35+ Best Sketch Website Templates 2022

Today we have a collection of Sketch website templates for building all sorts of websites and landing pages for a variety of purposes.

It takes a lot more effort to build a website than it appears. Especially the time and work necessary to create each component, button, and content block from ground up might be overwhelming.

You can cut down the amount of time and effort it takes to develop a website using website templates. Website design templates include all of the components you’ll need to create a full website, landing page, or product page.

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You may get started right away. All you have to do is download the template, open it in Sketch, and start editing. Web Design Toronto team have made sure to include a variety of website templates. Have a look through the list and see if anything matches your needs.

Oval Job Finder Sketch Website Template Kit

This is a complete Sketch template kit with six distinct page designs. It may be used to build an online job board or marketplace website. The templates are HTML5-compliant, have fully editable components, and include responsive layouts. You can modify them both in Sketch and Figma.

Wireframe Website Templates for Sketch

Use this dark and basic Sketch website wireframe kit to design any website you desire. It includes a selection of 100 layouts in 13 distinct categories. With this template kit, you’ll never run out of ideas for designing different types of websites.

Food Restaurant Landing Page Sketch Template

Create a beautiful landing page for a food place with this simple Sketch landing page template. It has a one-page design with several sections to improve the effectiveness of promoting the restaurant’s facilities and meals. The file format is Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD.

Cakap – Course Landing Page UI Kit for Sketch

Using this Sketch UI kit, you may develop an online course or training program’s landing page. It’s a collection that includes a comprehensive landing page design with space to advertise your courses and features in a unique way. The template has all vector-based elements and configurable components.

Charity Website Sketch Template

This is a simple free website homepage design that you may test with different website layouts. It’s geared toward nonprofit organizations and has a straightforward, calm appearance.

Responsive Website Template for Sketch

Whether you’re creating a website for a little firm or a startup, this contemporary design will make it simple to create a fully responsive and attractive website. It also includes 6 interior-page layout designs for desktops and mobile, in addition to the homepage design. Sketch, Adobe XD, and Figma are all compatible with all templates.

Yosemite – Business Website Template for Sketch

Create a professional-looking website for a company or a SaaS application with this beautiful Sketch website template. It has a clean, elegant appearance that will improve the overall professionalism of your site. The theme includes all editable elements and 8 Artboards to cover various aspects of the site’s design, as well as a complete website design with all configurable elements.

Personal Portfolio Landing Page Template

You may create a beautiful personal portfolio website with this amazing Sketch website template. It has a contemporary and clean design. There are all of the necessary parts for showcasing your abilities, services, testimonials, and portfolio gallery, including a portfolio gallery page.

Mobile App Landing Page Template

A landing page is a website that advertises the features of an app and attracts new users. You may use this Sketch template to create a more successful landing page for a mobile application. There are several useful sections in the template, including as app screenshots, pricing plans, and more. It’s also available in different file types.

SAAS – Landing Page Template for Sketch

Use this contemporary landing page template to build an attractive SaaS-based website. It will allow you to succinctly describe all aspects of your software, one by one. The design also includes a sleek pricing table and a testimonials area, which may be edited in Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD.

Protips – Free Sketch Landing Page Template

This is a Sketch template you may use to create a basic and modern website for a small business. The template, despite being free, has a high-quality design and includes all of the elements necessary to construct an expert website.

Mi Furniture – Free Sketch Website Template

Are you looking for ideas to create your furniture website? Then utilize this free template to design a full website layout without any effort. This Sketch template is available for download and comes with 7 Artboards, including all of the components necessary to create a furniture store website.

Orebi – Minimal eCommerce Website Sketch Template

This Sketch template may be used to create a modern eCommerce website or a store for branded items. It’s ideal for furniture and high-end goods retailers. It comes with 13 page designs that can be quickly changed to fit your needs.

Barbershop Sketch Website Template

Whether you’re starting a high-end hair spa or a modest barbershop, our website template will allow you to market your company in the best light possible and attract consumers. It’s packed with intuitive options that provide infinite possibilities.

E-Commerce Marketplace Sketch Template

Do you need ideas for an easy-to-run online store? Then try out this Sketch template to get a head start. This design is modern and minimalist, and it’s perfect for any type of market platform. It may be used with a variety of marketplace formats.

CX Consultant Landing Page Sketch Template

This landing page design is ideal for building websites for both agencies and consultants. The template has several sections and parts that you can quickly change and customize in Sketch and Figma.

Hi – Creative Website Template (PSD + Sketch)

This beautiful website template is designed specifically for creative companies. It includes a contemporary look and feel, as well as a full homepage design. The design is based on the Bootstrap grid structure, which includes free Google Fonts. To make it easier to modify and customize, the template is also fully layered.

