10 Highly Effective Web Design Tips Backed By Research

On the Internet, there are hundreds of web design ideas. There are a lot of different opinions on what the ideal website should look like. That’s because, to some extent, design is personal. One person’s beautiful may be another person’s eyesore.

At the same time, the design of a website is one of the most significant aspects in determining a website’s success. In fact, almost half of respondents said that the appearance of a business’s site is most important element in assessing its trustworthiness. As a result, it has an impact on conversions, bounce rate, and other metrics.

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Here are some research-based ideas and methods by web design Singapore team for enhancing your web design.

1. Make Site Speed an Absolute Priority

Perhaps one of the least disputed facts in the world of web design is that speed is essential. According to studies, it affects everything from bounce rate to consumer satisfaction, conversions, and income. Test your website right now with these speed testing tools

Visitors will leave if your site is slow. For sure. Furthermore, because people are concerned, search engines take into account page loading speed when determining your ranking. As a result, it’s critical that you make your website as quick as possible to ensure that you rank highly in search results. 

2. Leverage the Fold

Whether or not the fold still exists is a contentious issue. Some claim that because of the many screen sizes now on the market, the fold isn’t a factor. Others hold a different viewpoint. Many great drag and drop page builders are now up to date and thus solving this problem! 

However, the facts appear to indicate that the fold still matters. This means you must give precedence to your material and make effective use of space in order for people to be compelled to continue reading. Here are some ideas by web design Singapore experts for getting started:

  • Use a simple and descriptive headline, describe what your site can do for visitors, point out the benefits. Keep it short and use strong words. Consider our copywriting recommendations for further assistance.
  • Include your primary call to action during the fold is when you should start the user journey in order to increase your chances of converting. Make sure your call to action is obvious and visible.
  • Include media like photos, videos, or audio files to assist you make your point clearer. We’ll get more into picture material in a moment.

3. Take Advantage of Hick’s Law

The “Hick’s Law” states that when individuals have a greater number of alternatives, it takes them longer to make a decision.

There’s actually a fascinating study on this subject in which people were given more or fewer varieties of jam to sample. Those who had more alternatives were far less inclined to purchase some jam than those with less options.

Is it true? Is this what you truly believe? You might be able to improve conversions simply by restricting the range of choices available to visitors. Here are a few examples of what that might look like:

  • Reduce the number of menu items
  • Limit form fields
  • Focus on one call to actions CTA paired with great navigation for your site
  • Only display social buttons for networks you are active on

4. Keep it Simple

The ‘less is more’ concept also applies to your design in general. According to a massive Google study, complexity in the visual realm is disliked by people. At its core: The more complicated your design, the less it seems beautiful to visitors.

What does this signify for your website? Aside from the aforementioned, here are some more suggestions:

  • Right now, more and more web pages are eliminating the sidebar in favor of a single-column design (for example, the one you’re on now). It results in less distractions and puts the focus squarely on the material.
  • Stick to tried-and-true layouts, people appreciate familiarity, and non-standard site designs may unnerve them. As a result, it might be a good idea to stick with common design conventions and layouts. You can still make your presence felt in different ways.

5. Avoid Carousels, Sliders, Tabs and Accordions

Carousels are popular among website owners. It’s one of the most requested features, according to clients. Unfortunately, studies suggest that they aren’t beneficial. Thus, we discourage against using them in the process of creating a nice UX and UI. 

One of the most stunning findings comes from Notre Dame University. When it came to getting traffic, the webmaster there discovered that the first slide on a carousel received nearly 90% of the clicks while the subsequent ones were largely ignored.

Tabs and accordions have the same problem as sliders and carousels: they are frequently overlooked. This is made worse by the fact that most people simply scan the page rather than reading it in its entirety. Most individuals just skim, making them unlikely to make further clicks to view your material.

6. Prioritize Scrolling Over Clicking

So, how do you present it if you don’t compress data into sliders and/or accordions? The solution: just include everything on one long page, including information that is typically hidden. It really works.

According to Study facts, it appears that people like scrolling much more than they like clicking. As a result, if you’re currently distributing information about your product across many different pages, it’s time to reassess.

7. Direct Attention with Visual Cues

Web design Singapore team believe that one of the primary goals of web design is to lead visitors. You may accomplish this by assigning different values to various elements, which will focus attention where you want it to be.

What are some of the most effective techniques to make this happen? Here are a few ideas for you by web design Miami team:

You can assign visual weight by using color, dimension, and alignment. If you have more important elements on the page that should be focused on, use color contrast or even different colors to draw attention to it. You can also highlight crucial words or phrases through other ways, such as bold text formatting.

8. Use People in Pictures

Using them to draw attention to your material and bringing other individuals into photos on your site is usually a smart idea. People like connecting with one another both in person and online. It’s why, for example, blogs have about pages.

There are many other ways to connect with visitors through pictures. For example, you can create a “team” page where employees are pictured in an attractive directory structure. Then, all that’s left for you to do is assign them titles that describe what they do for your business.

9. Use the Right List Order

Lists, both ordered and unordered, are a fantastic method to make data more readily available. However, it has been demonstrated that human attention is unreliable as well.

This is due to the “serial-position effect.” It essentially a great tip to creating a beautiful web design, that you are more likely to remember items near the beginning and end of a list. The center portion, on the other hand, is quickly forgotten.

The lesson web design Miami team believe is that, when describing the features of your product or service, pay special attention to the most critical ones.

10. Leverage Social Proof

The conformity bias is the last of our web design suggestions. This is when people follow in the footsteps of others. As a result, if a group of individuals likes something, it increases the likelihood that other individuals will do so as well.

Web design Miami experts state that one approach to utilize this on your website is to provide social proof. If you can demonstrate that others enjoy your site, content, product, or service, new visitors are more likely to agree with you.

The number of social media shares, news stories about you, and/or testimonials are good indicators of how popular your company is.

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