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Rank By Focus is a Toronto-based web design and development company with over 10 years of experience in the field. We are an expert team of professionals who take user interface and user experience into account when building your business.

With up-to-date knowledge on current trends and global markets, we forge your brand identity to give you the competitive edge you need to win over your industry.
If you’re looking to improve your web presence, web design services are just what you need. A web designer is someone who specializes in web design, the process of creating web pages for web sites.

Web design involves more than just graphic design or programming skills; digital marketing experts must also possess business and marketing knowledge. Web designers work closely with clients to establish their needs before starting web design, so they can create something that incorporates all aspects of the client’s business. By using web designer services, businesses can make sure they have a professional web site suitable for their customers and easy to update themselves whenever necessary. If a business doesn’t have a website yet but would like one, a good way to go is by hiring a web designer who creates custom web sites.
To create an effective web presence, web design and development services can provide businesses with a website that is attractive and easy to navigate. Using a digital marketing agency ensures the website will work on all computers and operating systems so customers won’t be turned away by errors or incompatibility issues. And a web design company isn’t just for e-commerce sites; it’s also beneficial for entertainment, education and other types of websites too! By using web designers in Toronto, businesses can create a web site their target audiences will find engaging and useful. Making sure your clients get what they want from your Toronto website is vital for establishing positive business relationships, which in turn paves the way to future success.

By using web designer services , companies can ensure their web sites reflect their unique style and brand. It’s important to have a website that looks just as good – if not better – than your competitors’ web sites so customers choose you over them.
Web designer services may involve web design, web development, web hosting and even search engine marketing . If you’re interested in web designer services , you can look for web designers using directories or by asking friends or other business owners if they use web designer services.

When looking for web designer services, it’s a good idea to ask questions about what web designer training they possess, how much experience they have with the type of website you want and how long it will take to create your website. You should also check whether their charges include updating your new web site if necessary. If web designer services interest you, the web is a great place to start looking for web designers. Web designer services may also be available from web design companies and web hosting companies. However, before hiring web designer services, make sure to get several quotes from different web designers before choosing which one to go with. The web can be a great resource for web designer services; all you have to do is look around!

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Search engines

You can use search engines like Google or Bing to look for web design services from both freelancers and agencies.

Hiring websites

If you’re looking for a freelancer, you can browse web design services on hiring website like Upwork.

Review websites

You can also use review sites to see what people think of web design companies, rough pricing and more.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of your social network! You can ask your colleagues, friends or even family to see if they can provide recommendations. 

This is actually the most common way that digital marketing agencies are referred to their customers.

We’ve been building websites since 2010. We provide a wide range of digital solutions to individuals and businesses that we know will work. Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as one of the top Toronto web design firms based on our successful digital tactics and client testimonials, which highly recommend our website design services. Top reasons to work with RankByFocus
  • We provide innovative, functional website design services that help businesses succeed via conversion optimization.
  • We pay close attention to communication and response, as well as our clients’ needs. We set clear expectations throughout our website design process by providing timely responses to demands.
  • In our web layouts, we strive for flawless clarity in every detail.
You don’t necessarily need web design services , but they can greatly improve your website’s value. There are many things that go into making an effective web page; many designers have extensive experience in recognizing these qualities and pushing them forward. A good web developer will be able to make recommendations on what makes an effective web page or why certain elements work better than others – this gives you guidance when you’re trying to create the best website possible. By hiring someone with knowledge & experience in web design you know that your web page will be more effective. Website design services will also take care of e-commerce web hosting and domain registry. A web development firm can provide web hosting if they develop a web page for you – you’ll be able to see the web page built live on their web servers which is an effective way to make sure your website design works well before launching it. They will usually charge you less than other web hosts because they know what kind of traffic load their servers can handle; this means you won’t have to worry about overloading the server, something that happens all too frequently with budget web hosts. Websites that are not optimized enough can end up costing website owners thousands in lost revenue due to lack of visitors or slow loading speeds where users leave immediately out of frustration. SEO search engine optimization experts will improve your web page’s visibility on search engines, which is another reason web design services are worth the investment. As web hosting and web design agencies do not provide SEO services, you’ll need to go elsewhere for quality web development. Fortunately web development companies often know of other good web design agencies that specialize in SEO so it may be possible to get a referral from them based on your website’s needs. These professionals should be able to give you advice as to what kind of web page works best for certain keywords or how to best optimize your web page to bring in lots of visitors who want exactly what you’re selling. Luckily, our company Rank by Focus is based in Toronto and has a plethora of web design experts at our disposal. This includes variances such as social media marketing, website development, SEO web design, video production, google analytics and so much more. Without the knowledge & experience needed, even an experienced web development company can end up wasting their time designing something that doesn’t work. Choosing a good web design company based in Toronto can be hard, but it will definitely save you time in the long run.

Web development agencies focus on website design, website development and web hosting – they really do it all. This means they can help build your web page from start to finish; it’s like getting three different businesses for the price of one. Expert web designers & developers who specialize in creating web pages are able to provide unique insight into what makes an effective web page, which cannot always be found elsewhere. When you hire a web designer or team of designers/developers you get people with experience; these people have seen many websites built over the years and understand what works well and why certain elements are important on a website. Providing website design services as a web development agency means website designers/developers can help you make informed decisions throughout the web design process; they know what works and doesn’t work.

Web design is important because it helps define your brand, and web page visitors will judge your web page just by looking at it and its overall appeal and aesthetics. If they don’t like what they see then they may leave the website without even giving it a chance – and that’s bad for business.