Glare – Multipurpose One-Page Website Template

If you enjoy a website design with a minimalist style, this template is for you. It has a clean, simple, and minimalist appearance. There are no vibrant colors to be seen. Only creative cartoons were used in the making of this design. The design takes full advantage of white space to format its content in an efficient manner for the user experience benefit.

Planeta – Minimal Website Template for Sketch

This is a minimal website design that is designed with current consumer brands in mind. This template contains not just one, but five different homepage designs. You may personalize the 15 content sections to match your brand and customize it as you like using the templates. Tech companies and agencies are the most appropriate users of these templates.

Intro – Creative Landing Page Template (PSD + Sketch)

Are you looking for a way to create a unique website for an agency? If that’s the case, this template will undoubtedly assist you. It has a very visual-centric design that employs many pictures to make it more appealing. The template is built on the Bootstrap grid and may be modified in Photoshop and Sketch.

Digital Agency Landing Page Template

The contemporary approach to digital agency website designs. This template has a clean and basic appearance with all the right elements for promoting a digital agency. A section is provided for showing clients, tasks, services, and more. Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD may be used to easily modify the design.

Futura – Creative Website UI Kit (Sketch & PSD)

Futura is a website user interface kit. This package includes all of the components you’ll need to build a complete website. It utilizes free Google Fonts and has a vector icons collection that is scalable. This templates bundle is ideal for creating websites for businesses. The homepage of this templates package contains several divisions for describing your services and displaying your portfolio.

Beauty Landing Page Template

This Sketch design is well worth looking at if you need a landing page to advertise your skincare devices or beauty items. It’s particularly tailored to the needs of the beauty industry, and it may be completely modified to fit your own branding.

Poto – Sketch Personal Website Template

If you’re looking to create a successful portfolio, check out Poto, a simple and professional personal website design that you’ll be hard-pressed to miss if you want to build an effective portfolio. This template will come in useful whether you’re a photographer, graphic designer, or developer.

MI Creative Agency – Free Sketch Website Template

It’s difficult to imagine that this lovely and extremely detailed website template is free to download. It includes a complete website layout that may be utilized to create a website for a creative or digital agency. In addition to the homepage, it also provides templates for inner-page layouts.

WMWII – Free Digital Agency Website Template

The stylish and innovative look of this Sketch website template is appealing. It’s ideal for creating a website for a marketing or creative business. The template is very simple to alter, so you may use it for your own work.

Web Studio Sketch Website Template

This gorgeous-looking website design is one of the most unique we’ve seen in a long time. The best thing is that you may use it to create your own website. The template has a vibrant and inventive style that distinguishes it from any other. It’s easily modifiable, so you can alter its colors and images to fit your company’s identity.

Free Browsing Apartments Website Template

Finding a furnished apartment in today’s society is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s not only time-consuming, but it might also be stressful for many people. This UI Kit may come in useful if you want to create a website that helps customers locate the greatest rental properties in town.

Treva – Free Job Hiring Landing Page Template

Treva is a landing page design that may be used by recruitment agencies or any other business interested in attracting new people for specific job roles. The template is entirely free, so go ahead and download it right now.

Landing Page UI Kit for Sketch

This is a landing page website template that includes designs for both mobile app and SaaS landing pages. It has a beautiful design that captures the essence of a landing page while also providing a pleasant user experience. The layout is based on the Bootstrap grid, and it’s readily editable in Sketch.

Orion – Website UI Kit for Sketch

This is a comprehensive website UI design kit that contains all the elements you’ll need. There are five distinct landing page designs for 11 different categories and 32 distinct screens in the package, which may be created in Sketch, Adobe XD, or Figma. This combination is ideal for creating websites for businesses of all sizes.

Digital Agency Website Template for Sketch

This template will come in useful if you’re searching for inspiration to develop a unique and modern website for a digital agency. It has a beautiful design that’s built on the Bootstrap grid layouts, and it includes 12 Artboards. The template is also available in eight different file types, including Sketch, Figma, InVision, and others.

Lisk – eCommerce Website Sketch Template

Lisk is a Sketch-based eCommerce website template with all you need to get started selling online. Despite the fact that the template is focused on furniture businesses, it may also be used to create other types of internet store websites. It includes six homepage designs and 61 unique interior pages. The templates are compatible with Figma, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

Free Minimalist Landing Page Sketch Template

A minimalist landing page template that may be used to create a basic product or brand website. This theme is also available for free usage with your own projects.

Institute – Free One Page Sketch Website Template

You may make a full one-page website for a school or an educational institution with this thorough and professional website template. The template is available for download for free. Using Sketch, you can also personalize it however you choose.

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