Best Figma Templates, UI & Wireframe Kits and Tips

Figma is rapidly establishing itself as one of the most popular user interface design programs available. It’s also a simple tool for UI design collaboration and prototyping because it may be used entirely online.

Whether you’re a seasoned user of Figma or simply getting your feet wet, our collection of Figma templates is sure to come in useful.

In this article, Web Design Toronto team have compiled a list of some of the greatest Figma templates for wireframing, mobile user interface designs, app layouts, website layouts, and more. We’ll also show you how to get started with Figma if you’re new to the app!

These templates make it simple to produce wireframes and UI designs without having to spend hours perfecting the small parts and layouts. You may also modify the templates to alter colors and reorder components to make them unique.

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Business & Corporate Landing Page Figma Template

This Figma template might be used as a starting point for your project if you’re working on a landing page layout for a company or corporate brand. It has all of the parts of a complete landing page design, and it’s in Adobe XD and Sketch formats.

Freelancer Job Mobile App UI Kits Template

5 complete mobile screens are included in this Figma UI kit, which may be used to build a smartphone app. It’s meant for freelancers looking for work on job sites and marketplaces. If you have a client that wants to develop a freelance job board, grab this template kit to amaze them with your mobile app design skills.

Meeting Online Dashboard UI Kits Figma Template

These days, online meeting and conference applications are quite popular. You can use this Figma template to design your own online meetings dashboard. It contains all of the UI components you’ll need to build a cutting-edge and innovative user interface for conferencing applications.

Task Management Dashboard Figma Template

Use this Figma template to create a stunning dashboard for a task management software. It’s got well-organized artboards and easy-to-change features. The template is also available in light and dark color options.

Dash – Free Figma Dashboard UI Template

This is a free Figma template that you can use to create a high-quality dashboard UI design. The dashboard has a lot of features, making it easy to personalize as desired. It’s available for both personal and business usage at no cost.

Minimalist Wireframe Kit Figma Templates

A wireframe is the foundation for every great design. This is a comprehensive bundle of Figma templates that will get you started on the right foot. It contains all of the elements you’ll need to create website and landing page wireframes.

Onboarding iOS UI Kit for Figma

One of the most crucial aspects of mobile app development is the onboarding procedure. With this Figma UI kit, you may quickly build gorgeous user interfaces for your app’s onboarding phases. The templates are designed for iOS devices, including iPhone X, SE, and iPhone 11 series.

Responsive Figma Landing Page Template

This stunning website landing page template kit is ideal for web designers. It makes it simple to develop a one-of-a-kind website design in Figma without effort. The template contains all sorts of customizable elements. Both desktop and mobile versions are included.

Ecommerce – Android UI Kit for Figma

Working on an eCommerce store’s app UI design? Then this UI kit will assist you in creating product pages, shopping carts, shop layouts, and more. It contains four distinct screen designs in a variety of file formats.

Medical App Dashboard Light UI Kit

This is a complete dashboard UI kit for creating different medical and health-related applications. It contains 38 distinct screen layouts, as well as 50 distinct widgets. The templates are straightforward and uncluttered with easily editable layouts.

Elearning UI Kit – Free Figma Template

This is a free UI kit with a large number of templates. More than 38 page layouts are available in four different categories in the bundle. It’s been created for the purpose of creating eLearning websites.

Atro – Free Mobile UI Kit for Figma

Atro is a contemporary mobile user interface kit with twelve unique mobile screen templates. The Figma templates are completely editable, allowing you to build a variety of interfaces for mobile apps.

Startup Landing Page Template With Illustrations

This Figma template makes creating a stunning landing page for a startup website much easier. Because it comes with lovely images that you may include in your design. It includes a complete landing page design and ten corresponding image files in vector format.

Membership & Sign In – Sign Up UI Kit

Signup and sign-in forms are some of the most frequent screens that every app needs to create again and again. With this signup UI kit, you’ll be able to build them quicker. This package includes various signup screen layouts in a variety of styles. They’re also usable with Figma and Sketch.

Project Management App Figma Template

Look no farther if you’re looking for ideas for a project or task management app to create. This template kit contains all of the information you’ll need to build a project management software user interface. The templates are very easy to adjust and scale, and they may be modified with Figma or Sketch.

Nuzie – Task Management Dashboard Figma Template

A dashboard template for task management applications. This is a desktop dashboard type of design. In most productivity and team management programs, task administration pages are quite frequent. As a result, this template will be very useful. It’s available in Figma, Sketch, PSD, and Adobe XD file formats.

Free Social Mobile App UI Kit for Figma

This lovely mobile app UI Kit is ideal for building a social networking or photo-blogging site. With Figma, the templates are simple to modify.

Merge Wireframing UI Kit for Figma

Merge is a Figma wireframing kit. This one does not only include a user-friendly design but also has an elegant and simple style that lets you produce beautiful designs without problems. The UI kit contains more than 180 different elements and components, as well as 36 example designs already created for your reference.

Online School App Template for Figma & Sketch

Whether you’re designing an app for your school or building an online membership platform to sell courses, this app template will provide you with ideas for creating a beautiful user experience. It includes numerous screen templates that may be modified to suit your needs.

Email App Dashboard UI Kit Figma Template

This email app UI kit is a fantastic starting point for building an instant messaging system for an app. It’ll also work well in a team collaboration software. The template comes with many components and scalable vector elements that you may utilize to create your own dashboard layouts, making it highly adaptable.

Neumorphism UI Kit for Figma

Neumorphism is a popular design concept these days. Even Apple has adopted this cutting-edge style to create the app and device interfaces of its’ products. This is a Figma UI kit that allows you to build user interfaces with the same neumorphic look and feel. It’s compatible with Sketch, Photoshop, and Figma file formats.