Whatever type of project or industry your company is in, web design makes great web pages which capture attention and trigger action from potential customers. Web designers & developers create websites with care so viewers can easily navigate through them – this is very important since people won’t bother wasting time trying to find web page content. Web design agencies can create web pages that are both easy for viewers to interact with, and search engine friendly – your web page will be optimized for web crawlers which means you’ll have better chances of getting more web page visitors.

Finding web designers/developers who are reliable is the most important step in this web design process; if they don’t do a good job or if their turnaround process takes too long then it isn’t worth using them as your web development company. Give yourself enough time to find web designers/developers – don’t rush this process, since it’s very important and impacts the overall outcome of your web page project. Web design services should be delivered on time and done right, so web designers/developers should be open to communicating with you so both parties are on the same page.

Web design services provide web pages which feature information that web visitors want to see, along with web forms or options for viewers to give their feedback – this encourages web page visitors to interact with web content. The web page layout is important too since it optimizes web page real estate and makes it possible for viewers to look through your web page content. Web designers & developers play a big role in helping brands define what they’ll sell, who their target audience is and what kind of message their brand wants to convey online. Web design agencies help set up social media profiles for all types of brands; this helps brands show potential customers that they’re more than just a web page.

Web design services are valuable to web development agencies because web designers/developers help establish web pages which are easy for web crawlers to read, the layout is appealing to web viewers and web forms are available on your web page so you can get feedback from potential customers – this encourages people to interact with your brand. Search engines also give bonus points to web pages that provide contact information, email addresses, location maps or other web forms where you can request or sign up for something. Web design services help create content that caters towards both humans & search engine crawlers; this means potential customers will find your website easy-to-use while search engine bots will an easier time indexing it online.

Web design is an important web page function that web designers/developers take seriously. They’ll go over web page content with you to help modernize your web page and make web forms available on the web pages where it makes sense; web forms give viewers a chance to interact with your brand (e.g. request more information or sign up for something), which will hopefully turn them into customers.

This is a difficult question for a web designer since every site is unique and requires a varying number of UX/UI design mock-ups.

Our website starts at $3500, can go up to $7500 depending on the complexity of the project. 

Yes!  that’s the best way for you to acquire clients!

Rank by focus has refined our search engine optimization skills and acquired a comprehensive understanding of search engines through these encounters.

Before you do any web design work, it is best to find out if the digital marketing agency is reputable and has a good reputation. You can check online on web design forums or search for customer reviews. You can also ask them to show you some samples of their web designs and portfolios of past projects they’ve worked on. Remember that not all web companies out there are qualified and experienced enough to serve your interests. If they don’t offer web design services, then see if they have referrals or suggestions about who might be able to help you with your project instead.


There are many factors such as price range, speed, and web services, targeted towards your needs. There are many things to take into account when making a decision about web design Toronto agencies and the website design services they have to offer.


Web design Toronto companies may offer different web design packages at different prices, but depending on the scope of your web project, you might need more than just web design services from one company so keep this in mind as well. In terms of speed, some web designers will be able to work faster than others; however, there is no guarantee that faster web designing will result in better web designs.

As far as web services go, some companies may only provide front-end or back-end web development services while other companies provide both. This again depends on the scope of your web project and if you have a web designer for web design services, web developers for web development services, or both. You may also want to consider other important factors such as other aspects of online marketing.


Especially if you’re a small business, you may need to think about how to promote your online presence, software development user experience and so much more. In general a web design development company may not cover these aspects, but a less specialized digital marketing agency will.

Once you have narrowed down the choices to a few web design agencies with packages that match up to your needs, choose one company and set an appointment with them so you can go over the details of your web project. Make sure they treat you as a client and give you their full attention during this meeting since it is important to find the right web design agency for your business requirements.


Remember that if one company can’t help with these services then there are many other companies out there that may be able to provide what you need so don’t settle just yet!


Yes we do! We provide search engine optimization, paid ads, and also web design to go with the packages!

We create assets that a digital marketing company would want to include in its inbound content marketing strategy. We collaborate with our clients’ marketing departments to turn their online marketing plan into actual, live web designs, website development, logo design, and brochures.

Rank By Focus has web designers and web developers who provide balance to the team for designing graphics for clients of all sizes.

Yes we do!  Our team will need to evaluate and analyze the work done, and proceed to provide a monthly quote. 

Yes, we are fluent in wix and squarespace.  We do prefer to work on wordpress because it’s more SEO friendly and allows our web developers more creative freedom to express ourselves. 

No. Rank by focus welcomes clients all across the map!

The bulk of our clients are from Canada and the United States, however we also have clients in Singapore and Malaysia.

Rank by focus believe in offering custom solutions to our clients rather than providing a one-size-fits-all solution.

This is what sets Rank By Focus apart as a fantastic collaborator.

Rank by focus do have extensive experience with law firms, medi spas, plastic surgeons and small business web designs. 

Where To Find A Web Designer?

When you’re looking for web design services in Toronto, a web design and development agency is the best place to start. A web design agency has people on staff with experience designing & building websites; they can help recommend qualities of a good website or what makes an effective web design. Typically a Toronto web design company is pushed to produce results quickly, but not all web designs work well in this environment – some web designs require more time and customization than others. Since web development agencies have staff that specialize in web design, they understand how long it takes to create certain types of web designs. By working with an award winning digital marketing agency, you know you’re getting the website that fits your needs.

Web design development digital marketing services should also take care of website hosting and other website services, so there’s no need to go anywhere else. Web developers will usually provide web hosting themselves because it helps boost their image – it makes them look more professional when a client sees a custom web page with ‘Powered by [developer].com’ on it. This is not necessary but web developers usually appreciate the marketing value it brings to their brand name.

Now that you’ve read through everything, you’re ready to go look for your own web design agency! But wait, where do you look?

You actually have quite a few places that you can look at, hre are just a few:

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