4 Reasons Why Your Body Text Should Be Bigger

Your website’s body text is too little. While computer and phone displays seem to be getting bigger, body font sizes appear to have gotten smaller. While their original size is the same, they appear to be smaller than previously.

We’re frequently squinting at the screen to read material. And it shouldn’t be that way. Today, Web Design Toronto team will examine the reasons for this growing difficulty and how you may solve it!

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1. It’s Easier to Read

Readability is critical. Why build a website that is difficult to read for a user?

The first thing to learn is that the web does not require pure numerical measures for body text. It doesn’t matter if your text is 12 points, 16 points, or 22 points if no one can read it. (Text sizing varies from typeface to typeface anyway.) The body copy should be proportionate to the rest of the screen and visible.

For some time, the standard has been that 45 to 60 characters per line in a single column (this includes punctuation and spaces) is ideal for most readers. So, begin with a size of text that falls within that range and remember to scale down according to responsive breakpoints.

For smaller displays, most people believe that bigger text is preferable. The key is to develop a reading scale that is soothing. And the more body text you have to work with, the more critical it becomes. When reading, text that is too broad might be difficult to focus on and move from line to line, text that is too narrow does not have a good rhythm and causes the eye to move too quickly when reading.

2. It Makes the Design More Intuitive

Text size affects the usability of a website design as a whole. All text should be scaled proportionately, and bigger body copy benefits the same as smaller text. It may assist with the overall flow.

It’s easier to read larger text, which may help you make better content judgments and edit more selectively—which is always a good thing for users. This streamlining helps bring the most essential aspects of the design to the surface. Remember, users have an attention span that rivals that of a goldfish – if not shorter; therefore, everything they need should be distinct and crystal clear.

Here’s the secondary trickle-down benefit: it will encourage you to reconsider padding, photo placement, and line spacing. Because everything in the design works together to produce a coherent final product, everything benefits from rethinking type size.

All of this thinking and rethinking about how to arrange parts might result in a more user-friendly design because you are actually analyzing each part rather than just throwing everything down the way.

3. It Reduces Fatigue

User fatigue may be a serious problem. People spend most of their time looking at screens, from checking phones to playing games to utilizing tablets to working on computers or watching television. Their eyes are weary.

Larger text sizes may assist to decrease screen weariness. Mobile devices and individuals having to stretch across the screen for features are two additional common sources of screen fatigue. Larger phones are reducing reachable zones by thumb, but bigger elements and body text can help compensate for this loss.

Another advantage of greater text and other user interface components is that it aids in the match between the graphical display and the actual size, allowing users to be more comfortable.

4. It Increases Visual Impact

You want your website to make a strong first impression. Larger text can have a greater visual impact than smaller text. It’s more in-your-face and bolder. It has to be read.

The undesirable effect of using a larger body type is that the rest of your design will most likely grow as well. This is probably the case with room. Larger type may help you create space for more in the design. More area generally adds to a better user experience and provides contrast, drawing people to the active areas of the design.

Larger type and increased spacing are features that most people won’t notice or remark on, but will appreciate. The process will be quicker, and the results may possibly include an increase in website metrics such as time spent on site or page views per visitor. (These factors might play a role in determining whether a transition to larger type is beneficial for users.)

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