Coming Soon Landing Pages: Tips and Best Practices

What do you do when your website is still under construction, and you aren’t quite ready to go live?

A coming soon page may be the answer whether you’re promoting a new product or app, or simply waiting for a new website project to be finished.

Web Design Toronto team state that a coming soon page is a great tool for generating leads (with an email signup form) and generating interest in your business.

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Reasons to Use A Coming Soon Page

A coming soon page may be an excellent promotional or marketing tool for certain types of websites.

It can be used to generate attention for a new app or product, as well as coincide with another marketing event such as a Super Bowl commercial or online campaign.

There are a few factors to consider before deciding if a coming soon page is appropriate for previewing your material:

  • You must create buzz before the whole website is ready, and you do have a complete launch schedule.
  • Begin to gain a firm grasp on keywords and search terms that are relevant to your product or business.
  • You want to create leads and gather information in order to grow your mailing list. Isn’t it true that you want to inform customers when you launch?
  • Before you sell a product on your website, you want to generate leads for a prelaunch campaign, such as Kickstarter.
  • Promote other linked websites or networks such as social media sites.

Tips for a Coming Soon Page That Converts

What are the components you’ll need to build a coming soon page that isn’t simply attractive colors and images? You’ll need elements that will entice people to become more engaged.

The greatest coming soon sites are straightforward and have only one thing for visitors to do. A site design that is simply a teaser shouldn’t try to offer too many alternatives.

Use authentic branding, colors, typefaces, and images for your site’s launch.

Consider including a countdown timer to let visitors know when the entire site, as well as the associated goods, will be available. A countdown or preorder form can help generate a lot of user interest and attract traffic to your website by offering information such as an email address. Just make sure that if you plan to include a countdown timer, the finished site is actually complete when that countdown ends.

Use real branding, colors, typefaces, and images for your site’s launch. The soon-to-be-released page shouldn’t look like an afterthought bolted on to the design.

A coming soon page is a sneak peek at future activities, so it should be a one-page website design. There’s no need for numerous pages or links. Keep things basic and straightforward. When the site goes live, store all of the information and design in one place.

Make it crystal clear to visitors what they should do with the design. The most frequent coming soon page call to action is an email sign up form. Include a simple contact form – don’t ask for more than an email address – with a promise of early access or a special price. These incentives may persuade people to provide their contact information and increase the chances of them saying “yes” to a later invitation.

Include a company logo and a few sentences about what you do. Users require enough information to know that they should be interested in your offerings when it comes to rebranding or launching a new product. Forms or inquiries are unlikely to succeed if there isn’t sufficient background knowledge.

Before you start work on a coming soon page, figure out what you want the design to accomplish. The page should be used to get visitors to perform that action. Any additional information should be removed or saved for the bigger website launch.

How Long Should a Coming Soon Page Be Live?

There is no set time frame for when you must complete the stages in the website launch procedure. It’s also dependent on what content is already on the live site, as well as when all features and capabilities will be available, and any technical limitations with items.

A coming soon page, on the other hand, is not a fixed landing page. It should be a sneak peek at what’s to come in the near future!

For most sites, 30 to 60 days is the norm. (For somewhat longer unknown product launches, big businesses may be able to go with a coming soon page.)

Users have no incentive to visit a coming soon page multiple times. For most people, that means the site should be active for the second time they are enticed by marketing content to go there. Otherwise, you risk angering a client who doesn’t want to wait any longer and may seek an alternative product or service from a rival.

Coming Soon Templates for Inspiration

You don’t have to spend a lot of time developing a coming soon page (although there’s nothing stopping you if that’s what you want to do). We offer several fantastic coming soon page layouts as a starting point or as inspiration.

  • Ley
  • Langtang
  • Mountain
  • Ticker
  • Moet
  • Sven
  • Phly


A coming soon page is not required for every new website design. They are rarely needed.

It’s ideal for a coming soon page if you’re launching anything that requires users to sign up in advance or something that’s highly anticipated. Keep the style and messaging simple and light. Users will not spend much time on these sites, so you want to gently entice them to do something before they leave.

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