank websites, so it’s safe to say that they’re very important.

Optimizing your website for SEO means increasing the number of backlinks you earn naturally through providing great content and building relationships.

The more votes your site gets, the higher you’ll rank. If you’re able to earn backlinks from the right kind of sites, you’ll spend less time trying to outrank your competitors.

Google is looking at all kinds of signals when it comes to ranking websites, so if you concentrate on getting quality votes, you will see positive results. Google’s algorithms take into account where a site is hosted and about 1,000 other factors.

Link Building: Quality vs Quantity

The Age Old Debate

Getting backlinks isn’t an easy job, but it’s necessary. There are plenty of ways to build links, including social sharing buttons presented in the footer of your website (which can be seen by Google). The question is which types of links work best.

It’s generally accepted that you need a good mix of both high and low PR (page rank) backlinks. But the debate has gone on for years about how many low PR links you need to make up for not having enough higher quality backlinks.

It’s also been argued that Google doesn’t even look at site authority or page rank, but instead takes into account the number and quality of sites linking to you.

Anatomy of a Quality Link

The quality of a backlink can be determined by considering two factors: relevance and trust. I’ll explain each below.


This is based on the context between your site and the backlink. Does it make sense to have this link there? Is this something useful for my visitors or will they care? If you were browsing through your competitors website, would you want to click that link?

You want visitors who are interested in what the backlink is offering to actually click on it. These links should be highly relevant and useful for your visitors or they won’t care.


Google wants every site on its search results pages to have some level of authority. This is why our SEO toronto consultants and NYC SEO consultants believe it’s important to have some authority or trust signals on your own website.

When rating sites, Google takes into account the number of backlinks you receive from any given site, but also considers where those links are coming from.

When rating sites for trust, Google looks at three key factors: the age of the domain, how many other sites link to it and how trustworthy those other sites are.

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Benefits of a Link Building Strategy Focused on High Quality Link Building

Quality backlinks are helpful in several ways:

1. You’ll make your website look more authoritative, which means you’re likely to rank higher on the search results page.

2. Visitors are more likely to click on high quality backlinks because they find them useful or interesting – not every site is relevant to every topic, but if yours is, you will get more visitors.

3. It’s good for your brand image – quality backlinks show the world that you are an established authority in your field of interest. This helps to build your company’s reputation and future prospects.

Best Practices for SEO Link Building

Work on Getting High Quality Links

Instead of only focusing on the quantity of links you receive, give more attention to the quality. Get backlinks from relevant sites that your visitors are likely to click on. This strategy will help you rank higher in search results and have a better brand image.

Use Relevant Anchor Text for Your Backlinks

If you want a specific phrase to show up in the text of a backlink, you need to make sure it’s relevant .

For example, if your site is about tourism in Australia and you receive a link from a site that provides news updates on celebrities, don’t choose an anchor text that says “Australia”.

Instead opt for something like “Australian tourism” or “travel in Australia”. This will help to keep your link relevant and give it more value.

Optimize Your Content to Attract Quality Backlinks

The more time you spend optimizing your content, the better chance of receiving high quality backlinks for that content. If your site’s topics are of interest to authority sites in your niche, they’re also of interest to Google – so get out there and get links!

Make Sure You Have an EMD (Exact Match Domain)

If you do want to get an exact match domain (EMD), make sure it’s actually related to your site topic.

An example of this is if you have a website dedicated to tourism in China, you probably wouldn’t want to buy the EMD “chinatourism.com” because it’s not relevant enough.


Quality backlinks take a little more time and effort to get, but they’re the best way to build links that actually matter.

Google doesn’t need you to have millions of backlinks, it just needs to see that your site is relevant enough for others in your industry to want to link to you. It knows this by checking out how other sites are linking out from their pages – not only how many!

In short: focus on creating great content, optimizing your site and working hard at getting high quality links from other authority sites. This will make sure you get the most benefit from each backlink you receive.

Then all you’ll have left do do is sit back and wait for the search engine rankings love.

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