15 Great Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Developers

Browsers are becoming more able to support an increasing number of extensions, plugins, and add-ons, which are frequently created by their users. Web design Singapore team will start with extensions that are available in the Chrome Web Store for free and simple installation.

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1. Fonts Ninja – Font identifier Chrome extension

Fonts Ninja checks google fonts and provides information about them by examining present styles, foundries, and pricing. The method studies the typefaces as well as their CSS properties.

2. SVG Grabber

Web design Singapore team state that SVG Grabber is a free open-source program that may quickly copy or download all of the SVG assets from any website. Have you ever seen a nice logo or icon on a website and wished you could download it? With just one click, the SVG Grabler software allows you to do just that.

3. WhatFont

A highly popular and useful Chrome extension for designers and developers. If you’re wondering what typeface is used on a website, WhatFont will tell you. Just hover over it to discover which font it is right away.

4. Image Downloader

With just one click, you may now browse and download images from the internet! This extension is a time-saver, so you can look at photos on the current page, filter by width, height, or URL, and much more! This works great when you aredesigning for your e commerce store. 

5. HTML to Figma

Web design Singapore team state that you may use this helpful plugin to take any webpage and import it into Figma to check elements and modify layers.

6. PerfectPixel

Frontenders can use this extension to overlay a semi-transparent picture over the HTML DOM in order to check the design against the CSS layout.


You may check, copy, and edit the CSS styles of any element in the HTML DOM with CSS Scan. Say goodbye to “Inspect Element,” because you can just hover over the elements and get the styles and CSS rules with a single click. This works great when you want to copy UX / UI from a website.  We suggest having great UX / UI implemented for any website you design to stand out. 

8. Window Resizer

Web design Miami state that this extension resizes your browser window to make your website more responsive. You can pick from a list of pre-defined screen dimensions (desktop, mobile, and laptop) or create your own custom sizes and resolutions with a click of a button.

9. Site Palette – Chrome extension

The website’s main colors are extracted by the Website Palette, a Chrome plugin. You may generate and share your favorite color palettes with this tool. Having an amazing color palette is a great way to improve your web design skills! Sketch templates or Adobe Swatch support are also available for download!

10. CSS Peeper

CSS Peeper is a CSS viewer tailored for designers. Inspect elements instantly with handy properties to use in Sketch or Photoshop, and get the whole color palette of the web listed in a visually appealing way. Start Inspecting styles in a simple, well-organized & beautiful way with CSS Peeper to go with your website page builder. 

11. The Great Suspender Original

The Great Suspender suspends unneeded tabs to free up memory and aid in the smooth functioning of your computer. It has more sophisticated features, such as selectively restoring only the tabs you need or all of them at once, organizing groups of tabs, and so on.

12. Hex Color Picker Chrome Extension

Color picker is a Firefox extension that gives you the option to select colors from your favorite websites. Hex Color Picker can not only get color information from CSS styles, but it may also obtain RGB values from images.

13. Hoverify

The Hoverify browser plugin enhances your online development experience by providing tools such as CSS and HTML inspectors, a CSS live edition, export to Codepen, monitoring media queries, identifying fonts, retrieving colors, toggling element visibility, and more.

14. Nimbus – Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder Chrome Extension

Web design Miami state that the full web page screen or any portion of the site can be captured and modified using this Chrome plugin, which also allows you to create screenshots, trim and crop screencasts, and convert video to gif or mp4.

15. Evernote Web Clipper – Chrome Extension

With a single click, collect anything you find on the web, including text, links, and images, and save it to your Evernote account. Web design Toronto team explain that you can clip any portion or the entire page with a single click. Collect everything that moves you.

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