Free Agency Website Figma Template

When you have this template on your side, it will be simple to generate ideas for your next agency landing page. This free landing page design is made with hiring firms in mind. To test out the design, you may download it for free.

Android Menu UI Kit for Figma

Another terrific Android app UI kit. This package includes four beautiful templates for Android application menus. These are ideal for developing distinct apps experiences on your own.

Online Store iOS UI Kit Figma Templates

Use these contemporary eCommerce store UI templates to create a beautiful shop layout for your online shopping applications. These templates are created for the iOS system and are completely optimized for iPhone X and iPhone 11.

User Profiles iOS UI Kit Figma Templates

User profiles for mobile apps must be carefully planned and optimized. However, you may create a contemporary user profile layout without spending any time with this UI kit. It includes four templates in several file types.

Dark Medical Dashboard – UI Kit for Figma

These days, dark-themed user interfaces are quite fashionable. This UI kit also includes a beautiful dark color scheme and is available in several file types. It may be used to create a variety of medical app dashboards and interfaces.

Desktop & Mobile Wireframe Web UI Kit

A massive bundle of Figma templates for wireframe design on both mobile and desktop platforms. This UI kit includes more than 360 distinct blocks that can be freely customized. It’s also available in Sketch and Adobe XD formats.

Football Website – Free UI Kit for Figma

This is a huge bundle of Figma UI templates. It includes several layouts designed particularly for football score and fantasy football sites. Downloading it for free allows you to play around with Figma.

Freyr – Free UI Kit for Figma

Freyr is a stunning free UI kit with a variety of unique components that you may use to make your own mobile and desktop user interfaces. It’s completely free to download and use.

Clean Responsive Business Landing Page Template

Create a gorgeous and cutting-edge landing page for a business or organization with this one-of-a-kind Figma template. It includes both desktop and mobile versions so you may create a website layout for any company quickly.

Tripowa — Figma Tour and Travel Template

Tripowa might be just what you need to turn a simple website or blog into something more professional. It has a clean, well-designed design that can be fully personalized to your liking, as well as free fonts and exceptional client service.

WeDot – Wireframe UI Kit

WeDot is a wireframe kit that has a large library of over 170 layouts, allowing you to create any website in just a few minutes. The templates are fully responsive and editable in Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, and Photoshop.

Free E-Commerce App Template

This freebie is well worth checking out if you’re searching for a Figma UI template to use as the basis for your forthcoming e-commerce store app design. It has a clean, modern appearance that commands attention and puts similar firms on their heels.

Toomail – Email Newsletter Wireframe UI Kit

Whatever type of email newsletter you’re planning, Toomail is a time- and labor-saving wireframe UI kit that will allow you to generate emails without any trouble. Toomail is a product that designers and marketers absolutely adore, and it will pay for itself many times over.

Free Bank App Concept Template

Do you want a well-designed Figma template for your banking app but don’t want to pay for it? Look no further than this freebie, which offers you with a colorful design that will have an impact. Please do yourself a favor and have a look at it right now!

Statistics iOS UI Kit for Figma

This iOS user interface kit may be used to create statistics and report screens for a wide range of mobile apps. The package contains six unique iOS screen layouts that can be fully customized.

Feed – iOS UI Kit Figma Templates

Are you creating a feed page for a social or news application? Then this UI kit can assist. It includes four distinct iOS screen templates for generating appealing user feed pages. The templates may also be used on an iPhone 11.

Walkthroughs – iOS UI Kit Figma Templates

This UI kit may be utilized to create modern walkthrough and onboarding pages for your eCommerce and social mobile applications. For iOS, the UI kit includes six different mobile screen designs.

Travelo – Android UI Kit for Figma

Travelo is a unique Figma UI kit with four beautiful templates for making travel and transportation-related apps. It has easily modifiable templates that are designed for the Android platform.

Free UX Flowchart kit for Figma

This is a free Figma template kit that you may use to build your own user experience (UX) flow charts. The template also includes many various components and elements in three pre-made color schemes.

Greyhound Flowcharts – Free Figma Template

Another big Figma flowchart template kit you can use for free. This kit has more than 200 flowchart card designs in 11 different categories and is available in Figma and Sketch formats.

5 Tips for Getting Started with Figma

Figma is a new contender in the user interface design space. If you’re unsure what Figma is, keep reading to learn more about it.

1. It’s Free!

While it’s easy to dismiss Figma as a digital scrapbook, the application is becoming increasingly popular among UX and UI designers. With up to 2 editors, you can work on up to 3 projects at once on the free plan, which also includes unlimited cloud storage for free.

Share and collaborate on projects with ease by spreading the word about Figma to your friends and coworkers.

2. Work Directly from the Browser

Figma is not restricted to a single platform or operating system like Sketch. Figma may be used on any sort of computer, including Windows, Mac, Chrome, and Linux. There’s no need to download and install software on every device you own because it runs directly in your browser. Another fantastic method for improving communication between teams.

3. Collaborate with the Team

Figma makes working together a lot easier, especially since the app can now be accessed on the cloud. You may simply share a link with your colleagues and partners to collaborate in real time without requiring them to buy or install any software.

4. Live Previews

Figma has a free mirror app for Android and iOS, whereas Sketch has an expensive mobile device mirroring program. You can quickly check out your user interface designs on your smartphone or tablet using this software to see how they would look in real life on a phone or tablet.

5. Plenty of Templates

People are flocking to the Figma community in droves. The application is also gaining a large following. There are now a variety of templates accessible for the app, as well. They may save you time by speeding up your process.

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